Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I'm Listening to the new NIN single RIGHT NOW...

And it's a real song...with words!

The title is...I swear to God..."Discipline." And part of the chorus is...I swear to God..."I need your discipline." Ooh, dirty in a "Master and Servant" kind of way! Or at least I hope so because that would be more fun than a song about, say, addiction and relapse or something. It kind of mixes the ponderous piano of the "Ghost I-IV" tracks with the gothy disco of "Closer" or "The Big Comedown."

I'm giving it a thumbs up, as I'm sure will be no surprise to you all. But all this talk of discipline is cracking me up.

Trent, honey, what exactly do you need to be disciplined for? Did you break the vase in the hallway while rough-housing with Atticus? Have you been having trouble getting off the couch and going to the gym? (Me too!) I can totally help you out on the discipline part; I went to Catholic school for TWELVE YEARS. I know I've got a ruler around here somewhere...

So bitches and Dan, what do you think? Do you like the new song? What the hell are the lyrics? Does anyone know yet?

illustration by Zeemort

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Look Who's Back!

It's Robin Finck! And according to he's back in the NIN lineup. Hooray! Robin's looking good despite being with GnR for the past few years, although the beard makes him look a bit like a mountain goat.

Back in Jan of '05 Trent had this to say about Finck and his **cough, cough, shoddy, cough** replacement:
"Alessandro fit in immediately, but we looked all over for the right guitarist. In retrospect, I believe we were looking for someone to fill Robin's [Finck] shoes. When Aaron walked through the door, he pissed on Robin's shoes and kicked them out the door where they belong — effectively closing a chapter. A great chapter, but one that is in the past. This is a new entity that feels very fresh and vital."
I don't think I'm the only one who is glad that Trent is reopening this chapter. It will be interesting to see what Finck brings to the table after being away for almost 8 years. And I'm happy to say that we should be able to see him in action at Lolla this year. Only one more day until the official lineup release but this leak from the Sun-Times looks promising.

This year's Lolla confirmation straight from the horse's mouth.

Also announced via the NIN YouTube profile is new band member Rich Fownes who will be taking over the position of bass man. Eerily, he kind of even looks like Jeordie but maybe just a younger version.

I think I'll just refer to him as Jeordie 2.0 from here on out. After briefly skimming his myspace account it seems he has a thing for John Candy and has been plucked from The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, a gothic rock psychobilly band. The jury is still out on whether or not he'll be a more of less irritating presence than Aaron North. By all means, I hope Jeordie 2.0 brings a little debauchery to the band but I'll be disappointed if he just turns out to be another flying monkey boy like Aaron.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who Says We Don't Discuss The Important Things Around Here?

My discussion with Iris, 4/2/08:

Iris: did you see that NKOTB are getting back together?
my 5th grade heart goes pitter-patter

Maise: Oh man, I've got bitterness towards them because I didn't like them in junior high, which made me an outcast.

Iris: what? no love for New Kids?!?!
i don't know that we can be friends anymore.

Maise: No! And now they're all old and ugly!

Iris: lol

Maise: Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!


Maise: I mean, who are they pitching to here? They'll scare all the little girls, and everyone our age will go, "You didn't age well."

the guy on the right looks like an asshole
i can't even remember his name
danny wood? maybe?

Maise: Yeah, I think he was danny.
I mean, the one on the far left looks good. Joey?

Iris: my dream guy was always jonathan. the second from the left
yeah. that's joey

Maise: Yeah, if I had to pick one, I would have picked Jon, but he always looked super-gay in retrospect.

Iris: but jonathan was the oldest so i don't know how old that makes him now

Maise: Jordan looks like a soccer dad.
The three to the right look like who you'd wind up with on some random online date.

Iris: jon is 40 now

Maise: LOL
That's messed up!

Iris: omg that's so bizarre that he's around the same age as trent

Maise: He's only two years younger than TRENT?

Iris: SO fucked UP!

Maise: How can that be?

Iris: YEAH!
fuck if i know

Maise: Weeeeird.

Iris: omg that's weird

Maise: I mean, Trent could have been in NKOTB!


Maise: And it would have been like The Exotic Birds.
I love that old vid of him.

Iris: if the NKOTB played instruments

Maise: Because he thinks that Exotic Birds song is AWESOME.
Well, Trent can hump stuff. That's kind of like dancing.

Iris: the hair flip is AWESOME
and the intense eyes
LOL! hump stuff!

Maise: LOL