Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ghosts I-IV...

Hello again, readers! The season of love and candy and flowers and cupids is OVER. Because Trent Reznor has released a new album.

Yes, Trent has been teasing us recently with cryptic blog messages, but the wait is now over. Ghosts I-IV is 36 tracks of instrumental, gothy goodness. And Brian Viglione helped! I hope he was topless at the time.

Now, you have several options of purchasing Ghosts I-IV, but right now, only the expensive options are currently working, due to the simultaneous online ejaculation of every dedicated NIN fan out there this evening.

I'm not going to exhaustively detail everything here, but for $300, you get the album, some vinyls, a fancy book, some fancy prints, and who gives a shit about all that because you get TRENT'S AUTOGRAPH! There are only 2,500 of these available. Hopefully for $300, Trent personally delivers the shit.

For $75, you get the album, a fancy book, and some other shit, but you won't get Trent's signature nor a casting of his penis. Sorry.

For $10, you can immediately download the album, and you will receive physical CDs. This is my personal preference because I like cluttering up my house with CDs. Call me old school, if you will.

For $5, you can immediately download the album, and I think you get some 40-page pdf.

Or if you're really cheap, you can download the first 9 songs for free, which proves that Trent DID learn something from Saul Williams after all.

All versions of the album can be purchased here, which isn't working at the time of this writing because the website is being slammed by the faithful, but I'm sure they'll be up to speed shortly. Or you can also purchase the expensive options on Artists in Residence, which others have had better luck with.

If I sound slightly cranky, it's just because I WANT TO ORDER MY CDS, DAMMIT. But I'm VERY excited about this new release, and I'm loving Trent for giving us different purchasing options, depending upon our personal amounts of expendable cash. Although Trent has my favorite singing voice in the world, I have never been disappointed with his instrumentals.

More to come after we purchase the album (hopefully soon!) and absorb the new songs.


Iris said...

Brian Viglione topless is never a bad thing. And topless in the presence of other men (other men including Mr. Reznor) would be HOTT! I can just envision it. "bow-chica-bow-wow" ...whoops...wait...I think I've been watching too much gay porn this weekend. Ah well.

But I'm checking out this pdf booklet now and WOW! Trent is that you on pg25 because I just. can't. tell. If it is he looks SO YOUNG. Like first album young. Maybe it's just the angle. I hope to God it doesn't turn out that it's Rob Sheridan or some shit.

Anyone actually been able to download yet? I'm still waiting on the download email for my order. :(

maise said...

Well, I got about halfway through the ordering process, as a prole with only $10 to spare, and the system crapped out. So I'll give it a shot a little later on.

Iris said...

OMFG People! Why the fuck can't I get my download email?!?! All I can do for right now is listen to the 30second sample clips on Amazon because I don't have a torrent program anymore and I had to jump through hoops to get it last time. FUCK! THIS SUCKS! 30second clips are the worst kind of tease ever. Is it possible for women to have blue balls?


Asylum47 said...

I'm quite excited for the new album and surprised and very impatient. Been trying to place and order (numerous times!) and the site fucks up on me, ugh halfway through the order form!?! I guess I'll have to keep trying.....

maise said...

Yeah, still no luck. I'm looking forward to Trent's angry/defensive/apologetic blog posts on the matter.

"I'm sorry that everyone had a hard time buying the album I try really hard to make this convenient for you, but still some people have nothing better to do than bitch, bitch, bitch about it. And if I get my hands on the fuckwads involved with the online store...okay, take a deep breath...count to 10...1...2...3..."

Anonymous said...

No you lazy twats, get reopened! Where is Gabriel when you need him?

maise said...

Day 2 of not being able to order the new NIN. I think Trent is basing his business model on the Wii. Lots of demand, no supply. (Or rather, no access to purchase)Very smart!

Iris said...

Hey jackass whose idea do you think it was to close WTC in the first place? *hint* It wasn't either of us "lazy twats".

In other news I finally got my download email! YAY! Too bad I'm stuck at work and can't listen to it. Listened to it last night though through alternate means and this album is amazing!

maise said...

Update...FINALLY got my order through! Yay!

