Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hello, readers!

As I'm sure most of you already know, Places Parallel got its start as the spinoff or illegitimate child of Wearing These Chains, a site dedicated to the delusional and quixotic love of Trent Reznor. And in honor of our roots, and in light of the fact that most of you dear readers are just as obsessed with The Big Giant Head as we are, we have decided to help you celebrate the holiday with your very own Vale-NIN-tines. Print them out, cut them out, share them with your fellow goths!

Love to you all!

Maise and Iris

And for the Mac lover in your Trent! And Gabriel!


Ro said...

And on this VD, may none of you contract VD!

Anonymous said...

Great job, guys--I especially like the two cat massage. And just what I needed at just this moment--a hearty laugh.


Zeemort said...

Aww, man.
I've been totally bummed out all day and these made me smile :>

I haven't sent anything to my better half actually, but we had a "no gifts/cards/other mushy crap" plan this year.
Mostly because we were planning on seeing each other
and then didn't.

Long distance relationships can suck a fat one.

Anonymous said...

I got a new pink couch (sectional!), so that was Valentine's Day for me. Yesss.

We've decided the color is "ham".

Iris said...

Well I hope everyone took Ro's advice and had a safe Valentine's. If not then I hope you at least won't get an anonymous email like this in the next few days or weeks. I can see where some people would want to use this for good but I imagine there are a whole lot more people who would use this for revenge. lol.

Anonymous said...

For those Post-Valentine's Day licks:

Iris said...

I think I have the flu.

102 degree temperature. ✓
Achy body. ✓
Unproductive coughing. ✓
Seeking pity from everyone. ✓✓

This is so unfair. We're supposed to be leaving on vacation later this week.

Boo-hoo. :(

maise said...

Get well *soon*, Iris! You don't want to be stuck on a plane with congestion...have been there, done that, and it was no fun!

Iris said...

Is everyone out watching the lunar eclipse? It's pretty cool but it's almost over! you guys have any clue how hard it is to take picures while on a bumpy, snow drifty road? -BAH- Hopefully will have something worth showing once we get to Maise's house.

Anonymous said...

I caught Iris' flu.
Hopefully it passes as quickly as Iris' seems to have.

Iris said...

I hope it passes quickly for you JR but I'm not a whole lot better just yet. But I wasn't going to let our plane tickets go to waste. I can deal with being a medicine head for a trip to Lake Tahoe, CA. Aww yeah! Bring on the 30 degree weather, baby! :D

maise said...

Oh God, now I'm sick.

Oh, and nothing's happening in music, so in Places Parallel-land, it's still Valentine's.

Iris said...

Well I've got a little something to share but I don't have the most reliable internet access out here to load it up. Even on vacation I'm still "hard at work" to find PP content. ;) Doesn't hurt that the content in this case still kicks ass. (Hope that link works, no preview mode on my phone)

Iris said...

Okay so it doesn't seem to work but you guys will see sioon enough. But now it's time to go hitch a ride to the top of the mountain to check out the view. Hee!

Anonymous said...

How much does Trent Reznor pay you to write this dribble including Wearing These Chains website?

Anonymous said...

Um, guys? Assuming you're not all dead from the plague, I suggest you check out right fucking now.

Insert keyboard mashing and COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF CAPSLOCK here.

Anonymous said...

New NIN album available NOW!Exciting Times.

Iris said...


DID ANYONE HEAR THIS COMING? I've been such a bad fan and haven't really been checking in on anything lately.

Just ordered the limited edition set. Damn you Trent for parting me with my money...again. Should arrive just in time for my birthday. Will probably be the only thing I'll get since I just blew the birthday budget.

maise said...

Wait, wait, wait, wait...did we just get our first HATER???? Oh please, don't leave us! I've felt so second-string since WTC closed shop.