Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Checking in with Trent, Part 2

Hi everyone!

So while we were at Lollapalooza, our old friend Trent Reznor was posting really shitty pictures to his photoblog.

Like this:

Or this:

And I mean, I get that life on the road can be kind of boring and the areas around airports are hardly scenic, but really, you're in Finland, and THIS is the best you can show us?

If Trent Reznor and the NIN crew came to my house, this is totally how they would blog the experience.

august 08, 2007: maise's house
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august 08, 2007: heh heh, maise has a toilet!

posted by rob comments

Also, the Artist Known As Trent Reznor has apparently been replaced by a five-year-old. Or at least, he's delegated his blogging to a five-year-old with captions like "st. peepeesburg soundcheck" and "the poop deck."

Step it up, boys. Jesus Christ. Just because the people commenting on your posts are illiterate morons doesn't mean you have to match them.

Also, I see a lot of bitching about food going on.

Such as this pic, entitled "'nuff said" by Rob:

You're getting no sympathy from me as you gallavant around Europe, Trent. So bust out your Frommer's and find a decent restaurant. I happen to know a lovely lady who could direct you to some scrumptious food in Prague. And if you're not keen on Scandinavian/Eastern European cuisine, then I happen to know that there are about 10,000 pizza joints and at least one "authentic Irish pub" in every European city. Hell, the NIN crew could eat every meal at McDonald's, and it would be better than having to read Rob snark petulantly about a country's food where I'm sure you can find some awesome meals.

Where has the intelligence gone???


Iris said...

Hey I recognize that toilet! You stairs look kind of ominous in that picture.

I’m a bit disappointed too with the pictures and captions they’ve been churning out lately. I’m all for a good fart/poo-poo/pee-pee joke every now and then but not like three or four days in a row. For me right now Trent’s perceived IQ is dropping every time he posts. I’m not looking for Nobel Prize winning dissertations, just something a little wittier than “tee hee, I said poop deck”.

Anonymous said...

Yay, comments about Trent again. Though, this one's more of a bitch. Truth be told, I agree with this bitch. I think Mr. Reznor and Rob are slightly overdoing the abstract photography thing. How about a nice clear view of a beautiful building's facade ever once in a while, instead of caca on a toilet? ...I'm sorry, but that one pic from before grossed me out. Anywho, keep up the good work here at Places Parallel. I'm enjoying every moment here.


Maise, you have a nice, clean toilet. 2 thumbs up! :D

maise said...

Thanks, looking glass! I'm very glad to hear that you've been enjoying yourself here.

I think I'm normally quite a loyal fan to Trent (and I take a lot of shit for it from the likes of Gabriel and Angelman), but I'll call that bitch out when I need to.

Oh, and normally Mr. Maise and I are complete slobs. I just happened to capture our bathroom on a clean day.

JR said...

Trent is boring!

He's releasing records more frequently! But they suck.

He's got his shit together! But it's so much less compelling.

He's on the road again! But we have to tolerate shit like this.

I swear to god, when I saw that "St. Peepeesburg" shit, I felt like I was looking at something an 8 year old posted.

I am doubting that the great intellect was ever much on it's own--just a big old computer geek. When he was fucked up, he was sexy and cool, and now...forget it. Boring.

So the message to the kids? Drugs make you COOL. Or at least MARGINALLY INTERESTING.

Angelman said...

I have to admit I have always thought trent was a big faker. Of course a lot of what you take away from music is what you bring to it but all of trent's vulnerable/wounded/victim shtick (sp?) alway seemed really whiney. I guess that's why I like Broken and Burn (the Single) the best - because there is some strength and menace there, even if the lyrics are not projecting strength/menace. I like "The Perfect Drug" single too. It's like, dude: act like you have a pair.

Currently Absorbing: The Birth of Satan: Tracing the Devil's Biblical Roots by T. J. Wray & Gregory Mobley

maise said...

Well, JR, I certainly don't want to rehash the whole "With Teeth/Year Zero sucks!" "No, it doesn't!" debate that I think was *thoroughly* covered over on WTC with absolutely no resolution, but I think it's going a little um...TOO FAR to say that he's less compelling, sexy or interesting off of drugs. You need only look at the late stages of the Fragile tour to know that that was not his best time, personally or professionally. And he carefully hid himself away when he was really at rock bottom.

I think he's been especially coherent and persuasive and interesting as a sober guy, and of course, I want that to continue. Not only that, but he didn't develop those perfect arms while slamming shots of tequila.

But yeah, there's really no defending the photoblog. I'd like to blame Rob for the lack of interesting content and maturity, but Trent is the one who keeps Rob on the payroll. And I'm not normally one to call for Rob's head, but he has proved time and time again that he is far more interested in being an internet asshat than presenting NIN in an intelligent and compelling way.

