Monday, June 23, 2008

1,000,000 Miles Away

In other news today, Nine Inch Nails released rehearsal footage of "1,000,000". You can watch the original, larger screen version on

This has totally got me all pumped up again about the summer tour. With all that has been released in this past year from Trent and also including the other 5 hours of behind the scene's footage of "Closer" the NIN world is a little over-saturated right now. Too many things to try an absorb which ends up putting me off. Hence the lack of NIN related posts lately. But this video is great. They sound like they're going to be pretty damned good together. There towards the end it sounds like they might need a bit more work but hey, if you add a hell of a lot of volume and some flashing lights at the show, I'd never notice. Besides, as it's been discussed here many times, live always sounds a bit different so I'm not really complaining. They still seem to be giving it 110% and come August this show is going to be fantastic!

I'm so glad to see Finch back in his place as guitarist and I'm THRILLED he shaved off his goat beard. Still not sure what's going on with the rest of his hair but Finck has always rocked the freak look well. Sideshow Bob...err...the other new guy, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, looks as though he's fitting in. Would you believe me if I told you that guy is actually 39?! Anyone out there know the story of what happened with Richard Fownes?

If you haven't ordered it yet and are interested I believe you still have time to get "The Slip" with DVD. I pre-ordered mine the other day because, well, I pick things up and I am a collector. But now I'm actually really excited to watch it. The flood waters are finally receding here so the Post Man had better deliver!

They have now added "Letting You" rehearsal video to and holy shit this is FANTASTIC! I wasn't too sold on this one on the album but they rock the shit out of it in the video!

More on all this later...time for work. Hopefully they'll have another video up by the time I get home for lunch.

Edit 2.0:
We have "Echoplex". At least it sounds better live.

Two more videos to go. Wonder what we'll get. I can haz "Discipline"?


Iris said...

Dammit. I seem to be having some video size issues. -sigh- Late for work!

maise said...

LOL, I noticed that these videos are brought to us courtesy of Pitchfork! Oh, Trent...he really wants to fit in with those cool kids, and God only knows why.

Although I have to admit that I will indeed be volunteering for the Pitchfork festival in July this year (to help a local pro-choice group), so if you're in the Chicagoland area and see a ghostly golden retriever taking your ticket or checking your wristband...that's me.

As for the rehearsal videos, "1,000,000" is probably my favorite song from "The Slip" right now, and "Letting You" is probably my least favorite. The latter is just so...heavy-handed in the political commentary and feels a little too "Year Zero" for this album. Still, Trent is looking fierce in the performances, and thank GOD we have Robin back. Note to Aaron North: notice how Robin Finck is able to be energetic and a presence on stage without totally showboating in an obnoxious manner?

Meanwhile, I recently had the best dream ever: I dreamt that Iris and I were hanging out with Trent, and he was telling us what a fan he was of PP and WTC. He had six greyhounds and some other dogs, and he was being really flirty. But I woke up before I could take that any farther. Bah.

Iris said...

Okay...sizing issue fixed. If you want to watch the larger versions then, yeah, they're still up on or on the Pitchfork site.

Hey Maise when you go volunteer at the festival maybe you can put in a good world for Trent with the cool kids.

My Trent dreams are always bizarre but not in the good way. I had a dream once that I stole his microphone from stage while he was playing a show at a truck stop like Gabriel did in the San Diego show (although I think that was at an actual concert venue). In the dream I went to show Gabe but he had disappeared. Another dream I had the hubby and I were at a show and I left to go use the bathroom and when I came back Trent had stole my seat and wouldn't give it back. I was so pissed off at the hubby that he didn't tell him the seat was taken.

Isabel said...

damn, all I can do is watch this from the sidelines and hope to God he decides to do a European tour (although with all the whining on the photoblog and youtube footage of people screaming in hurt, throwing shit and sending him into hissy fits I wonder).

Iris said...

Hey Isabel you order your copy off Amazon yet. It's supposed to have all all these videos included on a DVD. Amazon has it listed as 3 discs so I'm not sure what the third would be unless it's the multi-tracks but doesn't Trent have those uploaded over on the remix site?

"Echoplex" does sound better live. So much better. I think it's because whatever that beat machine is gets buried under all the other instruments. And I'm convinced that Finck makes everything sound better because he's the Golden Boy but that's just my opinion and I could be wrong.