Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't mess with Tori

check the 2:30 mark

Tori Amos would like to remind everyone to please turn off all cell phones and remain seated at all times. Thank you.

source: TMZ


Danny Angel said...

Oh, fuck her.

People pay to be entertained and she plays rock music. So what if they want to talk on the phone? Those people paid for that ticket and should be able to do whatever they want. It's not like they were at the Opera or something. Wow. She's an asshole. Pandering to the crowd too. Sorry that everyone wasn't sitting solemnly in awe of her genius.

Zeemort said...

Way to overreact, Tori.

Obviously you go to a concert to hear music, but someone on a phone is hardly going to detract from the experience that greatly.

Unless it was this guy.

maise said...

I'm kind of torn on this issue.

I can understand Tori getting annoyed by it, and I'd probably be annoyed by it if I were around those people, but I do agree that she was being way overdramatic here. I love it when assholes get smacked down as much as anyone, but it's not like anyone was going to hear these people yapping on their cell phones.

"It's a privilege to sit in the front row." That's simultaneously a true statement AND total arrogance.

Iris said...

And she's at it again only this time with the writers.

“Writers! Writers! Where are you in this fucking town? When you gonna stand up and stop sucking the cock of the infested corporate clone? Seize the power!”

Tori Amos kind of scares me. And she sounds like a cat being strangled.

maise said...

Dude, what does that even mean?

I loved Little Earthquakes, so there will be a part of me that will always love Tori Amos.

Besides, she told the world some very interesting things about Trent. I mean, that whole chicken thing? I totally feel her on that. That so would happen to me.

Danny Angel said...

After reading that now I REALLY hate her.

I hate the whole whiney "I've been hurt but I'm a strong woman" 90s piano rock thing. It sucks.

I have no problem with females rocking or females being strong but that whole routine is just tired, like her act.

I wish I could put her on a stage so I could boo her off of it.

pokeydots said...

1. Where's Gabriel?
2. Has anyone been over to the NIN Blog? Makes me wanna vomit! Let's change the focus of this Blog to non-NIN. Maybe a death metal focus...
3. Don't most Musicians have those earplug things that play the song in their ears? How could Tori hear the cellphone conversation?
4. Bah, Humbug!

maise said...

1. Gabriel is working on a collection of Christmas poetry entitled, "I Need, I Bleed."

2. What are you talking about?

3. Tori sees all.

4. Agreed.

pokeydots said...

1. Glad that Gabriel is being productive. God, I would hate to see his Christmas cards. Probably blood-smeared (or worse)...

2. The NIN "comments" section where people leave droll remarks. I need some snarky. I get bad vibes over there. I have decided to stop peeking at that Blog. Plus, I think most of the people who leave messages might be witches.

3. Damn, I guess Tori does see ALL!

Zeemort said...

Pokeydots- We haven't had a repeat of Rob Sheridan's "HRR LOOK THERE'S EXCREMENT IN A TOILET WHAT ARE THE ODDS" photography so I don't think there's a huge problem.
Myself and my better half are enjoying the blog muchly. I get to go all fan-tard over His Angriness and he gets to fan-tard over The Tech of His Angriness.

danny angel-
I love you so hard.
I've been yelled at and told I'm a poser feminist for saying much the same thing as you.
I'll refrain from soapboxing on the subject because I could rant for HOURS.

Zeemort said...

Oh, right, nabbed a comment in before me to explain, so I withdraw my comment about the blog.

The comments section is pretty horrific. Most of the comments are either "Oh trent you are a sexy sexy genius (of sex) and your muscles are sexy, I bet you could (sexily) beat up batman.
PS fuck me" or "Dude Trent you suck so hard now, start doing smack again so you can get thin and pretty and make better music"
Mostly the former and with varying degrees of broken english, of course.

pokeydots said...

Right Zeemort, the comments make me wanna vomit. I think Trent is actually taking their advice about getting thin, pretty and anorexic. Did you see those photos where he looks like he dropped 20 lbs? What's up with that?

maise said...

