Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday...To Me!

The best birthday present in the WORLD (a.k.a. Ghosts Ultra-Deluxe Limited Edition set) just arrived today and I squealed like a little girl when I saw it on the front porch at lunch! I have seriously not been able to quit grinning all. day. long. Sure some people may believe I blew $300 but this is the most beautiful thing I own right now. Seriously.
When I first ordered it I had to find some way to justify the expense. I figured since Ghosts was an entirely instrumental album that there was no way they'd be touring with it sooo the money I normally would have spent on going to a show and never getting an autograph went to splurging on this little present to myself. And let me tell you, now that I have it in my hands, it was worth every fucking penny! AND, lucky me, NIN decided to play Lollapalooza this year which I was already planning on attending!

The package includes two high quality, fabric slipcases with metal NIN logos on the front and an attachment on the back listing the individual number. One slipcase contains three books: the album artwork (autographed!), two Giclee prints, and the 4 discs that include the album, the multi-tracks, and a Blu-ray disc (that I have yet to watch).
The other slipcase contains the four vinyl albums. I've never owned a vinyl album in my life but I do now. Isn't it pretty?

The artwork in the autographed book is basically the same as what was included in the .pdf filed embedded with the album download. The colors and quality images look like they could just pop right off the page. I didn't include any snapshots here because my camera skills would not do them justice but believe me they are gorgeous! You can check out the other pictures I took here. And, yes, I photographed each step of the unwrapping process like a total fangirl but I say if you can't be a fangirl over something like this then when can you, eh?


maise said...

Happy birthday, Iris!!!

Here's your own birthday haiku:

If I could, I'd Fed
Ex Trent himself to you, shipped
overnight. Fragile!

FreakyGeek said...

It scares me that you've never owned any Vinyl until now Iris.

I have about a thousand (possibly more) records in my collection and I've only really been buying since High School.

I'm not very old myself but I'm afraid the young ones... like my cousin who is 12 aren't going to know what records are in this era of Mp3s.

I started buying Beatles albums in HS and spread out into newer artists over the years. I loved that bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam and of course our beloved NIN released albums on vinyl.

Ghosts is only my third NIN album I own on vinyl (not including the 2 extra copies of The Fragile and The Hand That Feeds single).

D:ANGEL said...

Happy birthday Iris!

I am a total packaging whore (meaning I can get sold on a ball of twine if the packaging is cool enough) and this is supremely bad-ass.

I agree with freakygeek - who has never owned vinyl? I still have my 1982 copy of the ROSEMARY'S BABIES on 7"!

I am old, though.

Iris said...

HEE! Maise your haiku always rock! I LOVE it!

And FG, a thousand vinyls?!?! WOW. That's impressive. Growing up I remember Mom had a bunch. I don't know what ever happened to them but I remember staring at the covers of David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs", "Pin Ups", and "Aladdin Sane" for hours. I'll have to ask her about those when I see her tonight.

Zeemort said...

Happy Birthday! Have a good one. I am very very jealous of that deluxe version.

Had I known I would have whipped you up an equally silly doodle to that Trent one I did a while back. I'm not sure I could bring myself to stuff His Angriness into Fed Ex though (he could totally take me in a fight), so I'll leave that one to Maise.

Iris said...

No silly don't stuff El Rez into a FedEx package. Nope. You trick him into it.

"Hey Trent. See that box over there? It's full of evil record execs who want to lock you back into a shitty contract. GET 'EM!"


Work is done.

Anonymous said...

Iris: happy birthday, you old coot.

The package and all that: no comment.

Vinyl: where's the love for cassettes? For my birthday in 1985, I got Wham!'s Make It Big on both cassette and vinyl. I traded the vinyl in for a copy of Huey Lewis and The News' Sports. But then, I've always been cool.


I heard from a reliable source that Viglione was supposed to be drumming with Trent this summer but that fell through. Awww.