Monday, June 2, 2008

Time Flies...

Wow. May is gone and I have no idea where the time went. Seems we're always busy these days. Work has gone into overload, I have some new video games that need to be played, books to be read, and oh yeah...the weather has been gorgeous lately which is great because we've had a ton of yard work to do. The grass doesn't cut itself or so we overheard our neighbors muttering when peering in our overgrown backyard. Whatevs. But I've had a few minutes here and there to look about online for news and entertainment.

For instance in NIN-related news, there was a link that briefly popped up giving us a sneak peek at a new messageboard similar to what was on the Spiral but which seems to still be in the testing phase. Sometimes the link works, sometimes it doesn't. If it's not working you can check out a screen capture I got of Rob fooling around. Let's hope for the ladies sake he's joking about the 2.5 inches. I also received an email tipping me off to a fan made "Lights in the Sky" video that is equal parts creepy and hysterical...well the parts where Trent is singing anyway. The rest is pretty bland.

I also found out Shirley Manson will break into the acting world with a regular role on Fox's "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV series. The show is pretty craptacular but I'm hoping my girl can bring something to it to make it bearable. I'm just wondering what the Fox execs are going to do with her Scottish accent. I love her to death but occasionally I have a hell of a time making out what shes saying. Although, really, I don't know that I'd want to hear her any other way. Shirley's been pretty quiet since Garbage went on hiatus in '05 but I did find this recent tidbit where she briefly mentions her solo album that is long overdue in my opinion.

While poking around on YouTube I became enthralled with this year's season of "Britain's Got Talent" and this kid named George Sampson who has a heartwarming back story and who, I just found out yesterday, won it all. The whole routine he did for the finals was fantastic and I love the song remix.

Sure, I've probably seen better dancers like this guy from "So You Think You Can Dance" who is 'effing insane but George is pretty damn good for only being 14. I love the second half when he's dancing in the rain. It just looks so amazing. I've got to figure out how to get that look on paper. Oh and his face at the end of his performance...he knows he hit it right on the money. What a great expression. I hope this kid goes far.

And finally, I'll leave you with this little video I happened across yesterday that has an awesome WTF-factor and also features Wil Wheaton aka "Mushy Shorts". Wil, even in a scruffy beard and a suit you're still adorable. -sigh- I'll pretend not to notice your lovely wife's appearance as the blond presenter in the background. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

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maise said...

And in other music news, Tori Amos is apparently going the label-free route...

D:ANGEL said...

I actually have a funny Wil Wheaton story. A friend of Gabriel and I's was a big Star Trek fan and asked me to go to a convention here in LA so we went (I being a big fan in my own right). When we get there I see that Wil is signing autographs and Angelwoman had once admitted to thinking he was cute on The Next Generation so I go, kind of as a goof to get a pic signed for her. He says, "who should I make this out for?" and I say her name, which can be a name for either a girl OR a guy. He writes something with a flirty connotation to it then "Love, Will" and as he hands it over he nervously asks "This is for a girl... right?" At any rate he was really funny.

New OPETH album came out yesterday and absolutely crushed every record that came out in the last two years including Megadeth and Testament. Holy Crap, those boys can play.

D:ANGEL said...

This is juvenille, but it made me laugh:

M. Night?

D:ANGEL said...

Also, I am officially old. My Nephew just sent me a pic of his new drum set. I remember feeding him as a baby.

Good news - I have a new drummer for my band. As long as he doesn't mind playing old man music.

Iris said...

Oh DA! I just heard that Boy George is going to be touring the US this year and he'll be doing his Culture Club stuff. You going to go?

That WW story is cute. I've been reading his blog sporadically and he said the other day that he's going to have to cancel on some convention in Phoenix this year for personal reasons. I'm sure that bummed some people out. It'd be cool to go to one of those larger conventions. Last year(?) Hubby and I went to one in Riverside, IA which claims to be the future birthplace of Captain Kirk. William Shatner went there one year and filmed the whole thing as a "documentary" of some sort. Shatner and Co. were pretending that they were going to film a Star Trek movie there and were using people from the town as characters. The people there were very accommodating but Shatner was making fun of them in this "documentary" on how gullible everyone was that they believed they were actually going to be a part of Star Trek history. I didn't get to the end of it but it just seemed like such an asshole thing to do on Shatner's part. What made me a bit more sad about it is that the Riverside people were playing the whole documentary thing on loop at the convention. I'm hoping it has a hell of a turnaround ending that doesn't continue to make these folks look like fools and Shatner an even bigger asshole.

