Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Perhaps some of you are too young, but I remember as a wee girl watching Michael Jackson's "Thriller" at the home of a family friend during a party. The entire party stopped while everyone gathered around the TV, and it felt like a momentous occasion, even if you weren't seven years old with a raging crush on Michael Jackson, whose fundamental weirdness had not yet become apparent. The length of the video and the special effects were unprecedented. And even though poor MJ has since become his own horror movie villain, you gotta admit, the song and the video still totally rock.

It's no wonder, then, that in the "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" world of YouTube, there are some memorable renditions and parodies of "Thriller" that Iris and I have dug up for some Halloween fun!

The Internationally Hilarious::

Indian Thriller
One of my students alerted me to the existence of the "Bollywood" version of "Thriller." What I love about it is how the heroine in peril looks more embarrassed and appalled than frightened. And if I even contemplate this video, the song gets stuck in my head for hours.

Indian Thriller #2 Here's another Indian parody of "Thriller." This one isn't quite as well made as the first, I'm afraid, but is that Steven Tyler making a cameo at 1:22?

Dominican Thriller
Here we have the original "Thriller" dubbed in Spanish, sped up, and with a little Salsa flair. Very nice.

Filipino prisoners
This has to be the highest morale prison in the entire world. I laughed so hard when I first watched this one a couple months ago. Pay close attention to the “chick.” Don’t worry if you miss “her” the first time because you were laughing too hard; “she” makes another appearance towards the end. What may be even funnier is the behind the scenes look on how they put it all together. Mr. Maise, the police officer, doesn't think this would fly in an American prison.

Thriller in Uniform:
US Marine Thriller--Hoo ah!
Listen to the other Marines laugh and taunt until they realize this dude knows the whole routine. Not a bad guy to have around when you’re in the middle of a giant sandbox with nothing but time on your hands. I'm beginning to wonder if he was ever stationed in the Philippines.

For Nerds Only:

Harry Potter
No YouTube video collection would be complete without the Harry Potter tribute video, right? There are literally bazillions of these floating around on the Tube. Most are either crap or really creepy (but not in the good way). This one was at least nicely timed to the words of the song.

Final Fantasy
Those of you who are fans of Final Fantasy should enjoy this one. At first I thought this would be just another tribute video with clips from the movie, but I was pleasantly surprised. This should quell any doubts that video game programmers have way too much time on their hands. Check out the dancing Phantoms in the back.

Game Mascots
Further proof that game programmers have too much time. But look at Master Chief go! Go Sir, Go!

With Legos!
Good Lord, I wonder how long it took to stop animate this entire thing! They’ve got a hell of a lot more patience than I do, so I won’t even criticize them that much for it being out of focus.

Danny Angel, Pay Attention!

There are loads of these reception videos out there with the results being pretty hit or miss. But hey, it’s better than the Macarena. I’m wondering if this is currently being practiced 5 nights a week and twice on Saturdays to be performed with nothing short sheer perfection for our own Angelman’s wedding. Hmm...


Anonymous said...


The Dominican Thriller and the Marine one are my favourites! :D

za za za zaza za za za

For the Filipino one, it says it's not punishment, but I don't know. Did that guy REALLY volunteer to be the chick? :p

Happy Halloween,

maise said...

Oh Dan, can we plan your wedding?

I think you should go with a "Giallo" destination wedding in Italy...

Danny Angel said...

believe me, If I had my druthers the wedding would be full on horror themed. Or Star Trek.

Danny Angel said...

I'm all for an Italian Wedding.

JR said...

I read on Perez Hilton that Angelcat is planning the wedding. And being a real diva and making it all about Angelcat.

JR said...

P.S. Can't wait to watch all those Thriller vids, Iris. I was a MAJOR MJ back in the day. MAJOR.

Iris said...

Any luck with the Halloween podcast JR or are you saving it for the weekend?

JR said...

I'm hoping for it for the weekend, Iris. I had a whirlwind trip to SF this past weekend (during which I was babyishly TOO SICK to see The Jesus and Mary Chain perform at the Fillmore), and didn't even get to think about the podcast. Well, a little on the plane.

But anyway, this weekend. I really hope.

Danny Angel said...

Happy Halloween, I'M DRUNK!

Ro said...

Here's some fun horror movie just for Danny. I ruined my perfect score with my lack of Stephen King knowledge. Bah.

Danny Angel said...

don't feel bad - I missed one as well on the "hard" section - the question about Nightbreed...

Danny Angel said...

Amy, I think it's time to say yes yes yes to rehab, babydoll...


What a mess.

maise said...

Yeah, it's pretty tragic re: Amy. She has such a beautiful voice, but girlfriend needs to get her shit together.

Meanwhile, I have to say, although my first reaction to Saul Williams' new album "Niggy Tardust" was WTF, I've just downloaded it, and it's AMAZING. More to come...