I think Trent has always been rather susceptible to acting like a doofus with The Boys, and that's fine on his own time, but I'm just asking for a little discernment.

Gabriel said...

Iris, Maise? Since when has the NIN web content EVER been smart?

Personally, what they're posting is retarded lately -- but it's also the most honest look you're ever going to get into the minds of the people in the band. They're taking random pics of stuff that strikes their fancy and posting it.

I would assume it's meant to be more of a virtual journey -- i.e., 'go on tour with the band' -- rather than some articulate discussion on something.

I mean, if you really think 5 dudes driving around Europe in a bus is going to be all post-modern breakdowns of the political inclinations of Fellini, you're painfully naive. They're gonna talk about fucking, and poop. And how other people suck.

That's kinda the way it goes.

JR said...

So if I'm reading this right, your points are:

1. Trent isn't responsible for his own behavior, especially with the strong temptation of peer pressure.
2. Trent isn't responsible for how his work is presented; for better or for worse, that's what he pays Rob to do.
3. Trent is more interesting with muscles.

Musically, I loved With Teeth, and liked the show for the tour, but all in all, Trent's high water marks for me were Pretty Hate Machine and The Downward Spiral.

Angelman said...

I'm no fan of drugs but Trent was better when he was on drugs. Now that he's off drugs I find him to be a big borefest. OK, so he hits the gym a little. Other than that he is just a guy who poses with his "intense" gaze for cameras while having NOTHING to say.

There was resolution on the Year Zero sucks debate, remember? We ALL decided it sucks.

Currently Absorbing: Year Zero NOT being in my CD player.

JR said...

Angelman, put that hammer away! YOU KEEP HITTING THE NAIL RIGHT ON THE HEAD!

It's not fair to Maise.

maise said...

No, JR, you're purposely misreading my points, which were as follows:

1) Trent is more interesting off drugs.
2) Trent is HOTTER with muscles.
3) Rob sucks, but Trent is ultimately to blame.
4) It's okay if Trent likes poo jokes, but I'd like more care taken with presentation of the band.

maise said...

And also, I'm not asking for Trent to be pretentious. Just a smidge of decorum and better-looking pictures. Like the Queen nesting dolls...those were cute.

Angelman said...

1) Trent is more interesting ON drugs - it is the period where most of his fans fell in love and remember him for...
2) Trent is HOTTER with muscles. - I thought he was just tring to copy Henry Rollins.
3) Rob sucks, but Trent is ultimately to blame. - TRUE. I BLAME TRENT for Year Zero too.
4) It's okay if Trent likes poo jokes, but I'd like more care taken with presentation of the band. - I'd like that TOO - SO DON'T RELEASE ANOTHER YEAR ZERO as RECORDS ARE THE KEY PRESENTATION OF THE BAND!

JR said...

Angelman, STOP, you're killing me!

I second Angelman's point on Year Zero...since he is a musician, I'm going to hold Trent responsible for his musical output.

Gabriel said...

1. Maise, his arms are meat slabs. They are not perfect, by any definition. Seriously. Stop reaching.

2. The emotional struggles of one's 20s change as one gets older. If you rely on your emotional struggles -- either as a defense mechanism, as fodder for your own personal life, or for direction for your rock band -- this evolution can prove problematic. Because you can fight it happening, but like old age, it's gonna happen whether you want it to or not.

WITH TEETH is sorta about the transformation, and YEAR ZERO is trying on a new direction for size. In my opinion, it doesn't seem like either felt like the right fit.

I think it is this emotional evolution MUCH more than sobriety that has to do with the drift in NIN. You can see it already happening in "The Fragile", and though he ostensibly was clean while recording, he wasn't "all good" by any means.

3. If you really think he's being especially interesting now, vs. then, Maise, you're just being silly. Back in the day he was willing to push limits a lot further -- this is interesting. What he is doing now is also interesting, but in a much less direct way. Much more of a "I have thought this out ahead of time and constructed it" sort of fashion. Interesting? Yes. More so? No.

But once again, he needs to try something new, and thank God the dude is trying new things instead of recycling the same tired imagery and themes, which he could do very easily, and that so many of his compatriots are. The nostalgia act nets zero points, so even a failed attempt at growth wins here every time.

4. This current incarnation simply does not have the same approach as the old incarnation did about the tight-fisted control of all things image, etc. "The whole widget" approach, as Steve Jobs would say, just isn't part of the new NIN philosophy. So instead of bitching that the band members are posting pictures of themselves and other people being stupid (and human), go watch your old DVDs and kiss your old magazine covers.

In any case, SHUT THE FUCK UP. If they don't meet your aesthetic standards, DON'T LOOK AT THE NIN.COM PICTURES. It's real easy; I do it every day.

