Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Maise's New Musical Crush...

I should either be working or sleeping now.

But I thought I'd post this dispatch from the dreary "What's a 40-hour week?" world of Maise. Because there's a new celebrity with whom I need to run away and marry in a bigamous kind of way. And his name is Dhani Harrison.

You know, the son of that Harrison. And my God, there is quite the resemblance.

And he apparently has inherited some musical talent from Pops, although it would be unfair to try to compare the two. Check out Dhani's band, thenewno2, here. It's hard to get a sense of their sound from the short clips posted under "music," but the video posted under "visual" ("Choose What You're Watching") is uber-cute, and the song is pretty catchy. Okay, so maybe the resemblance is uncanny to the point of unnerving, but that's just all part of the charm for yours truly.

But here's the thing, guys. I'm not exactly sure how well this whole "running away with Dhani Harrison thing" would work out in the long term. For one thing, I don't think I'll be able to say his first name properly. Wikipedia says that his first name is pronounced "like Danny but with an aspirated d." Wha??? Maybe I'll just make up some pet name for him and just use that all the time. "This is my new boyfriend, Schnookums. Schnookums Harrison."

In addition, there's that whole "I think you're hot because you look exactly like your father, and your father was super hot" element to my attraction for Dhani that he would most likely perceive as creepy. Not sure how to get around that other than just playing dumb. "George who?"

Feel free to post any suggestions to aid me in my plot to ensnare the heart of Dhani Harrison. Meanwhile, keep watching this space for more about him and his band!


Iris said...

I don't think Dhani wearing a gray wig in that video helped any with the resemblance to his dad. You can even see the resemblance in how he moves his mouth when he sings (I'm a total lip reader when someone's talking to me, btw).

I checked out their myspace and I really like their song "Out of Mind". Will have to listen to the others perhaps when it's not so late.

Danny Angel said...

The Beatles are the most over-rated band of all time.

Danny Angel said...

--From today's Hollywood Reporter.

Paul Vincent Raven, bassist for Ministry, Killing Joke and Prong was found dead of an apparent heart attack in a French Village on the Swiss Border. He was 46.


maise said...

Angelman, your ass is overrated.

The Beatles revolutionized the way that popular music is made. Their profound influence cannot be denied.

Meanwhile, that is sad about the bassist of Ministry. Had he been around since the early days? Because I really love that "Every Day is Halloween" song.

Danny Angel said...


Guess what?


The Beatles were the equivalent of the New Kids on the Block or the Spice Girls. They were pop music. They were not revolutionary, they were popular. If John Lennon hadn't been killed, they would be even less revered.

I could name, like, 5 million bands ahead of them that really influenced music.






Gabriel said...

Unfortunately, I've got a doctor's appointment to run to, so instead of me informing everyone what a dumbass you are Angelman, I'm counting on you do it in my stead.

Good work thus far.

Gabriel said...

Oh, and Maise? Don't bother citing specific examples -- Angelman has no specific data, listening experience, or examples in this particular argument, only grand generalizations (you know, like always. And yes, I am quite aware that was a grand generalization, fuckers).

Danny Angel said...

I'm sorry. I should totally worship a band that wrote childish sing-a-long songs.


I could on forever...

All of the artists/bands above are better and more influential than the goofy "Fab Four". Let's make a rule that PP will only refer to GOOD INFLUENTIAL BANDS from now on, eh?

Danny Angel said...

I was listening to good music when all of you were still listening to The New Kids and Debbie Gibson. I was born cool, and have remained cool.

maise said...

Um, Angelman? You know the whole expectation we have that rock groups will write their songs and lyrics in addition to performing and singing them? The Beatles were instrumental in creating that expectation.

Believe it or not, many bands were like the Monkees, performing songs that people like Neal Diamond and Carole King wrote for them. But because of the popularity of the Beatles as songwriters AND performers, that approach started to be viewed as inauthentic.

They had a HUGE musical evolution from their skiffle roots in the early sixties to their "I Want to Hold Your Hand" pop sound, to their more soulful Revolver/Rubber Soul era, to the psychedelic era and then afterwards. They introduced popular British and American culture to more unconventional instruments like the sitar and the Mellotron. They were responsible for setting all kinds of trends--some good, like exploring meditation and social activism and some bad, like popularizing recreational drugs.

Brian Wilson had a literal nervous breakdown trying to emulate the achievement of "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," and it's not like he was some kind of hack himself.

Never mind the amazing songs and lyrics or the tragic, but fascinating, tale of their rise and fall as a band.