Zeemort said...

I only just heard about it (because clearly I am a bad fan) but FFFFFF I WANT IT NOW WHY WON'T THE SITE WORK. I'm gonna leave it a few days before ordering because I imagine it's gonna be pretty congested for a while.

We broke the NINternet D:

Zeemort said...

Also I'm glad I don't have anything LIKE $300 (and the server isn't working) because I would have just impulse bought like a mo'fucker if I did.

Srsly, unless it's delivered by the man himself wearing nothing but a smile I don't think I can justify spending that much cash monay on an album.
Or four albums
or whatever.

Iris said...

Ha! Zee...I impulsed purchased the mofo! I can kind of justify it because there's so much cool stuff that comes with it and really in all honesty I'm probably never going to meet Trent to get his autograph any other time. Or if I do it'll cost me at least $300 in concert tickets, traveling expense, etc. And whatever...this is totally my birthday present to myself...just way early.

Now I'm just pondering do I download the 320kbps or risk getting the Apple Lossless version and have it not be compatible with my two year old ancient iPod. Decisions, decisions.

Zeemort said...

See, I'm currently saving up for a new laptop before mine kicks the bucket, and £150 would be somewhat of a dent in that fund.

Especially when the fund currently stands at around £60.


JR said...

What's up with Trent cranking shit out so fast lately? Is it because there was nothing good on TV cuz of the writer's strike? I know a lack of 30 Rock put me in a bind, but I didn't have to record a *free* record or anything crazy like that.

Is it any good? I never bothered with Year Zero because...well, it sounded queer. And another record less than a year later...I don't have high hopes. I'll let you all report back before I make a move.

I mean, I just got around to downloading Bug last night. You know, twenty years later. So...

Iris said...

Well I love it but I love most of NIN's other instrumental songs that have come out. There is just SO much content and different mixes. I am LOVING the piano tracks. There are a few scattered about but 9 and 13 are excellent. I've only been able to really listen to the whole album once because I keep falling asleep. Not because of the music but because I was up 'til 3am last night messing about with it and my first day back to work was just -blah-.

I'll get a review up after I've had a proper listen. I loved the Saul Williams album from the start but it was even better after letting it soak in for a few days. And I'm kind of waiting for to sort itself out before I download the Apple Lossless version. I can't wait to hear the difference in quality compared to what I've got now.

I was shocked too that the album dropped so fast. I haven't been actively checking things out but I hadn't even heard any quiet internet rumblings. Trent's just mellowing out in his age or something. I mean have you seen the latest update on

The new Nine Inch Nails record is available RIGHT NOW! (kind of)

We thought we bought enough beer but too many of you showed up for the party.
We are fixing the Ghosts site right now, I am told it will be back up 100% in a few hours.
In the meantime, you can buy the whole new record at Amazon if you are in the US, or you can get Ghosts I at The Pirate Bay if you know about torrents, or RIGHT HERE directly.

We are sorry for the trouble (but you know it's worth it!)

No screaming? No yelling? No threats that "somethings going to get broken!" Where is the angry midget that we've come to know and love? Who the fuck slipped him Prozac?

Zeemort said...

No tantrums?
Now what are we going to (lovingly) mock about His Not-So-Angriness?

I feel betrayed.

JR said...

The thing more shocking than the lack of tantrums or the rapid release of the new record is the lack of comments about it. Seriously, this is the 17th comment? And how many of those 17 actually have anything to do with the record?

Oh, right, everyone is probably busy absorbing. Not being effusive.

Blame it on the website.


Iris said...

It just wouldn't be you JR if you weren't bitching. But I do know Maise just downloaded her copy of the album last night. And yeah that was because of the website constantly crashing.

DA is MIA. I prefer to think that he's off saving children from GAP sweatshops in Africa or Southeast Asia and enlightening them on the brilliance of death metal "music". Angelcat of course there helping too.

And I think we've lost our buddy BC until after the elections.

The album is great but it's so huge in terms of content. There doesn't seem to be a running theme with it either. One song doesn't lead into the next like some of the other albums do. There's a bit of every style for everybody. Trent's description is dead on. "[It's] a soundtrack for daydreams."

