Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Most Awesomely Bad Music Videos of All Time: 2nd Edition

Okay, so last night, it struck me like a rickety ceiling fan falling from the ceiling: No, no, THIS is a better bad video than Journey's "Separate Ways!"

Steve Miller Band--"Abracadabra."

Dudes, I LOVED this song when I was like five. And I still do, although the stalkerish lyrics make me cringe. "Abra-Abra-cadabra. I wanna reach out and grab ya!"

But there are simply NO WORDS for the video! The animated flames! The animated pegasus in the window at :14. (I swear to God!) Our sexy magician's assistant heroine with her big hair (with animated glittery effects), leopard-skin headband, and a pet rat! The cheap and completely unnecessary special effects! And, of course, the band...why does Steve Miller have the black box over his eyes? Why is he in such an ugly t-shirt? Why does he look like such a douche? These are just some of the mysteries posed by "Abracadabra."

Whew. Now that I've got that off my chest, I welcome your continued suggestions. I promise I will present some of them for this series in the future!


pokeydots said...

Such a pretty mess!

Iris said...

Oh man have I got a good one for you guys! Mr. Iris reminded me of this one tonight. Gabe, Maise, & Dierdre ought to remember this gem from our Euro vacation.

Rock on NeoRockers!

Danny Angel said...


What's worse -

The Keyboard player in the old time barber outfit?

The singer with the Kristy McNichol haircut?

The guitar player in the low-budg sci-fi white spacecraft fatigues?

The drummer who looks like a chubby John McEnroe from the 70s?

The bass player... in a Tuxedo?

And some wacky scenes at the Regal Beagle from Three's Company...

Let's not forget...


Danny Angel said...

oh and you know you live in LA when you get called for Jury Duty and Spider-man's girlfriend is in the jury pool with you.

pokeydots said...

Iris, good one. Rock me Amadeus!

Danny, I know that you can come up with some REALLY bad videos - so let it whip! Both of those videos reminded me of Spinal Tap. You must know some bad fringe videos out there...

Mystery of the Pyramids SOLVED

Nordic Punishment

Mushroom Trip Gone Bad

Surreal Fantasy Gone Bad


Iris said...

Umm...I think if you're going to go Ballroom Blitz there's "good" material with the original guys who sang it. Have your choice with either of the music videos created for it, although, I prefer the "live" one.

Oh and if you're starting in with bad vids from the 90's I also recommend this one. What's with the kung-fu peach ninjas? I had a BF in high school who didn't really know the words to this song. He'd just repeat "millions of peaches" over and over and at really random times. Thankfully it was not Mr. Iris.

And in keeping with the ninja theme, I'll leave you with Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go! Werd to yo mutha.

pokeydots said...

Iris, I adore the original "Ballroom Blitz"! I consider the "live" video clip one of my all time favorite performances/music video. It's classically PERFECT for the time period (early 70s). The beginning of Glam Rock; the long layered hair; the makeup – red lips and tacky blue eye shadow; the tight sparkly space costumes! The satiric beginning of the song – asking each band member if they are ready to play (think of 70s The Waltons). My vote is CLASSIC!