5. Not only has Old Man Reznor changed, but so have we folks. I mean, it was one thing to be all "Dude, he's gonna self-destruct! He expresses my internal fears and insecurities and by expressing them takes away their power!" when I was younger. Now, it's just not the same deal. That's why younger kids still like NIN -- they get it, and think "teeth" is Teh Best Record EVAR.

But gimme a break -- we all may have moments where we still need that kind of release/relief, but we find it in different ways. Dealing with your fears through music is what teenagers and twenty-somethings do. Over 25, and you're pretty much dealing with them by other more socially accepted standards. Sports, marriage, kids, alcoholism, your job, how much you make, blahblahblah... all the things we later to define ourselves by fill that need. You may be insecure about X, but you have an amazing job so you take solace in that. Or an amazing wife. Or an amazing kid. Or your favorite team -- their succes is your personal reinforcement, and their failure is your way to get rid of all your negative feelings by projecting them on to something else.

I mean, FUCK people -- all of this is projection, plain and simple. You're not happy with Trent Reznor's creative output? It's making you frustrated? Go make your own. Fulfill yourself. It's not his, or anybody else's job to do it for you.

Granted, it is not easy, and we all struggle with it, but it really is that simple. So seriously... shutup about the fucking blog pictures already.

COMPLETE angelMAN said...

I'm so glad I don't need any of that fulfillment stuff - I am COMPLETE MAN. I am the same person I always was with the same tastes, tides of change be damned.

I am as constant as the nothern star.

Angelman: same as he ever was.

maise said...

Oh great, same old Gabriel, only about 5,000 words longer and a little less logical.

1) His arms are gorgeous, thick, and toned, and you are jealous. Don't be HYSTERICAL by the attractiveness of other men, Gabe!

2) I agree that Trent has evolved emotionally from the age of 22 to 42, and thank God! It would be frightening if he hadn't. And once again, I'm not going to rehash the debate about With Teeth and Year Zero, but I'll repeat that I feel that they're both strong albums, and even if they are flawed in certain ways, they represent new directions for Trent, which I feel is admirable and praiseworthy when he could just be picking up a paycheck for making his sixth album based on the Downward Spiral schtick. Personally, I think he's more interesting now inasmuch as he's got his head together, he will be coherent, and he's taking some time to think about the world around him and not where he's going to find the next drink.

3) All of the above does NOT, however, mean that I can't be disappointed by the blog pics. Or that we can't discuss it here. Or that I somehow don't have a life if I'm discussing it here. So don't tell me to shut the fuck up, Gabriel.

It's like those fugly lithos he put out a while ago. It's part of the NIN package, so it's up for grabs. If Trent, Rob, or anyone else behind the camera were actually depicting other people being stupid and human, that would be FINE. Better than blurry pictures of Swedish highways!

Plus, when I'm bitching about Trent and his stupid blog, it's coming out of a place of deep love and admiration; it's not as though I don't "get" what he stands for or don't like that type of music to begin with or want to live in the past.

Except I really do miss the days of the terse one-sentence pronouncements from the Big Giant Head. There was an elegance and wit about them, even if he was being a total bitch about whatever was making him cranky that day.

Angelman said...

AngelMAN is COMPLETE. I am like the howl of the wolves - striking fear in the hearts of all but lost in the blowing winds of hell!


Gabriel said...

Shit, i forgot to put down "fulfilling oneself with newfound sense of political purpose". Sorry, guys.

His arms are gorgeous, thick, and toned, and you are jealous. Don't be HYSTERICAL by the attractiveness of other men, Gabe!

I'm not Maise, but "thick" is not my definition of the perfect male arm. Toned and cut is. Like, watch Sportscenter, and wait for the commercial for the rip-off suction cup push-up contraption. THOSE are perfect arms.

I suppose you think James Gandolfini has perfect abs, too?

2) I agree that Trent has evolved...even if they are flawed in certain ways, they represent new directions for Trent, which I feel is admirable and praiseworthy.

Thank you for repeating what I'd JUST SAID. I know I'm right, I don't need you to agree with me to prove it.

Personally, I think he's more interesting now inasmuch as he's got his head together, he will be coherent, and he's taking some time to think about the world around him and not where he's going to find the next drink.

Okay, are you really this retarded? Guess what -- he spent ZERO time thinking about where to find his next drink, because it was ALWAYS AVAILABLE. In fact, it took him two fucking years (supposedly) to anything other than think about NOT HAVE A DRINK, you canine twit.

His records were ALWAYS coherent. he was ALWAYS well spoken in interviews. The only lack of coherence and control came in a few concert appearances; the rest was pure viscera.

His work hasn't been more interesting yet. Sorry, it hasn't. So stop fooling yourself about it.

3) All of the above does NOT, however, mean that I can't be disappointed by the blog pics.

You mean like posting pictures of your dog?

So don't tell me to shut the fuck up, Gabriel.

Shut the fuck up, Maise.