I would recommend you get it JR. I mean it's only $5 lost if you don't like it which I'm sure, if for no other reason than pure spite, you won't. That's not to say that I can't wait to hear the ways in which you'll rip it up but for the record...this one doesn't sound "queer".

D:ANGEL said...

I'm still here.

Sorry - haven't had much to contribute lately. Between work, school and the Angelwoman I have very full days. So full in fact, I do very little apart from activities related to the above mentioned list. but [DAN_READS]

I did, however, hear about GHOSTS I-IV and listened to samples on Amazon.

for those who care, my take:

I can see how fans of Trent would eat this up. Back in 1993 I think it was Danzig released this weird keyboard/female opera vocal (not rock) cd that was vaguely classical and based on the fall of lucifer (Milton). I bought it, love it, still own it. But for casual fans I could see it being a huge bore. So GHOSTS is a tough sell for me in that way. You could say I haven't heard it all and that my criticism isn't valid based on that and you would totally have a point but I think you also know that part of the appeal of GHOSTS is getting something new from NIN that is cool, outside the norm of what big T does and kind of "for fans." Even at $5 I won't be picking it up. Not a knock on what he has done but I am a fairweather NIN fan at best and would rather that $5 go towards the new TestAmenT record coming out in April or the new IMMORTAL or OPETH records coming out later this year.

As for his distro model... hrm. I'm with whoever said they like CD's cluttering up their place. Me too, at least for bands I really like. I just question this distro model working for bands that don't have a cult following and tour successfully and often (i.e. make big $$$ on tour). We'll see. I admire Trent as an innovator and he seems to do well.

Also yes, I was saving kids from the GAP in far away lands. It was like INDIANA JONES and the TEMPLE of DOOM. I was Indy and Angelcat was Short Round and we freed all the children. Except it wasn't indians under the black sleep of kali (you not wake up) it was store managers in khaki under the influence of latte (you never sleep).

If anyone who reads this even remotely got that joke then you are a nerd. Hang your head in shame. I am a nerd too.

Nor shockingly, I have been listening to a lot of metal lately but some really "off" stuff that is really great. IMMORTAL is awesome. Equal parts the most ridiulous band ever and the most rockin' Good stuff.

JR said...

Fuck you all.

I'm seeing Lou Reed from the first fucking row next month.

You can't bring me down.

I am seeing my longtime dreamboat J Mascis play the drums in two weeks.

You can't bring me down.

I am totally in love with Lou Barlow at the moment, to the point that he might move me to do another long overdue podcast.

You can't bring me down.

I've gotta finish absorbing Bug and listening to too much Sonic Youth before I have time to waste on Trent. I wanna like his stuff, but I'm scared that I won't. So I just don't listen.


D:ANGEL said...

Immortal > Lou Reed

JR said...

Oh no you di'int.

Lou Reed = Living Legend
Immortal = who?

D:ANGEL said...

Oh yes I di'id.

IMMORTAL are the sons of northern darkness lead by the best frontman ever ABBATH DOOM OCCULTA.

See for yourself.

Lou Reed is sooooo overrated

JR said...


That's kind of funny.


This is why.


JR said...

Though I will give it up to immortal--the frontman's name is better than "Lou Reed", which is kinda plain.

maise said...

Hi everyone...

I finally have a second to breathe, so I can post again. I've been SWAMPED at the office the past week or so.


Yes, I'm still *absorbing* Ghosts I-IV, and hell may be freezing over, but I totally agree with Dan. Being a rabid NIN fan, I find it all very interesting, but I can see how a casual fan would feel "eh" about it. It's definitely missing the Sturm und Drang and Angst and screaming, writhing, moaning that makes us love Trent so, but it's still very interesting. He could do some very interesting movie scores, I think. I'm planning a post with some of my silly thoughts about each track, but I haven't even gotten through the whole album yet. So patience, kittens.

D:ANGEL said...

Ok, JR you asked for it. Lou Reed looks like an extra from the black and white Night of the Living Dead.

