Thursday, April 3, 2008

Who Says We Don't Discuss The Important Things Around Here?

My discussion with Iris, 4/2/08:

Iris: did you see that NKOTB are getting back together?
my 5th grade heart goes pitter-patter

Maise: Oh man, I've got bitterness towards them because I didn't like them in junior high, which made me an outcast.

Iris: what? no love for New Kids?!?!
i don't know that we can be friends anymore.

Maise: No! And now they're all old and ugly!

Iris: lol

Maise: Mwa ha ha ha ha ha!


Maise: I mean, who are they pitching to here? They'll scare all the little girls, and everyone our age will go, "You didn't age well."

the guy on the right looks like an asshole
i can't even remember his name
danny wood? maybe?

Maise: Yeah, I think he was danny.
I mean, the one on the far left looks good. Joey?

Iris: my dream guy was always jonathan. the second from the left
yeah. that's joey

Maise: Yeah, if I had to pick one, I would have picked Jon, but he always looked super-gay in retrospect.

Iris: but jonathan was the oldest so i don't know how old that makes him now

Maise: Jordan looks like a soccer dad.
The three to the right look like who you'd wind up with on some random online date.

Iris: jon is 40 now

Maise: LOL
That's messed up!

Iris: omg that's so bizarre that he's around the same age as trent

Maise: He's only two years younger than TRENT?

Iris: SO fucked UP!

Maise: How can that be?

Iris: YEAH!
fuck if i know

Maise: Weeeeird.

Iris: omg that's weird

Maise: I mean, Trent could have been in NKOTB!


Maise: And it would have been like The Exotic Birds.
I love that old vid of him.

Iris: if the NKOTB played instruments

Maise: Because he thinks that Exotic Birds song is AWESOME.
Well, Trent can hump stuff. That's kind of like dancing.

Iris: the hair flip is AWESOME
and the intense eyes
LOL! hump stuff!

Maise: LOL


Iris said...

That video of young Trent always cracks me up. But I got the look wrong. It's hair flip, intense eyes, AND then PURSED LIPS! How could I forget?

And PP readers you can count on me attending a NKOTB reunion show and reporting back here with the video footage if they take this shit on tour but they'll have to come a little closer than New York City.

Iris said...

Step by Step

OMG, girls! This video is so classic! They just don't do choreography like this anymore. These boys had such great fashion sense. Who would have believed you could rock a pair of bib overalls like that? Danny Wood did. That's who.

FreakyGeek said...

It's funny that I found this site through my love of NIN and very wierd that you like NKOTB Iris. I was a die-hard fan back in 89-92. I remember I used to go home after school and turn on MTV desperately hoping to see a new NKOTB video.

One time the video for NIN's WISH came on and I was so freaked out and disgusted I had to turn the TV off.

What a difference a few years makes. BY 94' I had three different colors in my hair, a couple body piercings and was dating a guy that wore skirts and fishnets to school.

I think TR/NIN did some kind of subliminal messaging thing and I was brainwashed after seeing that video. ;-p

I still love my memories of NKOTB. I never gave up my silly fan-girl joy at seeing new stuff from them. I feel like I've come full circle in a way.

I shoulda gone to your school Maise. I used to get teased and bullied for liking NKOTB at my school. You were only cool if you liked Skid Row or Guns N' Roses or pretty much any 80's/early 90's hair metal band.

I'm feeling a weird two-sides of the coin thing right now with the news of NKOTB touring as well as NIN. It'll be very weird if they both show up in my area in the same month.

Interesting bit of trivia that someone pointed out to me last year.

As you probably already know...May 17th is TR's birthday....It's also Jordan Knight's. They also both started playing Piano at the age of 5.

If you haven't already guessed...I had a crush on Jordan.

God I'm such a geek.

Iris said...

Welcome to Places Parallel Freakygeek!

I was the same kind of die hard New Kids fan. I had the jean jacket, the buttons, the throw pillows, the artists biography books, etc etc etc. Oooh and I had the bedspread. lol. I guess I could never do things in small measures.

I remember how horrified and confused I was the first time I watched "March of the Pigs" on MTV. I never caught the "Wish" video because we didn't have cable at that point. But, man, MotP...I was like "what the hell is this? people call this music? the guy can't even stay standing."

I think I had moved on from NKOTB by '94 but I can't remember who I was into then. If I had to make a guess it would have been Aerosmith, Pink Floyd (my first concert was that year to see them), Nirvana. I didn't really come around to NIN until *gasp* 2005 when [With_Teeth] was released so I was a pretty late bloomer on that front. I think I pretty well cannonballed my way into obsession since then. ;)

Do you know who else shares Trent's birthday? I laughed when I saw Bob Saget on there.