It's like those fugly lithos he put out a while ago. It's part of the NIN package, so it's up for grabs. If Trent, Rob, or anyone else behind the camera were actually depicting other people being stupid and human, that would be FINE. Better than blurry pictures of Swedish highways!

Did you ever stop to think that maybe there's a reason there's not an official archive of the blog pics? That it's a "catch it in the moment and then its gone" sort of thing?



Except I really do miss the days of the terse one-sentence pronouncements from the Big Giant Head. There was an elegance and wit about them, even if he was being a total bitch about whatever was making him cranky that day.

Then GO READ YOUR OLD WEB ARCHIVES and call it a day.

Angelman said...

"Shit, i forgot to put down "fulfilling oneself with newfound sense of political purpose". Sorry, guys."

New found desire to focus my political leanings, not newfound political purpose. Angelman has always had a political slant in his music and life. Monsters, Heavy Metal, And FIGHTING THE MAN (be it god, government, etc). Recurring themes all.

Angelman used to be cut like sportscenter ads - will be again soon.


I live
Infinitus sleep has ended
And I live again
Beyond race
Beyond religion
Beyond man's fears
I am the end
Now is release
Now comes revenge
Now is the pain
You think you've known pain
You've known nothing
Feel my touch
Feel its pulsing surge
Know the meaning of
My gift
Welcome it
I live

maise said...

So basically you're on the side of bad, immature photography? Okay.

My dog picture was a JOKE leading into my post, and it is an AWESOME picture.

God, I hate you.

maise said...

Angelman, I have no desire to feel your "pulsing surge." But thanks for offering.

Gabriel said...

Apparently ripping off my Words of Misery Bad poetry feature is also your new way to fulfill yourself, Angelman.

Gabriel said...

So basically you're on the side of bad, immature photography? Okay.

I'm on the side of not holding things to standards for which they weren't designed.

That's why I don't get mad when my orange juice doesn't taste like milk, or my Carl's Jr. doesn't taste like a Spicy Jack Quesadilla.

My dog picture was a "JOKE" leading into my post, and it is an "AWESOME" picture.


Angelman said...

Fear not my wayward children.

Take the darkened left hand of angelman.

From hell's heart I stab at thee, for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee...

Gabriel said...

Don't be such a dick, Moby.

maise said...

Look, I'm not asking Trent to be Ansel Adams. But if he's going to be giving us these glimpses into life on the road, why *not* give us something meaningful, something interesting, something...beautiful? People do it every day on flickr. I don't think I'm asking too much.

Tigs said...

Sorry folks but it's my opinion that Trent and Co are merely posting their ridiculous pictures to see how many "Oooh Trent, a chair, how wonderfully talented you are" comments they get from all the idiot 14yr olds who can't actually spell, or in some cases, even manage a sentence! I've given up reading the comments posted after each lovely pic because I'd rather my brain didn't dribble out of my ears.

Angelman said...

I'll chase you 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom and 'round perdition's flames before I give you up.

Gabriel said...




Part of the point of "live blogging", whether in text or photo, is to create spur of the moment, 'this is what is happening' glimpses. Not pre-conceived, contrived, photoshopped, calculated "photos" (which, btw, we all bitched about when they did as well).

I mean, if you don't want Trent Reznor himself taking pics from his iPhone, and immediately posting them right then and there, that's fine -- and i'm sure he'll get bored and stop soon enough -- but for FAKE'S SAKE. STOP BITCHING.

Personally, I don't watch it, but I think it's neat that they're doing it.

Be honest -- you're just being cunty cause he has an iPhone, aren't you?

Gabriel said...

Hey, what do you guys think about an Appetite for Destruction tribute band called ADAMA'S APPETITE?

Angelman said...

You know what coffee they drink on Battlestar Galactica?


Gabriel said...

Kara Thrace on lead guitar, President Roslin on rhythm, Number 6 on bass, Admiral William Adama on the drums...

and me, GAIUS BALTAR, rockin the mic!

We are... ADAMA'S APPETITE! Thank you, Caprica!!!!

maise said...

Adama's Appetite? Only if you wear the uniform, babe.

Meanwhile, if Trent's taking *these* pics with his iPhone, he's not selling me one, that's for damn sure.

Don't get me wrong, it's COOL that he's updating the site constantly to give us "spur of the moment" pictures. It's NOT COOL that they are pictures of nothing or are scatalogical or are basically just complaining, "Boo hoo, we're in Europe, and the food is weird."

Angelman said...

Resistance (from ROCK) is futile!

Gaius said...

I am the Hand of God.

maise said...

Oh and Gabriel, we will be happy to post any Adama's Appetite songs or videos you want to throw together for us.

Gaius said...

All ADAMA'S APPETITE songs will be distributed over talk wireless.

maise said...

Interestingly enough, the Italian greyhound owned by the bass player/keyboardist in Interpol is named Gaius.