Clearly, you've seen like some 15-second clip of "She Loves You" and have completely dismissed the Beatles as artists. I weep for you.

maise said...

Oh, and Angelman? You know that Stones song, "I Wanna Be Your Man"? The Beatles gave that one to them.

Danny Angel said...

Baby doll -

I've heard all the Beatles have to offer and it sucks.

Let me see if I sum up your case for them being influential:

1) They introduced instruments like the sitar and the Mellotron.

The Beatles did not set trends, they reflected popular culture. They did EXACTLY what the did in their early years: copy other, better bands.

3) Sgt. Peppers? If I recall Jimi Hendrix came out before that album was released and played the title track better live than the Beatles ever played it - then roasted them with the rest of his live set.

The songs are lazy and boring and their rise and fall was about as exciting as Britney's rise and fall.

No, I have heard everything they have every done. Give me the Rolling Stones any day, every day over the steaming pile that is the Beatles. The Beatles WISH they could have ever writen one song as good as Paint It Black or Gimmie Shelter. Come ON!

Danny Angel said...

It is simple math.

Beatles = suck.

Danny Angel said...

"I Wanna Be Your Man" is my least favorite Stones song, now I know why. IT WAS TAINTED.

maise said...

Oh, Angelman, if I didn't have two weeks' worth of work to do by the end of tomorrow, I could try to combat your ignorance, but I'm sure it's terminal.

Meanwhile, for those of you with TASTE, here's a really good interview, written by my favorite college professor.

Danny Angel said...

Doctor's appointments... heavy workloads...?

You can run but you can't hide.

Maise and Gabriel = 0

Danny Angelm(man) = 1

Over and out!

maise said...

Angelman = Champion Windmill Tilter

maise said...

And of course, this debate doesn't address the fact that I need to become Dhani Harrison's concubine.

Gabriel said...

Maise, when I give you instructions on what Angelman is going to do, I expect you to do better than this.

Angelman -- you saying "Band X is more influential" does not make it so. Please note the ways in which all of the bands you listed have specifically been influential, in ways that have greater reach than the work of The Beatles.

Also, please provide specific examples in which The Beatles were simply mirror popular trends when they recorded "Sgt. Pepper's" and "The White Album".

Thirdly -- regarding Jimi Hendrix, you don't recall anything, because you weren't there. You've read anecdotes. Hendrix heard Sgt. Pepper's before it was released and thought it was so amazing he played the song himself live.

So.... The Beatles.... influenced Hendrix. And this proves they were not influential in your mind how, exactly?

Lastly, many of the band you mentioned have been influential, but none of them exist without The Beatles' work. Even my boy's bauhaus don't exist without the two records i specifically mention above.

Nothing is stupider than ranking amount of influence then blindly denying obvious influence. The question is, Angelman, how stupid are you going to be?

Gabriel said...

P.S. Maise --- YOU SUCK at arguing. Stop it.

Danny Angel said...

Gabe -

the ways in which all of the bands I listed have specifically been influential is clear. Do you really want me to argue the obvious? I expect you come to this argument understanding the contributions and ACTUAL INFLUENCE of the bands/artists in that list.

Again - I'm not here giving a history lesson. Just stating quantified FACT.

Wrong on Hendrix - he did it to show up the Beatles, steal their thunder. And he did it with ease and grace. How may guitar players want to be G. Harrison? None. How many want to be Jimi? All. Case closed.

Every band in that list would exist without the Beatles, I'm afraid. John Cage was more influential than the Beatles.

Please, Gabriel, see beyond the PR and Marketing. Just last week you told me Nickleback was influential...

And how dare you attack the Maise. She makes very compelling arguments all the time. Like that one about Year Zero being good and her open support of sweatshop labor.

Gabriel said...

Angelman said:
the ways in which all of the bands I listed have specifically been influential is clear. Do you really want me to argue the obvious? I expect you come to this argument understanding the contributions and ACTUAL INFLUENCE of the bands/artists in that list.

Sorry, no. Considering your argument was that your listed bands were more influential, the burden of proof is upon you. Until you can do so, this "point" of yours is negated.

Gabriel: 1, Angelman: 0

Angelman said:
Wrong on Hendrix - he did it to show up the Beatles, steal their thunder. And he did it with ease and grace. How may guitar players want to be G. Harrison? None. How many want to be Jimi? All. Case closed.

He wanted to steal their thunder by playing their song? To what? Take credit for how great it was? Please dude, think through and try harder here.

