Tuesday, May 20, 2008

From Left Field...

Okay guys, we have some reviews coming up for you (soon, I promise) but first I have a little side tracked question.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but where do you draw the line at imitation and just plain copying. This morning I was checking my email and noticed I had a friend request via MySpace. I'm all about networking for our site in any way possible but I still generally try to "know" a little bit about the people I'm adding. So I checked out this girl's site. Turns out she likes Amanda Palmer. A Lot. From her eyebrows down to her socks, her music style, and even her day job is quiet similar to the 8ft Bride living statue bit Amanda does (or did). And did I mention she's currently looking for a drummer?

As far as I can tell she's not doing this as a tribute act to the Dresden Dolls or trying to be the Australian Amanda (although some evidence points to the contrary). I mean, everyone is entitled to do their own thing and I do like her music because...well...I like Amanda Palmer, too. Please don't think I'm a bitch for calling her out because, really, I'm not trying to hate on her. It just struck me as a little curious this morning and I wondered how other people feel about this kind of thing.


maise said...

It's a really interesting question, Iris.

Now, I'm not a snob when it comes to tribute bands. They have their time and place...like when you're listening to a tribute band at a street festival while drinking and eating a shish kabob. Awesome.

But I agree with you that she doesn't appear to be going the tribute route. She might be a smidge disingenuous by not mentioning how Amanda-influenced she is on her site. But I think what is revealed here is not a cynical attempt to cash in on DD fame, but perhaps some insecurity? (And I hope I don't come off bitchy saying that.) I think that if she has talent, then she will eventually branch out beyond music that is so close to the Dresden Dolls and will create something a little more singular. Or at least not wear stripey socks. I dunno.

Or maybe the cabaret punk genre is bigger than just the Dresden Dolls and the stripey socks are just part of the fashion statement, like torn jeans or shiny leather pants?

D:ANGEL said...

Well - my old band was "accused" of sounding like a cross between the misfits and metallica all the time (leading one guy to dub me "Glenn Hetfield"). But I was never shy about who influenced the band. I worte songs that openly acknowledged the influence.

Her only crime is not saying who her influence is. Just be honest - we all have influences. It only becomes a problem if you don't admit it.

I mean, seriously, name any artist, ever, and I will show you where they borrowed from. Or they will tell you.

Iris said...

Well, Glenn, I also thought it was a tad rude of her to steal your and JR's podcast name and not give a nod to you guys.

I kinda wondered the same thing about the socks, Maise. I wasn't sure if I was just being too snide but it's the combination of all the other stuff she does that just says she's straight out copying. Matter of fact I hadn't even noticed that she doesn't list the Dresden Dolls as an influence because with all the other similarities that it just seems obvious. But she's practically a world away in Australia so I don't know how well recognized the DD are there for other people to pick up on it.

D:ANGEL said...

Indiana Jones TONIGHT!

D:ANGEL said...

OK - I just saw that girls myspace and she does the same 8ft bride thing as Amanda(except she is the 7ft Bride). That is really odd.

Anonymous said...

Shit. There goes my idea to be the 3 meter bride. Now what?

Speaking of that podcast, DA, we've got to make that happen. Summer time is slower for me, hopefully it is for you, too. We need to blow some mindz.

It might be cool if folks gave us a topic or a a focus for a podcast and then we presented our two diverse yet complementary takes on it.


D:ANGEL said...

Yeah summer is slower for me than normal. I'm down for it.

Anonymous said...

Shoot me an email at ilgps@hotmail.com and we'll plan our attack.