JR said...

Okay, I'm playing the Angelman card.

Naps are awesome.

maise said...

Oh look, Rob just took a kinda cool/pretty picture that is interesting to look at.

Clearly, Trent reads Places Parallel too.

Gaius said...

That picture reminds me of the view off my bedroom deck.

Right before the nukes struck.

Angelman said...

So is Glenn Danzig, the San Francisco 49ers, Italian Horror films from the 80s, Comic books from the 60s-80s, Shotokan Karate, 80s Trash Metal, and me.

Angelman said...

Awesome that is

JR said...

Yeah, but naps are first on THAT list.

And "Trent's arms" are so totally NOT on that list.

Gaius said...

He's sounding like Yoda now.

How amusing. I wonder if that's a Cylon trait.

Angelman said...

Naps are cool.

But that list is what makes me happy.

Also working out, and playing guitar.

How feel you, Gabriel?

JR said...

Who invited you onto my list?

Gaius said...

I regret to say that your friend "Gabriel" was a Cylon.

Model #12, if you can believe it.

In any case, he's currently being taken down to the airlock. Whether Roslin is actually going to flush him into space or is just pressing him for information the way she did me, I really can't say, but in any case...

He's a whiny one, isn't he?

Angelman said...

Here's JR's list:

furniture, architecture, high thread count sheets, champagne, jewelry, creature comforts, cold weather, Christmas, male vocalists

It really paints a picture of high class luxury. Especially the champagne and jewelry...

I know who you are JR, I mean... not exactly... but i know, you know?

maise said...

Well, JR, I guess that just means more of Trent's sweaty, muscle-y arms for the rest of us then.

JR said...

No, I don't know. But I have a sneaking suspicion that you think you've got the puzzle that is JR nearly finished.

And come on, who doesn't like champagne? Five years ago it would've read gin and tonic, but I've grown up and I don't drink gasoline anymore.

Gaius said...

No Ambrosia for you, JR?

JR said...

If that's a Battlestar Galactica joke, I don't get it.

Angelman said...

I think I have totally got it - You podcast sealed it. I have it all figured out.

I still drink gasoline... fuck - I AM gasoline. I hate Champagne. And Jewelry. And Christmas.

Gaius said...

It's not a joke. But I would think a woman of your... elevated standards would prefer Ambrosia to the homebrewed madness Chief tries to sell to the less discerning members of the crew.

JR said...

What? ONE podcast and you've got me all figured out?

Wait till the one I'm working on RIGHT NOW for debut this evening. And then wait till the one I'm working on after that. You won't know WHAT to think!

And your vague claims of "I done got you all figgered out" don't prove anything.

Gaius said...

Your friend JR seems rather defensive, Angelman.

Do you know who else was this defensive?

Sharon Valerii.

Angelman said...

Do you want specifics?

I was sparing you the awkwardness of making it public.

JR said...

I'm not defensive. I'm skeptical.

And apparently very, very classy.

Gaius said...

Do you know who else was skeptical, JR?

Admiral Adama.

Gaius said...

I would hardly describe him as "classy", however.

JR said...

Angelman, you're not going to call me a Nazi again, are you?

Because my boss affectionately called me Hitler at a party last night, so he beat you to the punch for my weekly name calling.

Angelman said...

No - I actually think I have you nailed. Like your whole thing, the whole JR life up until now.

JR said...

Prove it, gumshoe.

Angelman said...

You want me to out you right HERE?

JR said...

Bring it ON.

One thing that I neglected to mention in my list was that I AM NOT AFRAID OF ANYTHING.

maise said...

Hey Gaius, where's that cute little robot that's all "Bidibidibidibidi?"

Angelman said...

OK - hang tight, fearless one.

I actually have to go into a meeting.

maise said...

Yes, Angelman, please define JR for us all. Is this going to end with you two totally making out?

Gaius said...

Please get on with it before we throw you both our the airlock.

You two are like Lt. Thrace and Captain Adama. The whole ship knows, friends.

Ms. Maise -- are you referring to your vibrator? It's still on the bed. You can come pick it up when you get done with your shift.

JR said...

Once again, Angelman is like the wind. A lot of noise, but not a lot of impact, and then he's out of here for a "meeting".

Yeah, right. You just have to come up with something to back up your ridiculous claims.

Gabriel said...

Angelman = Full of shit. And for the first time ever, Boring. You gotta come through when you're called out, dude.

Maise -- that's Buck Rogers, moron.

Gaius -- stop riffing off my band idea, fuckass.

JR -- you get a pass. Well played.

Iris -- where the fuck are you?

Everybody else -- YEAR ZERO sucks.

JR said...

I'll bet someone a dollar that Angelman's assessment of me goes something like this: "You are like nice know how to type..."

It's even funnier if you imagine him looking into Angelman's Crystal Ball whilst saying this.

maise said...

