Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dresden Dolls to do D.C.

I recently received this email from the Dresden Dolls with some excellent news:


we have the best news ever.

the dresden dolls are going to be playing in washington DC on the very historic night of barack obama's inauguration - january 20th, 2009 - in washington DC.

is this amazing?
this is so amazing.
you should come.

the event is going to be held at the 9:30 club, one of our favorite places to play EVER.

we are going to be on a bill with michael franti, talib kweli, the honey brothers (with adrian grenier), and jamie burke.

doors are at 8:00 PM.

the tickets cost $50.
presale is HERE
password RTV
public sale is thursday at 10 AM at

let's start this new chapter of american - and world - history in style and with rock love.

if you aren't already plugged into this (and you should be, aren't you on the obama mailing list?), the day before the inauguration (january 19th) is NATIONAL DAY of SERVICE.
gazillions of americans who run non-profit organizations are hosting events in YOUR area....and you probably have the day off.

from the site:
Every time our nation faces crisis, our national experience has shown Americans rise to the challenge. While government has an important role to play in helping rekindle our economy and addressing the problems of a distressed nation, President-elect Obama believes each of us, as Americans, have a responsibility to do what we can for our communities and fellow citizens. We are one nation.

check out the website and go do something awesome for your country on monday:

this is it.

change starts now.

amanda & brian !

It's great to hear that Amanda and Brian will be playing together and I highly recommend anyone who is in the area or within driving distance to brave the weather and go, Go, GO! Watching Obama's inauguration and catching the Dolls all in a 24hour period...well, I can't think of a better way to spend a day.

Want to make your own Obama-ized picture like the Dolls at the top of this post, then check out Obamicon.Me. It's kinda fun. I think you have to register for an account to get it to work. It has also been picking up quiet a bit of site traffic lately so loading your picture could take a minute or two but it's still something definitely worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

oh i could think of a better way to spend the day

1. shopping for glasses to see which pair make me look the most like jarvis cocker
2. practicing my wart removal skills
3. adding to my firewood collection
4. reading the dictionary
5. re-reading the dictionary
6. selecting the most fragrant, blemish-free meyer lemons in the organic grocery store, bringing them home, cutting them in half and squeezing the juice into my eyes
7. watching soap operas
8. going to starbucks
9. defrosting my freezer
10. defrosting my oven
11. frosting a cake
12. designing my new line of do rags
13. recycling
14. feeding barbecue to senior citizens
15. shopping for a new phone
16. watching a mary hartman, mary hartman marathon, marathon
17. proofreading teh bible
18. eating half a dozen donuts at an overeaters anonymous meeting
19. cleaning my ears out with my keys
20. donating blood
21. getting a flu shot
22. listening to led zeppelin
23. pulling up my socks
24. checking the batteries in all of my smoke detectors
25. screaming
26. at the top of my lungs
27. getting my ged
28. making my own cheez whiz
30. checking the oil
31. in my car
32. lots of other stuff

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

33. giving myself a home perm
34. learning how to make neon signs
35. getting mah hearin' tested (what?)
36. self-teaching how to read braille
37. weaving
38. interviewing bob vila
39. smelting
40. loving kevin shields
41. reorganizing my rock garden (led zeppelin here, zz top there...)
42. watching QVC
43. buying things off QVC
44. making and egg salad sandwich
45. plucking my eyebrows into an attractive shape
46. crying
47. sweating profusely
48. quietly sobbing
49. inventing a solution to something that was previously unsolved
50. patrick swayze marathon (roadhouse, dirty dancing, you get the idea)
51. whittling
52. swimming with the dolphins
53. knitting
54. wrestling an alligator
55. practicing my survivalist skills
56. restocking the bomb shelter
57. restocking da bomb shelter
58. auditioning for reality TV shows
59. making prank phone calls
60. drinking decaf

Iris said...

You know, after the day I had today, I'd like to revise my statement. A better way to spend the day would involve a house that doesn't go up in flames. Or another house whose pipes don't freeze or burst.