Another fun fact I picked up yesterday. The NKOTB reunion is being managed by the same people trying to pull off Axl Roses's comeback.

Anonymous said...

I was born with ice in my veins--true story--so I never liked NKOTB. Though I have to say FUCK YOU, Joey is hot now. I get the sneaking suspicion that he's gay, though, but closeted.

Not that performing in a NKOTB comeback doesn't totally out you.

And I will say that when we were all younger, I thought Jordan had the look, but he was on the Surreal Life a couple years back and he's a DICK. He also looks like Ricky Ricardo now, so there is a mighty and just God.

Anonymous said...

(P.S. J Mascis could also have been in NKOTB, based on the age thing. Think this for the glory years, and this smokin' hotness for the reunion tour.)

Anonymous said...

The last one totally says "You know you want me." It's got merchandising millions written all over it.

Six months from now, all the young girls and their moms are going to be wearing those glasses, trust me.

Iris said...

UGG! JR please stop with the J Mascis pictures. He is so NOT hot. How is he the same age as Trent and look that awful? Please tell me you're joking with all this ooh-ing and ahh-ing over him.

I think my Grandpa has those same glasses. Grandpa has gray hair too but he doesn't let it grow all long and get so greasy. Perhaps you should get your glasses checked because J Mascis is -blech-.

I remember watching that season of the Surreal Life with Jordon on it. I think on his first day he claimed a room that only had a curtain for a door. Then he stacked his suitcases up to make a short wall and I think it was Bridgette Nelson who tripped over them when she tried to go say hi because you couldn't see the little wall on that side of the curtain. Maybe it wasn't Bridgette...I actually watched a couple seasons of that show.

Oh and how fun is this photo? Peek-a-boo Brian...I can see your panties. heehee

Anonymous said...

Why all the hate for J? And I actually found a GOOD recent picture of him where his hair is tame, so shut the fuck up.

I'll be the first to admit that his appeal is not in the looks department--he's pretty goofy looking, it's true. But he's amazingly talented and so goddamned cool that I can't stand it.

Part of his coolness is that he doesn't have to parade around looking like something that just fell out of Hot Topic. He wears bad glasses, I don't know why, and he's getting a gut, and he's known for his sneakers and his love of the color purple.

But I am TOTALLY NOT KIDDING when I say that I would run away with him and birth his babies in A FUCKING HALF-HEARTBEAT.

But back to NKOTB...I'm really curious to see how all that pans out. A few years back when boy bands (man bands? mands?) were popular, it would've made sense, but now? Who is going to buy tickets to that bullshit? Other than for the joke factor?

Oh, and in phys ed, we had a weeklong visit from a dance teacher, and she taught us some moves to one of their songs. "Hangin' Tough" I think.

Anonymous said...

(Oh, and Iris, I'll send you some up close pics of J privately that show he is actually looking quite good for 42. He has practically flawless skin. His hair's just gray, is all.)

D:ANGEL said...

You know what, I thought I was a nerd in junior high/high school but HOLY SHIT you guys are on another level.

I mean seriously. I may have listened only to punk and metal but at least I never listened to pop trash. Shame on you. Posers.

maise said...

Dan, did you not read the part where I talked about being an OUTCAST for not liking the New Kids on the Block? I'm having trouble remembering whom exactly I was devoted to in 7th grade, when NKOTB mania was at its peak. I think I was just entering my lifelong Monty Python obsession and wasn't that into music at that point. Or I was listening to the Police a lot.

When I was in 8th grade, I got into Depeche Mode, but I think the NKTOB epidemic was dying down then.

Although when I was younger, like junior high years, I did go through a "40-old woman" phase and wound up with some Sting and Phil Collins solo albums on cassette.

Anonymous said...

When I was in junior high, I spent almost every weekend square dancing.

D:ANGEL said...

Fair enough Maise is exempt.

My musical evolution went thusly:

Weird Al (grade school) > Billy Idol (6th-7th Grade)> Misfits (8th grade)> Metallica (8th Grade) > Megadeth/Testament/Forbidden/Death Angel (9th-10th Grade) > Danzig (8th Grade to Present) > (here there is a big break because the 90s were the worst thing for music ever) > Propagandhi (mid 90s-Present) > Opeth/Immortal (Now)

Anonymous said...

Just got pics back from the drugstore.