Abbath Doom Occulta is


Now if you can show me a picture of Lou Reed breathing fire against the backdrop of a massive Velvet Underground banner while in full kiss-style make up and battle armor, we'll talk.

Until then, consider yourself...


Ps. I bought a new CD cabinet for my metal CDs and two NIN discs made the cut. Guess which they were...?

maise said...

Dan, I'm actually more interested in your opinion of the upcoming Suspiria remake...would you give it a shot or do you consider it to be an abomination?

D:ANGEL said...

That's a good question.

I'm not one of these guys who hates re-makes although most do seem to lack the charm of the original (The re-makes of THE THING, THE FLY and THE HILLS HAVE EYES were all good). That being said, SUSPIRIA can't be re-made. It is so weird and so of the director's whimsy and creativity... I fear they will end up making a middle-of-the-road thriller about a girl's dance school. The original is so beautiful and creepy... it's just a bad movie to try to re-make.

Anonymous said...

d:angel=1 jr=0

d'ems the facts

JR said...

I hate you, anonymous.

JR said...

And Danny, I swear to god.

Yeah, that's cool that he's breathing fire and all that, but it's also, oh, I don't know, what's the word I'm looking for...GIMMICKY.

I wouldn't use words like, oh, let's see, LIVING LEGEND or PIO-FUCKING-NEER to describe it.

And speaking strictly on image and visuals and timelines (since I've not heard Immortal's music), check this shit from 1974.


P.S. Boy, that new NIN record sure is CONVERSATION PROVOKING.

JR said...

And if you're hating on Lou Reed, wait till you hear my Lou Barlow Tribute Podcast.

While Lou Reed is one of the undisputed Godfathers Of All Things Cool (along with Bowie and all them), Lou Barlow is Practically The Godfather Of Emo.

He doesn't breathe fire, he's like, sensitive and stuff.

Iris said...

Anonymous, I love you.

If you guys are talking strictly images then I love Lou Reed's look in the 80's with the perm. Oh wait...what? That wasn't the 80's? That was '96. Well I'll be...

And what the hell happened to his finger here? Ouch!

D:ANGEL said...


JR... that picture of Lou Reed looks like Peter Boyle as Frankestein's monster in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN.

Lou Reed = music for my grandpa.

Abbath = Fresh on the scene.

Now, you and my grandpa can kick it old school with Lou _OR_ you can move on to music made this century. Don't be afraid of new ideas. (btw - no one even knew Dinosaur Jr. was still a band until you started talking about them).

Seriously... no one actually listens to Velvet Underground. They buy the box set so they can tell people who like The Doors how V.U. is the _real_ underground music of the era, but I guarantee you anyone who has it can't remember the last time they opened it. Even when they first got it it they just listened to White Light, White Heat and Heroin(?) and then put it away.

Am I right or what?

all hail the mighty IMMORTAL

Anonymous said...

just as rock > scissors > paper > rock

let it be said

flame > frizz.

d:angel=2 jr=0

JR said...

Get ready to have your minds blown.

I don't own a single Lou Reed or Velvet Underground record or single.

It's not about that.

It's about the fact hat Lou Fucking Reed inspired virtually everyone who matters.

It's the old adage that not many people bought Velvet Underground records, but every one who did started a band, and like half of those bands are indie rock legends. So...

Plus Lou Fucking Reed hung out with Warhol. But we'd better not go there or this NIN records will NEVER get discussed.

You are right about one thing, though: he does look like Peter Boyle's Frankenstein. Heh.


JR said...

I'm feeling a second podcast coming on, right after I make my podcast love letter to Lou Barlow.

I'm going to call it Stuff I Like: The Reason Why Lou Reed Is The Man (As In, "Man, Waiting For The").

Watch for it, coming March 2008.

JR said...

And Dino wasn't still a band. J and Lou mended fences, which was BIG NEWS two years ago.

I'm always hopelessly behind the times, and I don't care. Like I said, I just started listening to Bug in it's entirety after loving them for 15+ years.

D:ANGEL said...

I'm just saying.

J. Mascis is great on 30 ROCK.

For a band that only ever released one song, he's done quite well for himself.

JR said...

