Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Trent was such a nice young man in the '80s...

Well, unfortunately for Trent, and hilariously for us, local TV in Cleveland during the 1980s has been preserved for the ages.

So apparently, while Trent was working on Pretty Hate Machine and starting to craft his own gothy image, he paid the bills by playing in bands like the legendary Slam Bamboo.

I know it was the '80s and all, but yowza. Just LOOK at these guys!

Don't worry...Trent isn't the lead singer here. He's hiding in the back, looking shockingly normal. In fact, he looks pretty much the same as he does RIGHT NOW--heavy on the black and leather, short hair...maybe just a bit more feathery than present-day Trent. Still, it's a departure from the hair-sprayed excess of Exotic Birds Trent, and he has a way to go before he develops the godawful dreadlocks of classic PHM Trent. He's not sporting a gold suit or bolo...really, it's a good fashion moment for Trent here. Except for the loafers with white socks:

And lest you think that Slam Bamboo was merely a one-hit wonder, here's their second hit, if you can handle it:

Actually, "Little White Lies" is probably a better song than the first one, but still. As Iris said, "being in bands like this must have given him so much fodder to be pissed at the fucking world about."

Oh, and here's a little interview with the band. The only really notable aspect of it is Trent getting called out by the host as a "nice young man," which he responds to not with a Downward Spiral-esque snarl, but a sheepish "aw shucks" grin from the dork that resides within Trent Reznor. The dork that we know and love.


D:ANGEL said...


Forget the slip - lets get a limited edition of this record on store shelves.

The singer's hair is awesome. If you look at his left side he is a nerdy scientist, from his right, he is very flock of seagulls.

maise said...

You know who has the awesomest hair in the band? The drummer.

Iris said...

Oh man, when I first watched this video at 4:30 this morning (this is what happens when I fall asleep on the couch at 7:30 people) I thought Trent was the drummer for a split second. Now that would have really been funny.

This video just proves (even more) that Trent has never been able to wear the right kind of socks with an outfit. Men should not be left alone to dress themselves. DA don't try to argue this. We've seen the mesh shirt pictures from the days of Green Angel.

And I can't be certain but that leather jacket he's wearing kinda looks like the one he was sporting during his first performance on his own but it said NIN down one side. You can see what I'm referring to here around 1:30.

D:ANGEL said...

I will not argue.

I have awful taste in clothes.

I told a co-worker that I saw a movie by his house and he replied, "yes I know, I saw that horrendous shirt you were wearing when I drove by."

That is why I bought Ms. Angelwoman with me this weekend past to buy clothes.

My job has been exhaustingly busy of late. Damn.

Iris said...

You haven't watch "The Happening" yet have you? I pray that you haven't wasted your money on that load of bullshit. WORST MOVIE I've EVER seen! I would gladly watch "Cloverfield" again with a smile on my face and not voice a word of criticism if it meant I could get my 90 minutes back from M. Night.

I was SO disappointed in this movie. Ro and Maise warned me about it but they also said that they didn't really care for "The Village" or "Signs" so I figured "The Happening" was just getting a bad rap because of the other films. Man, I really need to listen to my friends.

Hubby and I have this thing that if we both want to watch movies that the other wouldn't care for then we'll split up and just meet up after our shows. It's a pretty solid system for us and we've both missed some duds the other has picked out. The only thing that kept me in my seat for the entirety of this particular flick is I didn't want to have to wait in the lobby for him for the next 75 minutes while he watched "Get Smart".

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything clever to say, but I'm not going to let that stop me.

Socks. Yikes. The only person who ever made that work was Michael Jackson.

Oh! I had the best tasting gum the other day.

Anonymous said...

You shoulda went to see Get Smart with that hilarious hunk of man Steve Carrell, Iris.

I got a new laptop and I don't like it.

The keyboard is gray, like computers were in the 80s. I feel like I should be playing Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego.

Iris said...

What flavor?

And what ever happened to your big post about watching So-n-So while standing next to What's His Name?

Iris said...

Yeah, well, hindsight is 20/20. Had I any CLUE that "TH" was going to be that bad I would have went with hubby.

I remember our first desktop computer. It was a Tandy. Hoyle/Sierra games were the shit back then.

Anonymous said...

If I told you the flavor, it would ruin the surprise.

I don't know about that post, Iris. Did I promise that I would post it?

Maybe I should post something really cryptic, maybe here, maybe elsewhere.

Iris said...

My mistake then.

Anonymous said...


So, back to the gum.

maise said...

What the hell flavor was it? As a part-time teacher, I am *very* interested in new and improved gum flavors.

D:ANGEL said...