Zeemort said...

If I start talking about conventions I'l end up getting on my soapbox about what was meant to be a movies, comics and media con that I went to last october.

And I'll go on for days.

D:ANGEL said...

I probably wouldn't go see B. George, I have the feeling that the crowd and lack of oldies would make me annoyed at the prices I paid for tix.

I remember that Shatner thing - seemed like kind of an a-hole gig. The man can work a room, though.

I am super excited Dario Argento's MOTHER OF TEARS is playing right down the street from me and will be seen this weekend.

Current Absorbing:
Animal Theology/Andrew Linzey

maise said...

Zee, I think you should tell us about it. Traffic is a bit slow these days, and that's a lot my fault, due to work, work, work, second job, illness, excuses, excuses, excuses, etc.

And Dan, I can't wait to hear what you have to say about the new Dario Argento movie. I still don't like watching horror movies, but I love to read about them!

Zeemort said...

I don't want to paint it out to sound like it was thoroughly unenjoyable, because it wasn't really BAD. Just decidedly... mediocre.

I mean, like I said, it's meant to be a Movies, Comics and Media convention (since it's called the MCM expo and all), which basically means... Sci Fi, Video Games and Comic Books.
So good place for yours truly.

But it was hugely hugely dominated by anime and manga and Japanese pop culture stuff. I wouldn't really mind because Japanese pop culture just gives me warm fuzzies, but there's actually a con organised by the same people, in the same center that's dedicated entirely to that kind of thing, which is always a fortnight after MCM. So it seemed dumb to have that much of it at THIS con.

And there was an Evil Dead signing booth that I got all excited about, only to find out Bruce Campbell wasn't involved.

And I didn't even get to see Christopher Lee because I had a panic attack.

(But I did meet a real live Anonymous)

D:ANGEL said...

OK... so... the new Dario. Plot is nonsense and illogical. Gaping plot holes. "eh" acting.

Totally awesome violence. Like so random and rough I actually laughed. Some good scares. A Monkey. Yes, a monkey. Even more violence.

I liked it.

Only Deep Red and Suspiria (and maybe Tenebre) are what I consider GREAT Dario films. The rest are either fun for a Dario fan and a few are just bad. This wasn't great but it was very good. I found myself laughing at the combo of wacky and awkward - but in that way that makes you feel like you are watching a wacky Dario movie. It wasn't bad... it was just... Dario.

But seriously, the violence was so rough it is actually shocking. Haven't seen violence this rough and wrong in a while and that made it all the more sweeter.

Camilla said...

This isn't exactly related to your post, but I thought you might be interested in knowing that there was a very nice, somewhat lengthy article on Mr. Reznor on the front page of the Arts & Leisure section of today's New York Times.

I apologize for my technology ineptness, which means I am unable to post a link.

Iris said...

Thanks for the tipoff Camilla. You have to register to be able to read the article but so far it looks good.

Ugg...doing home renovations this weekend with the Hubby. Lord help us all.

Anonymous said...

Currently absorbing: "Touch Me, I'm Sick" (Mudhoney)

Know why? Cause I saw them the other night. And they were great. And when they did that song, it was transcendent.

More transcendent than that was that Thurston Moore was grooving to the first three or so songs two feet to my left.

What was the most transcendent was the fact that I watched the entirety of the show over the shoulder of my total hero, Eric Gaffney.


It was too neat.

There's more, but for now...Touch Me, I'm Sick!

Isabel said...

Somebody from ETS has put a torrent up of behind the scenes Closer footage (5 whole hours worth). You can see 4 mins from some guy called Botley on youtube - now I have to decide whether I really am that sad that I would have a torrent downloading for days on end. Sigh, I think I am that sad.

Isabel said...

Sorry forgot the torrent file address :

Iris said...

Yeah I saw that and started downloading it yesterday but my internet has died. All of the Midwest is flooding and we've got more rain coming, which is probably why we're having internet issues. Will probably be voluteering to do some sandbagging tomorrow downtown. So anyway if you don't mind waiting a bit for me to get internet service running again, I'll be sending DVD copies to Maise and Ro once it finishes downloading. I was at 42% when it stopped. Would be no problem to burn another copy and drop in the mail. I'm just saying... I can still get to my email and here on my phone so just let me know.

D:ANGEL said...


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ.