Thursday, August 16, 2007

Uneasy Lies The Head

Hey bitches.

So I know you've all been salivating lately, wondering just what has the guy that writes Gabriel been doing since WTC closed, other than being totally annoying to Maise and Iris?

Okay, maybe not salivating per se, but you've definitely not needed any help in the mastication department.

In any case, the answer is: Uneasy Lies The Head.

Please check out the MySpace page and give a listen or an add. I hope you dig. More content to come shortly.

(Oh, and Angelman will be joining me for live shows, JR, so you're really gonna be missing out on this one.)


maise said...

Kids, give up the love to ULTH. I fucking LOVE these songs (especially "Last Call for the Lonely Girl").

Angelman said...

This band is so lame. I though it was going to be METAL, Gabriel. Instead it is all ... sensitive.

Gabriel said...

Don't worry Angelman -- there will eventually be a song about politics, or being "tough", or about how Cookie Monster wants his dinner. Patience.

Tigs said...

Wow, I love this stuff, cool songs guys

maise said...

I happen to know that Gabriel's working on a rock ballad about Angelman's abs, entitled "Hard as Heartbreak."

JR said...

Okay, I'm confused.

The "guy who writes Gabriel"? You mean that signs his posts with his own name?? I suppose "Angelman" is a pseudonym, too? And I'm not "JR"?

And how am I "really missing out on this one" as opposed to other situations where I am conceivably not missing out? And can you give me an example of that, too (not missing out), SO THAT I KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT?

And since I am not able to listen to the music as I write this, I'm going to have to use my imagination once again. Since Angelman said the band is "lame", I guess that means they sound like a bunch of whiny liberals. And since Gabriel says some day the songs will be "tough", I'll imagine that they have a sound somewhere between Richard Marx and Michael Bolton.

Not bad.

But not great, either.

maise said...

JR, lay off the cough syrup, okay? You're barely coherent.

Just wait til you hear the songs...they might not be Egyptian-themed death metal, but they fucking rock.

Trank is going to sprain a muscle in his jealousy.

Angelman said...

Angelman is my real name. My only name.

Actually, it is my nickname.

I am Danny Angel. THE Danny Angel.

JR said...

Maise, my brain's a little fried from training this new person and having to get up early and stuff.

A new band, a new blog by Angelman, all this change is not helping.

Plus, when I left the house this morning, there were some faint scratch marks on my front door about 14 inches off the ground...I'm starting to regret having said anything about AngelCat.

Angelman said...

faint scratches? Not Angelcat. He has Wolverine style retractable adamantium claws. You would know if he scratched your door.

b.c. bishop said...

Change is a bitch, isn't it nuccas?

Gabriel has left the building.

JR said...


For some reason, I'm thinking of Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles when he's found below the glass coffee table and screams "Jaaaaaaaaaaaake!"

JR said...

And Angelman, I forgot to mention: it was my STORM DOOR. And whatever it was wrote "AngelCat" in claw marks, so I feel pretty confident about my assumption.

Danny Angel said...

Angelman is DEAD.

Long Live Danny Angel!

JR said...

Angelman is DEAD?

I bet it was the cat.

JR said...

Okay, after a long day of actually doing some work, I've cooled my jets and had a chance to listen to the bounty of musicality posted by by the schizophrenic duo formerly known as Gabriel and Angelman.

First up, Gabriel and Uneasy Lies the Head, since this site is first on my bookmarks.

Well done. I'm glad you've been paying attention and realized that "atmospheric" is the correct direction. I especially look forward to the aforementioned songs about politics and Angelman's cat.

aleks said...

it's really good! whoever is singing has a great voice. will be checking in for more.

Iris said...

I have to say that "Drown" is far and away my absoulute favorite right now. Love, Love, Love it! And just you guys wait 'til you hear the rest of what he's got. Fabulous! Too bad he won't let us watch his first live show. LAME.

Now, B, I'm sure you're wanting honest opinions, feedback, criticisms, blah, blah, blah but anyone talking smack just to be an asshole better watch out. I'll cut ya bitches. Got that?

JR said...

I don't care, if the song about Angelman's cat isn't good, I'm saying so.

Iris said...

Read it again JR.
I didn't say don't call a spade a spade if it's bad. I said
"anyone talking smack just to be an asshole". Believe me, I'll be first in line to rip him up if the "Cookie Monster wants his dinner" song isn't pure perfection.

JR said...

It must be the cough syrup talking.

But actually, Iris, I'm of a mind right now to rip some new ones if "Cookie Monster Wants His Dinner (NOW)" isn't the NEXT RELEASE from ULTH-ville.

I mean, really.

pokeydots said...

Good job Gabriel - I like it!

Danny Angel said...

Don't worry kids - as I will be in the band for the first show - and mrs. angelman will be taping it - you all will see the first show.

Danny Angel said...

And pokeydots - you have good taste in movies... have you seen Umberto D - I like it better than the Bicycle Thief... really heartbreaking stuff...

Iris said...

YAY for Mrs. Angelman! I think I'm going to really like her.

I of course tried talking B into photoblogging the whole experience since he has his beloved fucking IPHONE and since Trent has shown us it's completely possible but he was full of LAME excuses.

"But Iris, how will I take pictures if I'm playing instruments.

Whatever dude. If Trent can figure it out then I’m sure you can too.

"Iris, I have to concentrate on keeping the ambiance, the rhythm, and my rock face just right or the entire show will be crap. Is that what you want?"

No, of course not! So let me come watch for myself.

"Iris, I refuse to let you cross state I refuse to let you even leave town for this."

L A M E!

Danny Angel said...

Oh yeah. No worries.

I've made a near-life time out of pushing our favorite excuse maker. I guar-an-fucking-T there will be video and pics.

Shit you should review the video of the show on here.

I WILL be wearing my usual outfit. Angelcat may or may not be in attendance...

Iris said...

Well you know my little multi-media recording ass would BE there to capture it everything down to the number of peanut shells on the bar room floor to really recreate the experience for everyone if at all possible but I suppose we'll do what we can for a full review through Mrs. Angleman's eyes.

And by your "usual outfit" would that in fact be your college band days, fishnet shirt?

maise said...

Oh believe me, if our pal B.C. wasn't straight-up FORBIDDING me from being at the first show, I would abuse my credit card and be right in the first row, embarrassing you guys by saying "WHOO!" really loudly.

Mr. Maise wants to go too, and he doesn't even like LA.

Lavender said...

Too bad I am all the way across the country, I would love to become beer-soaked and get cigarette burns in my clothes at the first gig.
I like the bass. Solid.
Nice to see Faith No More as an influence. A very underrated but seriously phenomenal band- in my opinion.

Danny Angel said...

I wonder if I still have that fishnet shirt...?

That's a great call.

At any rate, shirts will NOT be involved.

I told BC (or Gabriel) we should re-enact the volleyball scene from Top Gun on stage but I think he felt that crossed the line between rock n roll androgyny and just being stupid.


JR said...

Well, now we know who the visionary in the band is.

Iris said...

Well the fishnet shirts never go out of style. Even when you're at the Iowa State Fair. I have to say that on this 100 degree scorcher of a day he actually had a better wardrobe decision than I did.

Danny Angel said...

My friend failed to defend his crown as US air guitar champion last night... but here's some clips of him from ABC (he's the one in the sleeveless pink shirt and pink pants with the black tie.


JR said...

Wait just a cotton-picking minute.

We've all been BANNED from the first performance?

But yet we're supposed to fawn all over the recorded music and just be satisfied with that? I smell a rat.

I've got two words for that bullshit:

First word: Milli
Second word: Vanilli

We're letting someone named after an {admittedly awesome} comic strip ("BC") tell us what to do now? Not me!

Danny Angel said...

As far as I am concerned everyone should come.

First shows are always ROUGH though. I mean _I_ will be amazing... but as a band? Might be a little rough...

b.c. bishop said...

Cross over, children. All are welcome; all are welcome.

All bans lifted.

JR said...

Hey, B.C., why isn't this you're screen picture?

The rest of us have something *representational*. Yours makes no sense.

And what does Gabriel say of us seeing his band?

maise said...

Do you really mean that? Because Iris and I will take you up on it. I could use the frequent flier miles.

Danny Angel said...

Sorry to blatantly promote but I another tune over at my place!