Danny Angel, I do declare, you are trying to make me so mad I have a heart attack.

Seriously, Frankie from the Boston Teens sketch on SNL (played by Horatio Sanz) looks more like the current J; in fact I always thought it was intentional.

But, once again, you've managed to out me. Almost all of the bands that I love the most have released music that is incredibly repetitive. Sure, Dino hasn't gone down a bunch of paths, but their impact is massive and unmistakable. And J is a total guitar god, so...

But I prefer to play the Place Parallel Lou Reed Rorshach Test with you. Who do you think Lou Reed looks like in this picture?

(Oh, and Iris? That's not a perm. Some people have naturally curly hair. Lou Reed is one of them. Matter of fact, so is Lou Barlow. Barlow's is nicer, IMO.)

Anonymous said...

Yet again, D:ANGEL is the only one on this board with a brain. Lou Reed=SNORE and is a biter old man (ie, NOT NICE TO BE AROUND). NIN did not make my top bands. And JR, PLEASE no podcasts from you! Too much bitching and moaning on your podcasts. And another thing, Iris stop swooning over B. Viglione- it is stupid. He is GAY and a cross-dresser. Stop being a Queer Dear. And NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, do not reopen wearing these chains. Stop the ass-licking because he's not worth it.

JR said...

Anonymous, I hate you more now than ever.

That's the most pathetic version of "hating" that I've ever seen. If you're gonna hate, BRING IT or STAY HOME.

Boo ya.

Anonymous said...

Actually JR, I was being nice. I will oblige you with some "hating" since you asked. I think you are being a passive aggressive cunt in regards to your somewhat new hire. Instead of training her properly regarding your company's procedures/processes, you trash her on your blog publicly and moan about it here too. Solve the fucking problem with more training, one-on-one communication, written documentation, etc. and make it a win-win for both of you. You needed to address it head-on the first couple of weeks. Instead you let her flounder without knowing your expectations. You are YOUR worst enemy. Just do your fucking laundry instead of airing the dirty shit on the Internet.

Ps: I am not EVEN going into the legal ramifications of your “moaning”.

Momma didn't raise no fool... pwned!

Iris said...

Gee Anonymous, homophobic much? There's nothing wrong with swooning over Brian Viglione. He's hot and I don't exactly think a little cross dressing means he's gay, as much as that would disappoint you. Bi maybe but there's nothing wrong with that either.

And legal ramifications over JR's bitching blog? Pffft...whatever. No names have been mentioned. No place of work mentioned. I hardly believe that anything she's said would be grounds for legal action.

While I'm glad we seem to have attracted some our own haters here at Places Parallel I must say that I miss Dom from WTC and his fixation with the lack of Reznor's sack. *sniffle* I miss those one-liners. Where oh where are you Dom?

JR said...

Congratulations, anonymous. Now you're hating properly.

Anonymous said...

Gee Iris, I was thinking you were the one who is homophobic. As a woman, why would you publicly fantasize about a gay man? It really speaks more towards your psychological need to conjure up a sexual sequence fulfilling your misdirected illusions. It is what it is, why your need to pretend? It's not funny nor cute.

As for the legal consequences, JR writes comments during the workday (i.e., from work). Even a non-techie could find her tracks to her writings.

Anonymous said...

Oh wait Iris! My friend just pointed out that you most likely work for the record companies! You talk about the sex and the body but rarely get around to the music.

This little pimp went to the market. This little pimp went home. This little pimp sold five. This little pimp sold none.

Zeemort said...

I don't see how publicly fantasising about a gay man is vastly different to publicly fantasising about a straight man who is otherwise unattainable.

Iris said...

Hear, hear Zee! I'm wondering the same thing. Why am I not being called out for my massive crush on all things Reznor?

Anonymous, I'm not understanding your accusation that I'm the homophobic one here.

1. Fear of or contempt for lesbians and gay men.
2. Behavior based on such a feeling.

How is anything I've said fall into that definition?

I still stand my previous statement that Brian is not gay. Amanda Palmer, however, proclaims that she is bi-sexual. Now there's a girl that I would switch hit for. She has such a lovely mouth. Shirley Manson would also be on my "women I'd do" list. I love her voice and that fiery red hair!