Angelman has to go to a meeting...LAME.

Just when these comments were getting halfway interesting...

Gaius Baltar said...

I don't really know what you're talking about Gabriel, but I don't think I appreciate your tone.

However, don't forget to take a gander at my new blog, The Secret Diary of Gaius Baltar.

maise said...

You know, Gaius, normally I'd not be a fan of your stubble and general greasy appearance, but you do have a certain haunting look that's alluring.

JR said...

If you can hang in there, Maise, Angelman can probably figure out just why it is that you like his stubble.

maise said...

Ooh, ooh, Angelman! Figure me out too!

Angelman said...

This is JR.
Chapter 1: An Overview.

You have quirky pseudo-hipster glasses and medium length brown hair that you wear back (Your haircut is expensive but in an effort to seem relaxed you don't do much with it.) You are meticulously groomed but you "keep it real" and down to earth as far as what you project because you hate "those kind of girls" that get all dolled up - who respects them, right?

You don't need to work out because you are slightly OCD and your inwardly nervous manner burns calories.

You have a lot of clothes, and nice ones, but your style is sort of relaxed - better to sell your "average girl" look. You are slightly reserved (to hide the little JR inside) but well-liked. You are know for having a dry, sly sense of humor. You wish you could open up more but _something_ in you holds you back. You are above average intelligence, but you are secure enough you don't make a big show of it. You were raised in a fairly affluent environment - nothing crazy - but you definitely got what you wanted/needed. Mom and Dad are both very smart and even-tempered (if a little cold).

You didn't go to an Ivy League school but you could have had you _really_ wanted to. As it is, you did very well in high school (3.8 GPA) and in college.

After college you were determined to work for a non-profit because you are a good-hearted person - but you are a climber too so you managed to get a comfortable position in that world.

You kind of ache for something a little more chaotic... you also self-impose structure on yourself but the rebel/artist inside makes you show your true colors from time to time. You envy people who live with real passion while judging them for being reckless and aimless.



Angelman said...

Maise - Gabriel already figured you out for me...

maise said...

When the hell did he ever do that?

Angelman said...

I think you know when.

maise said...

Um, no. I don't.

Angelman said...

After Prague.

Angelman said...


JR said...

Angelman, I've got to give you props. You're about 50% right, which is really remarkable considering what you had to work with. Bravo.

maise said...

Oh, really? Did he put this online somewhere?

Angelman said...

come on.

be honest...

at LEAST %75

Angelman said...

Not online...

just over a few beers...

He swore me to secrecy though.

JR said...

No, I'm being honest, and you're at about 50%. It's nothing to be ashamed of, though; in fact, I think it's quite impressive.

Angelman said...


I thought I had it NAILED.


Oh well.

maise said...

Wow, look at all the INTRIGUE we've generated on this thread about Trent's terrible blog!

It only takes a week for a person to have me all pegged? Oh bother. Well, whatever he told you, I'm shorter than that, and my tits are just a little bigger.

Angelman said...

That's what he told me... exactly! And ONLY that!

Gabriel said...

Trust me Maise. I gave Angelman the STRAIGHT TRUTH about the boobage.

maise said...

Good, because I will not have the girls slandered or undermined.

Gabriel said...

Whoops -- I thought you said "slathered" there at first, and was about to raise protest.

Iris said...

Gabriel I am here but my workload just doubled so it's all I can do to even remotely stay caught up on all the new comments you guys make let alone make comments of my own.

Damn the fucking man!

maise said...

But thanks for commenting now, Iris, because I didn't know how to get the subject off my (albeit awesome) tits.

JR said...

Maybe Trent is just our own Andy Kaufman...he's inspiring us to talk about the "real issues".

And Maise, wouldn't Gabriel stand a better chance of getting to the core of you in a week in person than Angelman would by listening to a single podcast and reading between the lines of my comments and profile? And look how well HE did.

Iris said...

The "real issues" being:

-Trent has fabulous arms

-Maise has nice tits

-Gabriel is a man with another band

-Angelman has WAY too much time on his hands to be commenting as much as he does. Do you even _have_ a day job or did you take up that claim that being a heavy metal fan qualifies you for disability?

-And JR is just a plain girl and therefore easy to figure out.

Gabriel said...

My dear I, I hate to break it to you, but none of us are as clever as we think.

We're ALL that easy to figure out.

JR said...

And Iris is *still* the cranky one.

That's right: no change.

Iris said...

But I'm not even cranky today, just swamped with work.

JR said...

Iris, I'll be the judge of whether you're cranky or not.

Though maybe your baseline is cranky, verging on bitchy, so it's a little hard to tell sometimes. I'll have to work "swamped with work" into the algorithm, too.

maise said...

We're ALL that easy to figure out.

So you think, my dear.

Gabriel said...

Think and know, love, your denial notwithstanding.

maise said...

