Saturday, August 9, 2008

Maise is Haunting Facebook!

Okay, so I just got back from Part I of My Summer Vacation, it's really late, and I should be in bed already because I have to work tomorrow (the part-time gig), but the Real-World Me recently friended someone on Facebook who has a lot of compromising details in his profile. Because I'm the paranoid sort, I wanted to make sure that his profile was set to "private" because we've got some mutual friends who would be none-too-pleased by said compromising details, were they to discover them via a link from my profile. And the only way I was going to successfully test the security of his profile at 1:30 in the freaking morning so that I could get a peaceful night's sleep was to create a new profile, one unbefriended by the compromised person in question.


The point of all this is that your own "Tragic Maise" is on Facebook! If you have a Facebook account of your own and would like a NIN fanbitch as *your* friend, then by all means, look me up!

I had a lovely time on holiday, but my internet access is (fortunately for me) short-lived, as this ghost dog will be heading to the Caribbean this coming week! (It's a veritable orgy of used annual/vacation leave around here, but the one solid perk of my job is that they give me lots.)

So while I'm gone, please continue to discuss all things musical, or more likely than not, nonmusical. Or make it like Monty Python's "Argument Clinic" in here...doesn't bother me while I'm sitting on a beach, drinking a fruity drink.

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JR said...

I think that we should try to make Maise the Tina Chen of Facebook, and get her 1,000,000 friends. I'm doing my part by breaking the rules of Facebook and opening a second account as Jay Are. (Yeah, I'm clever, I know.) You all need to befriend Tragic on Facebook, and then Tragic needs to record a cover of Tina's seminal "Missouri".

But, other than that, I have this. I can't say much more than that, but at least watch the clip and learn about something that is very important to me.

You owe me.

Since none of your sorry asses can be bothered to give me any feedback or ideas on my Spooktacular event. Funk you ALL to HELL.

P.S. Bernie Mac died. Not a good year for comics; first Carlin, now Mac. I have a bad feeling that Newhart is next. (Please take that as it is intended, as a premonition, not as a threat.)