So, anonymous, what's that do for your little armchair psychological profile you have on me? Ooh, ooh! Can you tell me what other problems I have? Do I also have "daddy issues"? Is my loathing for children because I was never hugged enough as a child? Please tell me more!

Iris said...

Also if your "friend" would look through the comments here so far I do believe I have talked about the music on this album. Not extensively but I'm saving that for our next post.

I didn't comment on Lou Reed's or Dino's music because frankly I've never listened to any of their stuff and I don't care to. (enter JR's conniption fit here)

Even so...the record execs tell me that my check is in the mail and I should be receiving it soon. Yay!

D:ANGEL said...

"she has a lovely mouth"

What, Iris, are you stealing lines from Deliverance or something?

JR said...

Iris, BACK OFF. I don't have conniption fits on demand.

*eye roll*

And yes, you HAVE listened to Dino, they were on one of my podcasts. Though you are wise to keep that under your hat; with anonymous snooping around, you'll probably get outed for it somehow having been illegal to have listened to J Mascis wail on a guitar.

If it ain't illegal, it ought to be.

It probably also means that you're a homophobic fag, too, according to anonymous.

Oh! That would be a fun blog.
According To Anonymous
a list of contradictions and how goddamned illegal they are
****watch yer back****

maise said...

I don't even know where the fuck to jump in on this.

Anonymous, you hate on the most random fucking shit. Goddamn.

D:ANGEL said...

Dan > Maise

Just to stir up more shit.

maise said...

Maise = -Lou Reed + or - the square root of (Dan squared - 4JR)/2(Anonymous)

D:ANGEL said...

This just in:

I'm awesome.

D:ANGEL said...

I can't argue your math, maise. as usual your math is sound.

D:ANGEL said...

tickets for TestAmenT?



Iris said...

Oh yeah? Well.

Tickets for Bill Cosby?


Nah...I guess it doesn't have the same ring to it but at least I won't leave with bleeding eardrums.

maise said...

Oh yeah? Well, tickets to Lollapalooza (starring Radiohead and--please God?--NIN)...NOT yet purchased but salivated over.

JR said...

Bill Cosby is a hack.

D:ANGEL said...

What's funny is that Dinosaur Jr. is opening for Bill Cosby.


How dare you.

Did you even _see_ GHOST DAD or LEONARD part 6?

JR said...

Just as Renee Zellweger was had at hello, I was lost at Jello Pudding.

Actually, did you know that Bill Cosby auditioned to be in the Velvet Underground? They picked Moe Tucker instead.

D:ANGEL said...

Did you know Lou Reed auditioned for the role of Theo on the Cosby show only to be beat out by Malcolm Jamal Warner?

Lou wishes he had ever done something as brilliant as the Cos' 1983 concert film BILL COSBY: HIMSELF. It holds up to this day.

JR said...

That bit about childbirth? Cos stole that from Gallagher.

And I knew there was a reason that I didn't like Malcolm Jamal Warner.

D:ANGEL said...

No one has ever stolen comedy from Gallagher.

JR said...

They wouldn't f'ing DARE.

D:ANGEL said...

yeah, for fear of being showered in mallet-ed watermellon.

Oh, Gallagher, you KILL me.

JR said...

I found this "undergrond" footage on YouTube of Cos smashing some Jello Pudding Pops with a hammer, but it's been pulled.

It might have been him on a bender, I don't know.

maise said...

Somewhere in JR's home is a Cosby sweater covered in vaginal secretions and bitter, bitter tears.

JR said...

Actually, Maise, I keep it in my glove compartment.

Iris said...

This is one hell of a fucking deal if there's any truth to it at all!

D:ANGEL said...


NIN, Radiohead, Dino Jr. and Lou Reed all


By the best song written.

Iris said...

I can't get it to play but is this song really called "More Than Meets The Eye"? What is this...death metal by the Transformers? Go Optimus Prime!

JR said...

It should be called "More Than Meats The Aye" if it wants to be cool.

JR said...

Awesome grammar-based humor.

Take THAT, Cos!