Thursday, December 3, 2009

Part 2: Aaaaand, I'm Back!

Bonus IM transcript from the other night:
(because it's fucking funny)


Maise: Holy shit...they put up a signed, smashed NIN guitar for charity, and the current bid is $2500!

Iris: Whoa!

Maise: Oh barf, I think Aaron North signed this one.

Iris: Meh

Maise: It's kind of adorable how Trent draws the little NIN logo. Like, "Yeah, it's still an awesome logo."

Iris: lol. Can I just say I hate how he does it though.

I know you're in a rush TR, but would it kill you to make the box a proper rectangle? What's this rounded edges and random line shooting off?

Maise: LOL. It would be like if I tried to do it.

Iris: Well but after thousands and thousands of autographs I'd think he'd have it down by now.

Draw an L, draw another L. BAM! Rectangle.

But I suppose even that would be hard since he holds his autographing pens like he's got a monkey fist.

Maise: LOLOLOLOL! I didn't notice.

Iris: Did you ever see the video of him signing the first Ghosts package?

Maise: That's right. I'm really unobservant.

Iris: Not me man. I watched that a bunch of times. Like "aww...look at him signing MY copy!" ;)


Iris: I wish you had sound on your computer because that sigh he does as he reaches for the first book is just so loaded with meaning.

"-sigh- It's going to be a long fucking day."

Maise: Who taught him how to hold a pen?

He wasn't taught by nuns, I'll tell you that much. LOL

Iris: I'm telling you! MONKEY FIST!

Maise: What a weird way to hold a pen!

Iris: He holds it between his first finger and middle finger instead of first finger and thumb. Try writing anything like that. It feels so weird!

Maise: But vertically too.

Iris: And explains his penmanship so much.

Maise: I'm trying to recreate how he does this. He doesn't use his index finger at all. He writes with his thumb only. With the pen resting on the middle finger, I think.

That is WEIRD! The index finger curls around and doesn't do anything.It kind of does make you write like him a bit.

I don't know how he doesn't wind up with the marker all over his hand

Iris: lol. How many extra views did we just add to that video watching how he holds a pen?

Maise: No more than the girls who watch it in order to lick the screen.


Isabel said...

I agree that Aaron could come over as a bit of a dick, but his guitar playing was great - I love his take on The Big Come Down

Isabel said...

I just had to go and write something to test out how I do it - yes bizarre, but in a kind of cute way. I miss these days when amusing things were put on the front of

Isabel said...

Is this some sort of homage to Trent, saying you will be posting and then going awol again? just like he's just done on his twitter, the tease

Iris said...

Nah, I really do have intentions of making my way on here more regularly. Still feeling a little lack of inspiration though. Winter blues are kicking in early this year even though we just got a bunch of snow which normally makes me happy, happy, happy.

Been trying to search out new music because I'm sick to death of what all is on my iPod now. There's a lot of good stuff on there but you can only listen to it so many times before it starts losing that something.

What have you been up to, Isabel? Have all your Christmas shopping done yet?

Isabel said...

You get snow? We haven't had proper snow in ages, it's that Gulf stream keeps our weather really mild. I would love a White Christmas for a change, usually it's just grey and miserable. I'm pretty much sorted for Xmas - My little boy is still at the stage where the wrapping is more exciting than the present, but we're hoping this year he will be able to enjoy opening his presents for the first time.
I'm going to see Depeche Mode next week too, so that's exciting.

D:ANGEL said...

If you are in a winter kind of mood, can I suggest Immortal's "At The Heart of Winter" album?

No snow here in California, but it did rain.

Isabel said...

Have you seen this? It is really worrying, I've had it with the music industry!

What is now worrying me is that I take a few camcorder shots of my little boy and put them on vimeo - am I going to get sued because there is something on TV in the background which infringes copyright?

BTW Depeche Mode were fantastic (loved the spinning DM globe which actually gets the anticipation going before the gig starts, that doesn't happen very often these days) Dave Gahan was on top form for somebody recovering from illness

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

maise said...

Hi everyone!

Had to take a bit of a holiday break...sorry!

This year, I chose to be the Christmas martyr...I did most of the shopping and present-wrapping, cleaned the whole house in order to host my side of the family, baked three kinds of cookies, and cooked an entire roast beef dinner with Yorkshire puddings. When I decide to take something on, I tend to be very control freak-y about it and won't accept any help. Given that I nearly lost my mind towards the end of December, I think I've learned my lesson!

At any rate, Mr. Maise and I had a wonderful new year with Iris and Mr. Iris, and now it's back to the daily grind. And there will be more Places Parallel updates to come!

Happy new year, everyone!