Someday Gabriel, you're going to have to tell me all about myself.

Gabriel said...

Well that would spoil all the fun, now wouldn't it?

aleks said...

i have to agree that some of those pictures are fucking stupid. that said, i work in an "intellectually stimulating" environment all day and me and my colleagues end most workdays talking about butt-fucking and farts. thinking is exhausting and actin' a fool is a nice release.

besides, i'll never say no to a nice pic of trent's ass (or nose, for that matter).

Anonymous said...

So, I was just wondering something. If everyone agrees that Mr. Reznor took a different approach to the albums With Teeth and Year Zero compared to previous albums, then should you really say that the newer albums are better than the older ones, or vice versa?

For me, I treat each album as a standalone project. If it appeals to me, then fine. If not, then that's also fine. Though, I have yet to dislike any NIN album so far.

I don't know. Just random thoughts late at night....

Anyways, love your debates!


Iris said...

Alright guys. Videos are done! Just have pictures to upload and a Lollapalooza conclusion post on my POV left to do. Look for that tomorrow-ish. By the time we get done it'll be as though you went yourselves!

Iris said...

Oh and Russty, if you're still out there lurking, I think you'll like the Pearl Jam videos. The pictures to come are equally awesome.

For tonight at least
Iris = teh awes0me

Isabel said...

I generally agree about the photos and captions being quite poor. But he also has a link to a quite sweet letter he wrote in Russian to Russian fans, which I put into an online translator (so it's not perfect) -

"Greetings from Trent!

Finally we had an opportunity to arrive here to Russia and
To act for you and it is a great honor to us.
We at all had no concept as it is a lot of people here know us!

We hope to arrive to Russia soon once again so tell
About us to the friends. I shall put on ours Вэбсайт the list of ours
Discographies and a link to our lyrics translated on Russian
Language, and as a link on an excellent site of the Russian fans
My music.

One more idea. I had an opportunity to see what shops
грамзаписи here in Russia and as to estimate a situation with
Illicit sound recording.

My plan - to enable as it is possible for a lot
People in Russia to hear and take pleasure in my music.
If you cannot find lawful copies of my CDs in yours
Shops or if they cost there the expensive, load them
From the Internet. Give their your friends, tell about them and
Receive from them pleasure - in fact I for this purpose and did
Sound recordings of my albums.
I wait for a new meeting with you."

maise said...

That is a sweet letter! Most of the time, he's telling the rest of us to fuck off in one way or another. (Not that we, as a fanbase, don't deserve it 90% of the time, but still.)

Trent should always communicate in Russian. It's charming coming through the online translator.

maise said...

AND that lucky bastard is in Vienna right now!!! What I wouldn't do for a little Kaesespaetzle and Apfelstrudel before wandering around some Hapsburg-era buildings. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

I also found this taken from butI think it's from Kerrang! magazine -

"Rockers NINE INCH NAILS are turning their latest album YEAR ZERO into a TV show. Frontman Trent Reznor has penned a story around their 2007 release, a concept album featuring the singer's Orwellian forecast of the U.S. around the year 2022, and is currently posing the idea to various TV networks. He says, "We've got a producer on board and have met with writers. If it works, it works and if it doesn't, it doesn't. I'm more interested in it being a television show than a film at this point. We're about to pitch it to the network, so we're a couple of weeks away from meeting all of the main people and we'll see what happens."
I don't really see how Trent would have the time to do this now?

maise said...

Hmmm, interesting. Well, as Trent says, if it works, it works, and if it doesn't, it doesn't. I think that's a healthy attitude to adopt when branching out in new directions. Of course, I have my doubts, but I'd love it to be awesome, so I wish him the best on that. I hope he doesn't try to overextend himself. I mean, look at Manson and how he switches back from music to painting to movies and back to music again without really accomplishing anything significant recently.

Isabel said...

Yes- unlike a lot of people above, I love Year Zero the album and don't feel Trent has ever let me down yet - having said that - a TV show?, I'll probably be watching it Dr Who style behind-the-settee if it happens. Wonder if he'll be in it?

Iris said...

I pray that Trent doesn't try to make a TV movie of the week out of Year Zero but I wish there were more of an "ending" to the ARG rather than the cutoff that happened. If they were going for the "the world has ended and we stopped receiving transmissions" then alright, I guess, but it seemed more like "hey we ran out of stuff/interest so let's just get back on tour and pretend it never happened".

maise said...

I am SO PISSED that Gabriel had to be right about the whole ARG thing. SO PISSED.

Meanwhile, a correction from earlier...NIN might not be going to Vienna, they might only be flying over it because we're still getting pictures of people on a plane. I don't have their tour itinerary memorized.

Iris said...

But Maise, Gabriel is always the epitome of a tactful gentleman when it comes to him being right about something. You have nothing to worry about.