Furthermore, nobody wants to be either George Harrison or Jimi Hendrix anymore. In any case, the music world is made up of more than just guitar. Open your gentle eyes, child. Hush now.

Gabriel: 2, Angelman: 0

Angelman said:Every band in that list would exist without the Beatles, I'm afraid. John Cage was more influential than the Beatles.

See my first point.

Gabriel: 3, Angelman: -1 (for repitition)

Let me know if you want to argue music with grown-ups anytime soon.

Until then, you have been PWNed.

Danny Angel said...

Clear the scoreboard, junior - the burden of proof is on you.

I have stated FACT.

You have stated vague theories and specious arguments.

I await logic, if you can summon it.

Gabriel said...

Angelman, do you really expect people to buy your rhetoric if you bring up points you don't back up?

All of the artists/bands above are better and more influential than the goofy "Fab Four".

As i asked before, please provide evidence of this. Until then, you lose.

It's okay. You're still my friend even though you LOSE.

Danny Angel said...

Hang on, McCartney is on line one because he wants to tell me how RIGHT I am.

Gabriel said...

Cutesie comments avoiding your lack of ability to backup a flawed point.

Not to go all Vadar on you, but YOU ARE BEATEN.

Danny Angel said...

One thing is certain: your sexy fry-eating was influetial:




Gabriel said...

God I'm good.

And you still haven't been able to prove your point, btw.

Gabriel said...

"Angelman's Guide To Arguing"

1. State a highly inflammatory point of view, that you may or may not actually believe, and that runs counter to any amount of common sense or awareness of the topic at hand. State it with dismissive, agressive finality.

2. When people respond, do not argue the point you initially made -- bring up some totally different, tangential topic. Go Chris Angel on them; make them look in one hand so they don't see that you've got nothing in the other.

3. Repeat #2, but with the finality and aggresiveness of the first point. Try to throw in button pushing if possible.

4. Laugh at Maise fall for it.

5. Repeat 2-4.

Danny Angel said...

I already won.

Just like I always do.

Gabriel said...

Shit, I forget:

6. When backed into a corner and/or called out for actual facts, simply state you have won already, preferably with a dismissive follow-up.

Danny Angel said...

Gabriel -

You demonstrate a lot of confidence and your matter-of-fact tone is convincing.

Yet you have proven nothing.


Gabriel said...

It'd be one thing if we could go back and forth, and have an argument, even a far fetched one. That's entertaining.

You giving up like this, however, is both shameful and embarrassing, which I'm not surprised by, but it is also BORING AS FUCK, which is unforgivable.

You should write for Places Parallel full time. You'd fit right in.

maise said...

Gabriel, you fucktard.

I didn't "fall" for any of Angelman's ridiculous contrarian bullshit.

I'm just aware that there is zero point in "debating" Angelman because he's all shock value. No logos.

Iris said...

Your name is on the roster too Gabriel, you pompous ass. But you were spot on with "Angelman's Guide To Arguing". Except for point four which is just you trying to be mean for the sake of being mean. You've been playing along with Angelman's petty bickering loads more than Maise.

Angelman can please for the love of...oh what the hell, let's say for the love of Megadeth so maybe you'll pay attention...say something interesting AND follow up on it with something other than "I pwned you". Don't make me bust out a *yawn*.

Iris said...

Now in a somewhat small attempt to bring it back to the point of the Beatles influence on others, didn't Trent end up with John Lennon's harmonium or something. And wasn't it used on a couple of NIN's albums? I'm searching for some facts to back my suspicions but I'm not having much luck.

JR said...

Petty arguing! Oh, how I've missed it!

Angelman, don't listen to these bastards. You're right.

The Beatles are overrated.

I didn't even bother to read everyone else's comments after yours, because you are so right.

Though I did see two acts listed separately that should have been listed together: The Monkees and Jimi Hendrix. Cause Jimi's first tour was totally as the support for The Monkees in 1967.

Iris said...

OH JR! Where the hell have you been?!?! I'll overlook your lapse in judgment regarding Angelman and just stick with "Welcome Back".

JR said...

1. Thank you. It's good to be back.
2. Among other things, attending the wedding of my friend with the uptight sister. Have you ever seen Absolutely Fabulous? I went to the wedding as Edina. (Actually a funny story, maybe I'll post it on JR.)
3. Working. A lot.
4. Boston.
5. Planning to meet my gay ex-boyfriend in San Francisco, while I'm there on a business trip. And going to see the Jesus and Mary Chain while I'm there (fuck yeah!).
6. Working.
7. Bringing work home.
8. Wondering if I made a bad hiring decision.
9. Having a birthday!
10. Working.

