Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Trent Once Again Has Blown Up the Internet...

With vague photographic evidence of some sort of musical work taking place. The news has not only resurrected me, but it has also crashed, so I won't be able to steal said photos for this post. I can describe them as pictures of some sort of synth-looking equipment and wires...the posts are entitled "?", which pretty well describes my reaction to them. However, we all know that when Trent gets coy, he's about to unveil something new to his hungry disciples.

Fortunately for us at Places Parallel, we have the "inside track," so we can inform you all that Trent and his wife are working on a single AND a video...we can't wait to hear their gothed-up cover of Paula Abdul's "Opposites Attract"!

Now, I know it seems a bit cheesy, but lyrically, I can understand why they relate so well to this song:

"I like it quiet
And I love to shout
But when we get together
It just all works out...

I take it easy
Baby I get obsessed...

Nothing in common but this trust
I'm like a minus, she's like a plus
One going up, one coming down
But we seem to land on common ground
When things go wrong we make corrections
To keep things moving in the right direction
Try to fight it but I'm telling you Jack
It's useless, Opposites Attract..."

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Isabel said...

Hi there - Happy Valentine's Day - spent half of it working, husband has had an operation on his knee after falling on some ice and rupturing a tendon and is in a brace, so life is somewhat hectic looking after him and a 2 year old and attempting to keep up at work.

Still, I am somewhat excited by the stuff - though I really want TR to take his time with his next work so I don't want something released TOO quickly.

Hope things are going swimmingly with you all and am so glad you haven't given up on blogging!

Trent doing Paula Abdul - that would be a treat

maise said...

Thanks Isabel!

God, we're going to have to do something about the spam around here. If it's not one thing, it's another...

Life is super-crazy-busy here as always. Just when I think I have some time to devote to my creative pursuits, work blows up. Bah!

Isabel said...

I have managed to live for the entire past year without ever clicking on a Lady G*g* related link, or story, or having seen her or heard her music. It's been quite tricky but am I being harsh, is she worth a listen?

Songfacts said...

OK, this is weird. Went to Places Parallel to research our Amanda Palmer interview, and we learn that Trent is covering "Opposites Attract." By some crazy coincidence, our next interview is with the guy who wrote that song - a great dude named Oliver who got to coach Paula Abdul on how to record her vocals.

オテモヤン said...


Anonymous said...

you are a fucking cunt maise. i hope you choke on trent's pre-mature dick and die bitch.

Isabel said...

So are you going to come out of hiding at any time soon?

D:ANGEL said...

The ladies are all about "facebook" these days. Only place I see them (unless we're in Chicago visiting or they are here in LA visiting).

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Isabel said...

So D:Angel - are you going to see Megadeth do their 'Rust In Peace' in full tour? If so, I hate you - they should so bring this to the UK. I'm on the Megadeth mailing list and they should have something that filters out messages about things we can't see!

D:ANGEL said...

Isabel - I saw it along with "Gabriel" last week. It was pretty mindblowing. I wore that album out as teenager. So to see all of it played live?


You find me on facebook. This place seems to be a ghost town!

D:ANGEL said...

"should find" rather.