I _knew_ THE HAPPENING would be bad. I did not and will not see. Wall*E and The Dark Knight are my remaining must-sees.

I did watch The Hustler the other night and Newman, in his prime, was untouchable. I prefer Hud, or Cool Hand Luke, but he WAS the shit.

I also watched the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - amazing.

maise said...

Ha, I haven't seen The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari since my old 300-level German Film class. That movie is set design ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Maise, that IS SO WEIRD.

This gum is german!

It's like you can look right into my mouth through the computer! I don't even have the webcam on! Aaaaacccck!

D:ANGEL said...

yeah - the set design is so great in that movie. All that German expressionism looking stuff is so great. Clearly Tim Burton is a fan.

Speaking of German films, has anyone here seen DOWNFALL? That movie is great.

D:ANGEL said...

Oh and Chris Broderick is, like, my new guitar hero (not the video game).

Zeemort said...

For all my fangirlish raving I do about Trent currently

Dawwwwwww. Dorky Electro Trent makes me feel all fuzzy. I wanna buy him an icecream sandwich.

Also, The Happening:
When I went to see it I honestly wanted to enjoy it. it might be because I'd just come out of one of the worst exams I'd ever sat. But Christ on a bike that film was atrocious.

Suspension of disbelief can only go so far and I kept picking flaws in all of the biological psuedo-science.

I am echoing Mr Angel on Wall-E and The Dark Knight. I saw the ad for the latter when I went to see The Incredible Hulk and did not stop grinning.

Anonymous said...

I have had the most dramatic day at work EVER.

D:ANGEL said...

Proof again that Z and I are borne of the same cosmic DNA.

And, JR, _I_ had the most dramatic day ever. I just perfromed DEATH OF A SALESMAN as a one-man show. That's some drama.

Iris said...

Oh I know, Zee. I kept scoffing at the storyline and the terrible acting. Between me and the hubby, I'm always the one who is "I want to believe" during movies but there was absolutely no chemistry between any of the characters and all the scenes were just too staged.

I started laughing at Mark Wahlberg's character the moment he opened his mouth. It's nice to see that the dumb kid from "Boogie Nights" grew up and became a biology teacher. Doofus porn stars have to earn a living somehow and I suppose a 12 inch cock is some one hell of a biological specimen. Mark Wahlberg needs to stick to the action movies. This kind of suspense/thriller is clearly not his thing especially if he's going to be channeling Dirk Diggler.

How was "The Incredible Hulk"? I was thinking about watching that this weekend along with "Wall E" but I don't think I could survive another bomb.

To JR and DA, I've finally figured out that co-workers are the root of all evil. Especially women. GAWD!

D:ANGEL said...

Hulk was OK. Norton is good but at the end of the day it is a movie about giant monsters fighting each other. Still, it was MILES better than the Ang Lee's Hulk.

Iris said...

Yeah I'm a little hesitant because it's like if I want to watch Edward Norton get pissed off and break shit then couldn't I just watch "Fight Club"? But I told another friend I would try to make it this weekend so...I guess if I hate it, I hate it and I'll just have to add it to the growing list.

D:ANGEL said...

it's not bad. It is big monsters fighting so... not Oscar material, but not bad either.

I'm all about the Wall*E - I swear, Pixar films just nail it... every time. So good.

Anonymous said...

You guys, seriously, check out Young @ Heart. Won't be disappointed.

And there is no way that anyone can trump my day. Here's a teaser: cops and restraining orders.

There may be a post on JR, if I can figure a way to let off steam while keeping things appropriately vague. They're juicy. It might be hard.

Anonymous said...

Oh, almost forgot: counter suits!

Iris said...

Cops, restraining orders, & counter suits? Oh my! Is all this over that fancy flavored German gum you were chewing yesterday?

Oh and Wall E = FANTASTIC!

Anonymous said...

No, but the gum was the only thing that got me through the damn day. If it wasn't for that gum...I don't even want to think about it.

maise said...

JR...wie heisst dieses Gum?!!!

Okay, got back from Wall*E tonight, and it was BRILLIANT. First of all, those damn Pixar movies get me to cry every single time. Second, this is one of the most adventurous movies out there, in terms of what they do to create emotion with these basically nonverbal characters. Amazing.

Zeemort said...

I actually remember very little of hulk, my head wasn't really on straight when I went to watch it. Blar. I think I kinda liked it though probably maybe!

I need to see Wall-E right now okay. :C

D:ANGEL said...

Loved WALL*E!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but I feel like I might be able to get an answer to this question here...

Does anyone know of an easy way to convert CMY(K) images to RGB?

I am using a Photoshop knockoff, and I have figured how to set things up so that if I create something, it'll be in one or the other, but not how to convert an existing image.