What did I miss?

JR said...

Also trying to get my act together for a Halloween podcast. All covers. Get it?

Gabriel said...

It's amazing how I can rejuvenate this place with just a few simple drops of my greatness.

You should see my garden after I've jerked off on it.

maise said...

Hey JR! I've missed you!!!

Dude, you've missed NOTHING. Because my list is roughly the same as yours regarding points 3, 6, 7, and 10.

Meanwhile, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

JR said...

Thanks, Maise.

Being 21 is awesome!

Danny Angel said...

Holy shit I'm tired. Got an A on my last debate and took my first midterm in like 12 years last night.

As for the Beatles, I actually do not have the time to write a thesis on why I think they are lame (any more than anyone else here has the time to prove me wrong) but I HONESTLY think they are one of the most overrated bands ever. I think their influence in overestimated. I agree they were popular but I don't think they shaped music all that much. And I like Sgt. Peppers... so I'm not all hate... but in the end it is just dressed up pop music.

maise said...

Look, you can completely validly claim that you don't like the Beatles or that in YOUR OPINION they are over-rated, but you can't objectively claim that they had no influence on other bands. They paved the way for other British invasion bands, and musically influenced bands like, oh, Oasis, Tears for Fears, Crowded House, Cheap, a million other bands...

Danny Angel said...

I don't know. Oasis and Cheap Trick were anachronisms - not cutting edge and few else played/copied that style when they were. I don't know that you can make that case with Tears for Fears or Crowded House - both of which owe as much to other artists as to the Beatles. Point to Black Sabbath and I can name like a million bands that owe their sound etc. to them. If there other bands, name them ... cause I don't think there are a million bands that sound or owe anything to the Beatles, I really don't.

Gabriel said...

First off, Maise: did you really pick OASIS as your example? Come on. That's like me "proving" NIN is influential by citing Stabbing Westward.

In any case, the truth is the Beatles' influence covers things we take for granted now, and give no thought to the origins of. Such as guitar feedback. Who first used guitar feedback? Who had that idea?

Yes, it was The Beatles.

Examples like Black Sabbath don't really apply, in my opinion, because naming a bunch of bands that sound like them (and in no way I am downplaying how hugely influential BS is, btw) isn't what we're talking about.

Sounding like somebody isn't the only way to be influential. To be honest, that's a pretty one-dimensional way of looking at it.

Bands didn't write their own songs before the Beatles. Heard of Tin Pan Alley? Know who made that go away? The Beatles, and people emulating them.

Mixing ethnic and orchestral instruments with "rock" instrumentation? Believe it or not, people weren't born just doing that. Somebody did it, did it successfully, and made it a thing that bands do. Those people were The Beatles.

Modern Multitracking, studio technique, the use of sound collage... all these things that we take for granted, they started.

No, there aren't a lot of bands that sound exactly like the Beatles -- even Oasis. But their fingerprints are on everything. Their fingerprints are on Sabbath. They're on NIN. They're on Megadeth, even. Not in an obvious way, where "Oh that guitar riff was stolen from 'Helter Skelter'", or "Those keyboards sound like 'Long and Winding Road'", but in that everybody is working out of the paradigm -- both in songwriting, the notion of "a band", and recording technique, amongst others -- that The Beatles set up.

Would other people have come up with those ideas? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The point is, The Beatles did, and inspired others to do likewise.

maise said...

I love how Gabriel and I can totally agree with each other, yet he still insults me.

Danny Angel said...

That was the weakest argument. I don't disagree that they had SOME influence. Of course they did. But the things you listed - multi-tracking, orchestral and ethnic music blending, feedback - are not what I call influential. When a band changes the course of rock, like SABBATH, that is influence. In a way you proved my point if that makes sense.

Danny Angel said...


Gabriel said...

Good to see Angelman Play #2 is still alive and kicking.

Maise? SHUT UP. Of course you agree with me. I'm right. Not being a moron doesn't get you points.


Angelman to start using big business sweatshop practices (or lack thereof) to prove his Beatles point in 5.....4....3.....2....

Anonymous said...

the beatles are NOT the most overrated band of all time. the effing jonas brothers are...if they're even considered a band. and i dont think beatles songs would be considered childish if most of them were influenced by drugs.

anyways, dhani's band is awesome! i cant believe theyre doing free shows in la!!