Sunday, September 2, 2007

YouTube Discovery of the Week, Part 1

YouTube is full of the weird and the wonderful, the baffling and the retarded, complete wastes of everyone's time and, occasionally, works of pure genius. In part 1 of a possible series, I bring you one of these videos, by a pair that I'm dubbing the Ghostland Observatory Kids.

How cute are these kids with their DIY music video? I can't tell if they're boyfriend and girlfriend or brother and sister, but I don't care. They're adorable (even though brothers and sisters who would be this close kind of weird me out sometimes. I think in this case it would be the crotch shots that would bother me). I love the way they're working the polka dots, stripes, matching pink belts, the screwy faces, and the dance moves for the camera. And damn if the song isn't pretty catchy, too.

I think what I like about this most is how it takes me back, like way back, to a time in like 4th grade when I would go over to my BFF's house, and we would do this exactly same thing...sans camera. We would practice our best New Kids on the Block dance moves with "The Right Stuff" blasting out of her boombox in our totally hip denim jackets adorned with the oversized buttons featuring the face of our favorite boy. -sigh- Jonathan was so dreamy and was destined to be my future husband. Obviously, that didn't pan out like I thought.

Ahh...youth. I don't think these two kids have quite as much to be embarrassed about later on down the road as what I have just admitted to, but if they eventually will be, it was a much larger audience who witnessed their youthful faux pas.

Stay tuned for next week's discovery.


maise said...

These teens are mesmerizingly fresh-faced and attractive. Very cute video!

Anonymous said...

I love the video and REALLY love the confession. Iris you are not alone in the NKOTB club. Back in Jr. High the weekends were spent learning new dance moves from the newest New Kids videos with my BFF.

I'm sorry to say that when the video for NIN's "Wish" first came out I was heavily into NKOTB and thought that NIN were a bunch of freaks.

Oh the irony!

Zeemort said...

I see your fresh-faced teens and raise you camp japanese aerobics.

(Okay, I'll be honest, I've been looking for an excuse to post this for DAYS)

Iris said...

Zee that is the GAYEST thing I've ever seen. And that was before I got to the weird gratuitous nipple shot. What the fuck were you searching for when you happened across that? NO. Wait. I don’t need to know.

JR said...

So, Zee, is that like the Japanese version of OKGO?

And Iris, the way you talk about your "discovery", and in the same breath as NKOTB, no less, you sound like the next Maurice Starr. If you leak that Bobby Brown is about to make a comeback, that will clinch it.

Meanwhile, back to this YouTube vid: it's so cute to see a girl and her first gay boyfriend. Ah, the old days.

Lavender said...

That was horrifying and hilarious.

Speaking of crappy '90's boy bands, does anyone watch Mission: Man Band on VH1? I didn't want to, honest- but now I am totally hooked. It's like not being able to turn your head away from a car crash.

Danny Angel said...

A few things:

As for Trent's Tantrums, or Trentrums, I think he was totally justified. I've been there, not just in music, but in life, so I don't fault him one bit. He's human, he's mad.

Here's a little more:

Also that guy and girl in the Ghostland Observatory vid are engaged to be married...!

Lavender said...

It is beyond me why someone would pay $80 (or so) a ticket to heckle?!!!

Tigs said...

That's the trouble with festivals - too many idiots.

maise said...

Whew, I'm back home from Vegas...not with a hangover but a sinus infection. Meh.

More to come...