Wednesday, August 20, 2008

RIP LeRoi....

I got laid to your music quite regularly in college and blame Dave, not you, for DMB's recent suckitude.

From the Dave Matthew Band website:

We are deeply saddened that LeRoi Moore, saxophonist and founding member of Dave Matthews Band, died unexpectedly Tuesday afternoon, August 19, 2008, at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in Los Angeles from sudden complications stemming from his June ATV accident on his farm near Charlottesville, Virginia. LeRoi had recently returned to his Los Angeles home to begin an intensive physical rehabilitation program.


D:ANGEL said...

No comment as I've never heard any DMB.




"GLENN DANZIG: I've never thought about it, really. I'm pretty busy & don't even have the time to do all the things i'd like to do, let alone start or be in another band.
Hank III and I did a Couple Tracks together when we were rehearsing for the 666 Show. I also did my 1st duet of my career with Melissa Auf De Mar on a Track for her new CD."

maise said...

So which part of this is the big news?

Anonymous said...

I've seen some of the 666 show on youtube. Fucking amazing! I really hope he does an album with Hank III. No offense to Jerry Cantrell, but I like Hank III better.

Check it out.


D:ANGEL said...

How dare you, Maise.

"I also did my 1st duet of my career with Melissa Auf De Mar on a Track for her new CD"


Auf did a bitchin' cover of Devil's Plaything - so that would be a GREAT duet.

All the live trax from that 666 show with Hank III were awesome.

maise said...

Melissa Auf De Maur...oh, the chick who replaced either James Iha or D'arcy Wretzky in the Smashing Pumpkins.