Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs

Okay so I may be a bit partial but do I not have the cutest dogs, like, ever?!



I mean seriously. Oooh and check them out in their first real snow of this winter. Rollo doesn't walk; she bounds! While Coco just kind of checks it out from the sidelines. I love my girls.

If you've got some adorable pics of your pets, now is the time to share them! And in case we don't see you 'til afterwards, have a dog-gone good Christmas everyone!

Check back for more updates on cute pet pictures.
We'll be editing some more pictures into this post.

And here are some more!

Cleo and Anubis weren't exactly cooperative with the Christmas pics, but I managed to get a couple of them as Santa's Little Helpers:

At times like these, I forget what a troublemaker Cleo is.

Anubis checking himself out

Cleo and Anubis

Also, Lavender has sent us a couple of pics:


Apathy and Lady Cuddles

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't mess with Tori

check the 2:30 mark

Tori Amos would like to remind everyone to please turn off all cell phones and remain seated at all times. Thank you.

source: TMZ

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Most Awesomely Bad Music Videos of All Time: 2nd Edition

Okay, so last night, it struck me like a rickety ceiling fan falling from the ceiling: No, no, THIS is a better bad video than Journey's "Separate Ways!"

Steve Miller Band--"Abracadabra."

Dudes, I LOVED this song when I was like five. And I still do, although the stalkerish lyrics make me cringe. "Abra-Abra-cadabra. I wanna reach out and grab ya!"

But there are simply NO WORDS for the video! The animated flames! The animated pegasus in the window at :14. (I swear to God!) Our sexy magician's assistant heroine with her big hair (with animated glittery effects), leopard-skin headband, and a pet rat! The cheap and completely unnecessary special effects! And, of course, the band...why does Steve Miller have the black box over his eyes? Why is he in such an ugly t-shirt? Why does he look like such a douche? These are just some of the mysteries posed by "Abracadabra."

Whew. Now that I've got that off my chest, I welcome your continued suggestions. I promise I will present some of them for this series in the future!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The Most Awesomely Bad Music Videos of All Time: 1st Edition...

Hi there, everyone!

There is still nothing interesting going on in music, unless you count the fact that Trent Reznor has shown us that he has multiple greyhounds too. (See, [Trent_Still_Reads]!)

See, he's even got an Italian greyhound on the couch...hardy har.

Oh, and he's working on the follow-up to Year Zero or something. Here you can watch Alessandro make a piano sound like a Vegas slot machine.

Anyhoo, I thought it would be fun to revisit some bad, bad music videos of yesteryear. And you guys can post nominations of your own!

Now, the video in question can't just be has to be awesomely bad. It has to have *some* redeeming quality to its badness.

Here's my first candidate:

"Separate Ways" by Journey

What makes this video awesomely bad? First of all, it's got to be the most low-rent video ever made by a wildly popular (at the time) arena rock band. What is this location? "Hey, Steve Perry, my cousin says we can film behind his warehouse, on like a Sunday or something, when no one's there." At the beginning of the video, you're slightly worried that they didn't have money for instruments, but then they magically appear...via a CAMERA TRICK! There are many of these sorts of CAMERA TRICKS in this video, so watch out!

The icy-hearted love interest has a killer wardrobe: white pumps, pantyhose, black leather skirt, white jacket, long dangly earrings, and really big hair. She walks a lot in this video, completely disregarding lead singer Steve Perry's desperate emoting.

The band look no less impressive in this video. All forms of unfortunate 80s fashion have been brought to the table. Most of Journey's members are sporting mullets, and one even has his mullet permed. There are tight jeans, aviator sunglasses, goofy t-shirts, collars turned up on denim jackets, sportcoats worn with t-shirts and jeans, and porn mustaches. Oh, and they have the most retarded-looking bass guitar I've ever seen.

So there's not a lot going on in this video, re: location, special effects, storyline, wardrobe. But we do have Steve Perry gesticulating dramatically. You can FEEL the anguish. This is also definitely Journey's best song, although "Don't Stop Believing" comes close. And that is what elevates this video from being merely bad to awesomely bad. It's like a little time capsule from 1983...all the things we wanted to forget about 1983, that is.

Any other nominations? Future posts will be dedicated to the most awesomely bad of the bunch.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

What the...???

We interrupt this music blog for a little non-musical hilarity.

Umm...Gabriel? Is that you? No? Alright fine. It's Weston Coppola Cage looking goth-tastic. Just check out that eyeliner job. It's like the anti-Amy Winehouse. Seriously.

I guess I shouldn't make fun. I would probably develop a complex too if my dad were Nicolas Cage. God he's such a douche! This is all your fault, Nicolas. If you weren't such an egotistical ass who had to marry the sushi waitress who is half your age and name the resulting spawn after Superman, your other son might not look like he's about to walk on set for "The Crow: 13 Sequels and Still Going Strong". I mean just look at your boy at the beginning of their marriage. Can we say teenage rebellion?

Stranger Danger!

Dear Readers:

Ahhh...internet access! Our modem crapped out at home, so I was forced to spend a full 24 hours without internet access and nearly died of it. But now I am abusing internet privileges at work so that I can bring you this SPECIAL REPORT:

The Dresden Dolls' Amanda Palmer has clearly never seen Wolf Creek.

I recently received this email from the Dresden Dolls' mailing list:

To our dear dear friends in Melbourne:
Fuck hotels.
Would you like to house some starving artists for ten days? December 5-15.
Let us know!
It's going to be me + 4 members of The Danger Ensemble and we will give you free merch and tickets to the Spiegeltent up the wazoo and turn your home into an art palace. Well, that's a lie. We'll mostly be just sleeping there.
We need relatively comfy accommodations for 5 bodies.
We don't mind sharing beds, but you'd need at least 3 beds.

Wireless and tea kettle a wicked plus. We like cats. We like dogs.

We're willing to get creative.
If you know of anybody leaving town, or with a space in general that can be made hospitable for 10 days, let us know. Even more amazing would be if the space is large enough to move around and rehearse and film in. We like getting jiggy and filming.
Where? Um. The nearer to the venue the better.
The tent is at: The Arts Centre Forecourt, 100 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne. Right downtown.
Walking distance would make us so happy, but if we need to drive to the gigs, we have a van.

Um, what? Amanda, you don't know these people! What if they're serial killers or crazed fans or have a roach infestation that you don't know about until they're crawling all over you in your sleep? You can afford a hotel. Or a hostel, even. Oh wait, maybe that's not such a good idea either.

Have you told your mom about this plan? I can't imagine she would approve.

In the meantime, if certain male rock stars need a place to stay while on tour, I would happily offer up my humble abode. Iris can attest that my couches are the most comfy in the Midwest. Just send me an email at along with a resume and headshot. Must like dogs.