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered Danzig and The Misfits. I've become obsessed with these bands mostly because of Glenn Danzig. ...I wish to be raped by his voice... :p

Anywho, I went from listening to what my parents listen to; e.g. classic rock, old country, 50's rock, 70's disco, merengue, cumbia, and other hispanic music (birth to 5th grade) > pop (5th-6th grade) > rap, hip hop, r&b, rock (7th-8th grade) > numetal, classical, and pop rock (9th-10th grade) > reggaeton, j-pop, j-pop rock, various metal, blues, swing, basically anything from the early 1900's (11th grade - now).

I named genres instead of specific bands 'cause I was listening to a crapload of different bands/groups. I still listen to everything that I've been exposed to, and I'm still looking out for more stuff. When I'm not feeling lazy, I dig for more to listen to.


Zeemort said...

If we're talking young!Trent videos then it's all about Option30's 'Gotta Look Sharp'

He's so cute. I wanna buy him a sandwich and a haircut.

Also I wouldn't know NKOTB if I found them in my cornflakes to be perfectly honest.

But I think they're a bit before my time, me being the baby here. I was either still gestating or still drooling when they were around. :X

Iris said...

DA. I grew up in the country in rural Iowa pre-internet days and we didn't get cable until I was about 14 so as far as listening to anything "cool" I was pretty much doomed from the start. I was only exposed to what my Mom listened to at the time (Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac) or what was on the pop trash radio station in town. You think my NKOTB exposure was bad? How about I also know all the words to every Michael Bolton song sung. (Thanks Mom) But you know I wouldn't change a minute of my youth.

That's a nice sentiment to read so early in the morning, thelookingglass. I think would have to go with Michael Wincott's voice but I'd prefer it to be consensual. It sounds like a mixture between gravel and a lifelong smoker. He read stereo instructions and I would listen with pleasure.

Zeemort. Shut up. Just because you've supposedly never heard of the New Kids doesn't mean you don't know what we're talking about here. I'll be waiting for your apology and admission of being ridiculously into the Backstreet Boys or N'sync.

JR I didn't get your J pics in my email. And is that your mother?

Anonymous said...

No, it's my mentor.


Get yer bib ready, girlfriend, I'll send them today.

Zeemort said...

My music-fan confession is far far worse than still having a soft spot for pop bands.

I like chiptunes

Anonymous said...

JR = old

I don't even know what chiptunes are.

Iris said...

JR, you're not alone.

Zee, what the hell is a "chiptune"?

Iris said...

Okay after a brief YouTube search I turned up an interview but it's all in French.

WTF?!?! What's with the chipmunk/squirrel outfits? Are they furries?

Zeemort said...

I have no idea what you linked to but chiptunes basically refers to music made using game console sound chips.

Zeemort said...

you can see why I was ashamed.


Iris said...

This was what I attempted to link earlier.

You shouldn't be ashamed of chiptunes. It seems to be what inspired Trent on track 18.

D:ANGEL said...

Chiptune music sounds awesome. I used to sample atari noises with my fairly expensive sampler and try to make music. They also make guitar pedals that make a guitar sound like old nintendo games.

FreakyGeek said...

I think my Musical revolution is best summed up this way....
Early elementary school = Tears For Fears & Madonna. Late elementary school = Madonna & NKOTB. Junior High = NKOTB. Early High School = Grunge/Alternative-mostly Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden and Alice in Chains (the movie "Singles" had a HUGE impact on my music tastes at the time) with a little dose of Metallica (Black album). In 94 I got into Pink Floyd cuz my BFF was addicted to it. The I saw the vid for "Closer" by NIN and instantly was hooked. Most of my college years were soundtracked by NIN and Tori Amos (I didn't even know about the conection between TR and Tori until later though). I went to college in 99' and Tori's double album To Venus and Back came out the same day as The Fragile. I had given up all hope of a new NIN album by then and was completely shocked to see it in the store. So NIN found it's way back into my life and with all the stuff TR has been doing/planning I'm sure it'll be there for a long time. I'd love to do a review of Ghosts but I can't get all my thoughts into words. I'm really into reading music blogs. It's like having a friend recommend a new band.

BTW...My friend Mady's daughter was born on May 17th last year.

Iris said...

Dammit. It had been rumored that NKOTB were going to be performing on the Today show on Friday but all they did was a lousy interview. The boys just got back together and already I'm disappointed. Boo!

But the did mention they were working on a new album and would be touring in the fall. Yay! Hubby has already said no to going with me and Maise doesn't seem likely to say yes. So hey Ro-Ro, you up for a little nostalgia?

Iris said...

Oh and FreakyGeek, I hope you stick with us. I've just had an excellent lesson in how to create podcasts so I'm hoping to introduce some other bands and such we listen to. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, great. A NKOTB podcast. *snore*

Guess who else is working on a new record that is destined to kick ass? Yeah, that's who.