Yeah, I never bother with the comments. It's a painful reminder of illiteracy in America. But I do like the doggie pictures.

Hey Trent, since we know [you_read], can I put in a request? How about the doggies in reindeer antlers or Santa hats? You know, something festive.

pokeydots said...

Maise, thanks for the hint upside the head. KA-POW! How do you know TR reads this Blog? Examples please.

maise said...

Well, you know every now and then numbers will show up above a picture on When you put all those numbers together and use a form of Chaldean numerology called digit summing, you can translate these numbers to a message that says, "Hi, I'm Trent Reznor. I read Places Parallel and wish there were more regular updates."

Zeemort said...

I didn't think it looked much like he'd lost weight. One of the pictures posted was pretty heavily backlit, which can make people look a lot thinner.

Regardless, he's not looking unhealthy and I feel like a total shit for fixating on how he looks, anyway.

pokeydots said...

WHAT!?! Hmm, I vaguely remember something about some numbers. Are you finger pointing at anyone in particular???

I might have to leave this Blog and be Bloglessness.

Iris said...

HA! Maise I choked on my soup about the Chaldean numerology and how it proves [Trent_reads]. But there have been enough coincidences that we're pretty damned sure. But you know Maise, he usually picks up the hints better when it's on the front page rather than in the comments section. So you know what that means. It's puppy picture time! I've got a couple cute ones to add. Maise you think you could take some tonight for a post tomorrow-ish?

DA, feel free to join in with some festive Angelcat pics if you want.

And anyone else join in too! We'll give Trent the hint and if not then oh well. Who doesn't like looking at pictures of adorable pets? (with the exception of Gabriel)

maise said...

Sure, I'll get on it tonight! After all, it might be a day or two before you guys get my hard-hitting and poignant ROB ZOMBIE/OZZY OSBOURNE concert review!

Danny Angel said...

Zee -

Believe me - I could rant too on the 90s piano rock chicks.

You know who actually DO like?


I'm not joking. Her voice is awesome, she actually seems to be who she presents herself to be and she's kind of a badass. Plus, since she moved away from the over-produced dance sound to pop rock I think her music got way better.

I will work on a Holiday photo set of angel cat.

maise said...

Angelman, I am so with you on Pink. Her music is fun without being brain-dead.

Yay, Pink!

Danny Angel said...

Now listening to:

1) Judas Priest: Screaming for Vengeance

2) Dark Tranquility: The Gathering

3) Mastodon: Blood Mountain

Zeemort said...

Actually, Pink is one of my secret shames.
It might just be because she pretty much always puts me in mind of Tank Girl, and I am totally gay for Tank Girl.
(the comic that is, the movie blows)

And her voice is amazing.

maise said...

Dan, I've got about 20 minutes left of "Metallica: Some Kind of Monster" to watch.


Danny Angel said...

You know, when I was a kid I worshipped Metallica. I mean really. Megadeth was my favorite but it all started with Metallica. They were from the Bay Area, they had a way of writing metal songs that were catchy and fast. They were the best. But somewhere along the way they really lost touch. They used Bob (Motley Crue, Aerosmith producer) Rock to produce their biggest selling "Black Album" (ironically, also the album where I quit listening to them) and then decided that more pop = better. SOME KIND OF MONSTER is sad for me. It's like watching a bunch of selfish, rich, spoiled grown men argue about making music that if it didn't have the name Metallica on it, would NOT SELL. I don't care that they have changed/evolved - all I ask is that they make good music. And they don't.

St. Anger (their last record) was trash. It sounded like old men trying to stay cool. Either do what you do well, or set the bar for the younger bands, but don't try to copy them! Metallica have no business playing anymore because it is all about the money.

