Thursday, December 6, 2007

What the...???

We interrupt this music blog for a little non-musical hilarity.

Umm...Gabriel? Is that you? No? Alright fine. It's Weston Coppola Cage looking goth-tastic. Just check out that eyeliner job. It's like the anti-Amy Winehouse. Seriously.

I guess I shouldn't make fun. I would probably develop a complex too if my dad were Nicolas Cage. God he's such a douche! This is all your fault, Nicolas. If you weren't such an egotistical ass who had to marry the sushi waitress who is half your age and name the resulting spawn after Superman, your other son might not look like he's about to walk on set for "The Crow: 13 Sequels and Still Going Strong". I mean just look at your boy at the beginning of their marriage. Can we say teenage rebellion?


JR said...

I think it makes his eyes look purty.

Danny Angel said...

Yeah. He's like one step away from looking like that pro wrestler The Undertaker.

JR said...

JR needs attention.

Zeemort said...

Have any of you seen "Metalocalypse"?

You know Nathan Explosion?

... yeah.