Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Has Gone to the Dogs

Okay so I may be a bit partial but do I not have the cutest dogs, like, ever?!



I mean seriously. Oooh and check them out in their first real snow of this winter. Rollo doesn't walk; she bounds! While Coco just kind of checks it out from the sidelines. I love my girls.

If you've got some adorable pics of your pets, now is the time to share them! And in case we don't see you 'til afterwards, have a dog-gone good Christmas everyone!

Check back for more updates on cute pet pictures.
We'll be editing some more pictures into this post.

And here are some more!

Cleo and Anubis weren't exactly cooperative with the Christmas pics, but I managed to get a couple of them as Santa's Little Helpers:

At times like these, I forget what a troublemaker Cleo is.

Anubis checking himself out

Cleo and Anubis

Also, Lavender has sent us a couple of pics:


Apathy and Lady Cuddles

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Iris said...

Also tried to get a picture of our cat in the cute Santa hat but he was not pleased.

And to anyone who wants to know how to link to pictures (or anything) here's a good page to show you how. The "formula" is at the bottom.

Zeemort said...

Aww, Rollo is sweet.

I wish it'd snow here, I could nab a video and I'm sure you guys would appreciate watching the puppy trying to run and find snowballs after they've been thrown.
Because it is fucking adorable.

The only photo I have of my girls is decidedly unfestive. :C

Iris said...

Oh it doesn't matter if it's festive or not, Z. If you want to contribute, link away!

Zeemort said...

Apologies for how very icky these photos look. The first came out alright I guess but the second is crazy overexposed because I CANNOT WORK A CAMERA. I tried to rescue it in photoshop but I don't think I made much difference.

This is Freya. She's about 8 years old now.
She likes eating jelly babies and hiding from pretty much everything, Also when I can't sleep she comes and sits on my bed. I'd appreciate the gesture if she didn't then butt-shuffle until I was crushed against the wall.

This is Sifa. Other nicknames include Bat-Ears, Monster and Spazz.
She likes running around, running around, running around, running around, eating toilet paper and running around.
She's actually a lot bigger than she looks here. She's about an inch taller than Freya at the shoulders.


Zeemort said...
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Zeemort said...

Also, points to anyone who knows where their names are from.

It's dorky.
It's really dorky.

Oh also I would like to point out that the figurines on the desk thing behind Freya are nothing to do with me. My mum has bad taste. :C

Iris said...

Oh Zee you've got nice looking dogs! Is Sifa a German Shepherd? Well then Freya also kind of looks a bit lit a long haired Shepherd. Do they bark with a British accent? ;)

Our girls sleep in bed with us. They're so spoiled. When they're trying to make room for themselves they'll lock their little legs and poke you in the back but then if you try to move them they go limp and are terribly uncooperative. Brats!

Oh and I found this which should quell any doubts that [Trent_reads].

Zeemort said...

Hahaha. Cute.

They're both German Shepherds. Freya is actually a specific kind of long-haired as I'm told, but I forget if there's a proper term. Sifa's just a short-haired.

Sifa would actually be a pedigree were it not for some triviality with the kennel club. I don't really care about her having a pedigree so much as I'm irked by how hypocritical the kennel club are.

That's beside the point

My old dog Boots used to do what your dogs do! Or, if he didn't try that, he'd go all limp and uncooperative, he'd just put his head on your lap and stare up at you. He had these big brown eyes and, being a beagle, just had this miserable look about him, so he could pretty much get away with anything when he pulled that trick.

I miss that little bastard.

Zeemort said...

Woops, edited part of a sentence and it doesn't make much sense.

That should say "If he didn't try that and go all limp and uncooperative, he'd put his head on your lap"

CrazysNicole said...

Aww, it's my favorite puppies ever! But, oh how much cuter they are in person. *makes plans to visit them again soon*

pokeydots said...

Such pretty pooches! I've taken an overseas assignment, so this is my last post. Since I won't be checking in, I want to wish everyone a joyous and happy New Year! Best wishes!

maise said...

Pokeydots, what? How long are you going to be gone? We'll miss you!