Gabriel said...

It's not my fault that I'm right, and not only often, but ALL THE TIME.

Seriously. You think you guys would have learned your lesson by now.

Gabriel said...

By the way, isn't it funny how last year Trentykins wanted to quit music and focus on screenwriting, and now he's "much more interested" in TV?

Something tells me somebody didn't get the answer they wanted when they talked to the A-LISTERS.

maise said...

Or maybe he's just really into Battlestar Galactica?

Gabriel said...

It wouldn't be the first time those NIN motherfuckers have copied me so shamelessly.

JR said...

Gabriel, I know it sucks that everyone's always copying you, but you've got to accept it as part of the burden of being so awesome.

Everyone wants to be like you.

Persephone said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Persephone said...

TV show?

*falls to knees and pounds fist into sand*

Damn yooooou!

Isabel said...

I would have thought in the US there was more money / fame etc to be made from a TV series than a film - look at the amount some of these TV stars make? Hugh Laurie was once a mere UK comedian appearing in shoddy British films like 'Maybe Baby' but also pretty good comedy with Stephen Fry - then he stars in 'House' and is worth millions per episode. (Sorry I'm from the UK where there's no real money to be made in either films OR TV generally unless they get Hollywood backing, but only fops who are the UK bumbling / evil sterotype can usually capitalise on that)

Iris said...

Maise, have you been noticing too how much the NIN camp has cleaned up their act since you called them out on it. No more poo-poo pictures. No more pee jokes. We've gotten decent concert shots, good food with no snide comments shots, and now another picture of Alessandro being absolutely fucking adorable.

You guys...I think [Trent_reads]. Now having said that the boys will do a complete turnaround and be asses again just to try and throw us off but we know the truth.

maise said...

Well, clearly, Iris, [Trent_Reads]. That's why I offered just a little constructive criticism for a man I love.

JR said...

Maise, if Trent Reads, nagging him ain't gonna make him Continue To Read.

maise said...

Maybe Trent finds it refreshing to be nagged. I mean, as demanding a guy he seems to be, how many people nag *him* every day? How dull and tedious it must be--ordering minions around and screaming at them when they screw up and firing them and being treated like a celebrity wherever he goes. Maybe Trent doesn't always want to nag others. Maybe Trent would like to be on the receiving end every now and then. You ever think of that? Huh?

Aleks said...

maise, i think you're onto something. keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

ohhh Angelman! You like 60-80's comic books? I'm currently cleaning out my Mom's storage unit and we've got about 40,000 comics that I'm selling soon.

What titles do you read?

PS. Trent's arms (circa 06') are yummy (I don't really know about now though).

JR said...

Now they are tough and chewy, like sub-par roast beef. (Sorry Angelman.)

angelman said...

Anonymous -

Wow, 40,000 Comics? Well I used to have near-complete run of JLA comics (I'm talking Brave and the Bold 28 on...) but I sold most of them when I moved to LA from NorCal...

In fact I only kept one short box of "1st appearance" issues that I still have (a pretty nice little collection or DC, Marvel and some really cool indies)

That being said there isn't a DC comic from the 80s that I don't love. Watchmen, Crisis, Blue Bettle, Green Lantern, The Question - in fact the title track off the CD of my old band - and in fact the name of the band (Green Angel) was about Hal Jordan (GL) and yet another song on that CD refers to my comic book collection... wow, I am a geek.

Hellblazer was great... the Grant Morrison Doom Patrol was great (in fact anything Grant Morrison - Animal Man, etc)

Did your family used to own a comic shop? I am defintely a former comic book uber-dork.

Anonymous said...

No My family didn't own a shop but my mother worked in a shop for over 20 years. I was basically raised in a comic shop.

My mother got wicked discounts and went to many Comic-cons. She was in the shop the day that the guys who wrote TMNT brought their self-published books to sell. She grabbed a copy of number 1. Ten years later she sold it for over $1,000.

She's trying to go for a minimalist life now so all the shelves of books have been taken down and are in storage. Now it's my job to sell them all.

It's gonna take a while but I'm getting a huge comission out of her.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the video footage on youtube yet?

maise said...

I did see that footage, and I think that song works surprisingly well live. It reminds me a lot of "Even Deeper," which is another song you wouldn't think would sound as good live, but it does.

I like the green lights they're rocking onstage.

Classic Rob Sheridan directing, though. Despite his extraordinary access to the band, he always shoots live footage from about 9,000 feet away. It's like, Rob, hon, that's where I normally stand at concerts. That's the view I ALWAYS get (only I'm a lot lower to the ground and my view is blocked by everyone standing in front of me). I mean, it's nice to get the wide shots to see what's going on with the stage, but as nice as the green lights are, I'm not THAT into the green lights. I'd rather get the closeups. But that's just me.

Not to bitch, but...I am a bitch, after all.