Shoot me an email.

D:ANGEL said...

Use the real photoshop.

JR - I am still doing my thing - just this weekend was out of control.

Anonymous said...


I don't need the real Photoshop because I'm not a graphic designer; once in a while, I need to switch formats around, etc., but I don't generate anything.

I'll ask my graphic designer to do it. Just bugs me, cause it should be easy enough for me to do myself.

DA--I hear you. I've earmarked tomorrow night. The framework is in place.

Iris said...

What's with all the coded language you two? Hot date?

I'm trying to looking into your other problem now, JR. What generic program are you using? I've got Paint Shop Pro.

Anonymous said...

I am rocking a copy of Serif PhotoPlus 6. There are newer versions, but I like 6.

And cool your jets, Iris. Right now, our coded language is none of your business.

DA--did we say 5 or 6?

D:ANGEL said...

I think we said 5 but I'm looking like 4. I'd rather have 4 quality than 5 so-so, I you hear me.

D:ANGEL said...

_IF_ you hear me.

Did anyone see Letter From Iwo Jima? Great flick. I mean really great.

maise said...

Secrets, secrets.

Dudes, I have no fucking TV, internet, or phone at my house now. This is what happens when you put the cable company in charge of just about all your utilities.

Anonymous said...


A mystery injury has slowed me. I am somewhat behind schedule with plans to make up for lost time.


Anonymous said...

And quality is always imperative.

Anonymous said...

Lastly: Baby Mama. Highly recommend.

D:ANGEL said...

No worries.

Busy schedule has me slowed as well. BUT, but... selections are made. Quality selections.

And I actually did like BABY MAMA but then again I have a tiny crush on Tina Fey.

Anonymous said...

I have a tiny crush on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, so I hear you.

maise said...

My girl crushes are Rachel Dratch and Amy Sedaris.

Anonymous said...

They look alike.

And they don't have to be one brunette, one blonde, you know.

Sandy..... said...

This is halarious! I have to admitt though, that I secretly think it's awesome! Shhh.... don't tell anyone! (I'm at 80's girl at heart and secretly wish I still look like I did back then!)

Hey - thanks for the comment on my blog.... When I mentioned help ... I mostly meant figuring out better backgrounds rather than the lame, generic ones blogspot offers.

I like how you have the "recent comments", too.

D:ANGEL said...

It took me 34 years to admit it... but BLACK SABBATH is the shit.


Isabel said...

I agree about Sabbath d'angel, although I've never tried to deny their genious. I saw them in the early 90's when their singer was Tony Martin and Cozy Powell did the best drum solo ever to Mars the Bringer of War. My friend and I were right at the front, small girlies in a sea of huge leather jacket clad biker types - we were knackered at the end, but waited outside to get their autographs - the roadies kept telling us they were having their biscuit and cocoa but would come out soon! Very sweet guys actually (obviously Ozzy wasn't there but I've never agreed that stumbling about in a stupour saying 'go fucking crazy' was particularly great showmanship - sadly I'm in a minority). Going to see Iron Maiden tomorrow, can't wait for that, it's all the stuff from the 80's so from Killers - Seventh Son all of which I love. God I'm such a sad old fart and really need to get into some new music but I just don't know where to begin as there is so much shit on the internet

D:ANGEL said...

I hear ya.

I was definitely a child of the 80s so my tastes were always "current" to that time and I thought B. Sabbath was "old man music" but revisting it now I totally appreciate it.

As for new music - I have made a point this year to not only listen to old music I missed but try to listen to what is "cool" and current. I could probably steer you in a few directions if I knew what kind of music you like. A lot of people are not down with the growly screamy vocals - and there is stuff out there that is good and not in that style - but if you can let that growly style grow on you there is some spectacular stuff out there.

Some Old Records on itunes worth getting if you don't know/don't have:

At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul

Voivod - Nothingface (buy this immediately!)

Samael - Passage


I am in love with OPETH - their new album "Watershed" is so great.

The band called "I" and their album "Between Two Worlds" is so catchy and dark but still all rock and roll.

Enslaved's album "Below the lights" is like Black metal meets progressive space rock - really awesome.

Anonymous said...

Pfft...if you like screamy vocals, get anything that Eric Gaffney was working on between 1986 and 1992.


An Eric Gaffney Fan

Iris said...

Anonymous Eric Gaffney Fan? I call bullshit. Are you really resorting to posting under different names now to show support for The Gaff, JR, since no one else can understand the draw of Dino Jr?

Anonymous said...

Dino JR?

Gaffney was in SEBADOH.


An Eric Gaffney Fan

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