Goddammit. Fuck winter. Seriously.

SunshineAnonymous said...

What happened glittery Iris?

ps: make that other Anonymous go away. Everyone knows to buy one of those vib. rabbit cell phones.

SunshineAnonymous said...

Ya got me worried. Did your house burn down?

Iris said...

No, not my house. My in-laws house. So they're staying with us until they get things sorted out with the insurance company. But the second night they were here a pipe froze in our basement because of the freezing temps we've had lately and the damned thing burst. Water all over the fucking basement that we were trying to clean up for them to stay in. -GAH- My Mom and hubby fixed the pipe and everything is dry now but it's just been fucking stressful.

SunshineAnonymous said...

They are lucky to have you. Keep warm!

Anonymous said...

61. go pantyhose shopping with Lady GaGa
62. faux finish my bathroom walls
63. participate in a sleep study
64. highlight your hair
65. work on my russian accent
66. write lengthy piece for the huffington post
67. harvest tea
68. plan family reunion
69. organize earrings
70. stand in line with priceless heirlooms for Antiques Roadshow
71. prepare kielbasa in ketchup for tailgating party
72. grow a bag of tomatoes
73. file my nails
74. file your nails
75. recite the contents for a big mac, in reverse (two all beef patties...oh, shit)
76. make chicken stock
77. caulk the tub
78. switch wallets
79. make tortillas from scratch
80. start Jim Kerr fan club
81. get a penpal
82. catch up on my ironing
83. shop for tater mitts
84. shop for taters
85. critique "three's company"
86. build a city of playing cards
87. hold my breath
88. go through my neighbor's trash
89. make prank phone calls
90. take the Rascal out for a spin
91. take the rascal out for a spin
92. study scientology
93. decide that's l ron's kid, not tom's
94. be judgmental
95. make a sandwich
96. set up my icehouse
97. look for shooting stars
98. first base, second base, third base, home run
99. be a better band than the pixies
100. exert my influence

JR said...

You guys can have your Obama - I've got nine days till Gaffney and I'm already getting emotional.

Yes I can!
Yes I can!
Yes I can!

And am.
And will.

JR is now in the Anonymous business said...

Eight days, jerkies.
And I'm recording the show as a keepsake.

Isabel said...

So JR - 8 days have pretty much gone - did it go well? Are you still basking in Gaff adoration?

AnonymousAnonymous said...

I miss Trent and his crazy coconut ways!

maise said...

Hi everyone!

When I get overwhelmed with life, I tend to avoid this site because I feel guilty about not posting anything new.

But JR, please tell us all about your Gaffney experience! We can even turn it into a Guest Author post...cause it's not like I've got anything good to say about music. I've been watching MOVIES. Movies that break my heart, like "The Wrestler."

D:ANGEL said...

I like when Ram starts singing Ratt and says how that "pussy Kurt Cobain ruined music"


JR said...

Maise, I have audio and pics. Email me and we can negotiate a guest post about the awesomeness that was EAG, and my souvenir.

JR said...

PS - we got a call at work, quite out of the blue, asking if we had availability/interest in booking a Dinosaur, Jr date.


THAT Dinosaur, Jr.


Oh, the souvenir I would get at THAT show...

D:ANGEL said...

That sounded dirty, JR.

maise said...

Will do, JR. Look for an email in the next day or two. I could email you right now, but I just got to third base with my gyno, and I'm feeling a little violated. I think I might read a book and take a nap.

JR said...

Good, DA - it was supposed to.

D:ANGEL said...

Ok, what is wrong with me? I just bought a black 7-string "flying V" guitar even though I KNOW FOR A FACT I will not be able to play it for seveal months.

AnonymousAnonymous said...

DA, maybe it's the ghost of KC that provoked you to buy it.

D:ANGEL said...

Kurt wouldn't have the balls to LOOK at the guitar I just got, let alone try to destroy worlds by shredding on it like I will.

It looks like this but this one is a lefty:


JR said...

Looks high pitched.