At any rate they are in the studio now with Rick Rubin, although he does not seem like a fit to me at all. They should use Andy Sneap who has been killing every metal album he produces lately. Metallica will always have a huge fan base, but they are lost to me. I still listen to a lot of bands from that era, just not Metallica.

Danny Angel said...

Zee -

I actually have the magazine where Tank Girl made her first appearance... Deadline #1 or #2 I think it was.

Zeemort said...


Marry me.

Danny Angel said...

You'd only want me for my comics.

Zeemort said...

And Angelcat, obviously.

maise said...

Some Kind of Monster:

You know, as someone who has no emotional connection to Metallica, I still find this movie totally fascinating and would recommend it to anyone. It's simply amazing to me that they allowed this film to be made and released, given that it would totally destroy their image for any remaining Metallica fans out there. It's more Spinal Tap than Spinal Tap.

During this film, the whole band goes into therapy and constantly uses touchy-feely therapy language. "I'm HEARING you, but I FEEL..." James Hetfield goes into rehab halfway through and disappears for a year while the rest of the band is in limbo. Lars' crusade against Napster is juxtaposed with him selling his artwork for like five million dollars, getting sloppy drunk in the process. Lars shows us his crazy daddy issues. Dave Mustaine confronts Lars in a therapy session. They basically are middle-aged, too rich, completely self-absorbed and egotistical. And it's all fascinating to watch.

So far, there have been some touching moments, like James Hetfield actually trying to be a good dad, and Dave Mustaine asking Lars, "What happened to my little Danish friend?" But overall, one is just left with a sense of "wow."

The thing though is that it's ultimately an anticlimactic project because the album that they try SO HARD to make all through the film sucks so hard.

But like I said, I'd recommend it to anyone...Metallica lovers, Metallica haters, innocent bystanders...

Danny Angel said...

You nailed it, Maise...

Danny Angel said...


Gifts from my co-workers:

1) Vegan Cookies
2) The Communist Manifesto (as a joke)
3) ITunes Gift Card

I do wear my interests on my sleeve.

pokeydots said...

I also saw "Some Kind of Monster" and thought wow, I'm glad I'm me. I think the only one who came out semi-likeable was Hetfield. It was sweet when he went to his daughter’s ballet class - he must have scared those little girls to death! I stopped liking Metallica years ago when Lars started crying about Napster. He needs to bite me. I almost fell out of my chair when he was in the studio writing songs and he was plugging in words like some kind of formula. Very disappointing. I am not a fan of therapy, but I thought they treated the therapist badly and used him. It was tacky how they made sure to tell the camera how much they were paying the new Bass Player. But hey, it’s always been about the money or the wouldn’t have made the film.

Danny Angel said...

Can I just state how nice it is to be done with school until mid-Jan?

I ACED both classes, by the way... mainly out of awesomeness.

Iris said...

I haven't watched "Some Kind of Monster" yet but just sitting through the trailer has me riled up. There are not enough words or time to explain how much I HATE that sniveling little prick Lars Ulrich. I loved "The Black Album" and I bought "Load" and "Reload" when they came out but when that Napster stuff cropped up and they really started showing themselves as the greedy assholes they are (especially the aforementioned sniveling prick), I quit listening to them altogether.

Another reason to like Pink. She keeps it realz and isn't above peeing in a parking lot.

Oh and DA I hope you like what I got you for Christmas! They told me I even got one of the limited editions signed by Bono himself. HEE!

maise said...

Okay, guys, I'm going to need an extra night on the pet pics because the puppies were not cooperating *at all*. You'd think they'd like wearing reindeer antlers and a Santa hat. Sheesh.

So guys, if there are any festive pet pics that you'd like posted on our front page, you can send them to Or link to them in the comments from your own pages/flickrs/etc. Or if anyone knows how to post them directly in the comments, go for it, but I don't know if it's possible...

Zeemort said...

I don't think blogspot allows images in comments.

I'm afraid I am lacking in festive things to put on my dogs. And if I tried to put anything on the puppy she would eat it. :C