Thursday, January 10, 2008

Reunited and It Feels So Good

From Marilyn Manson's myspace:

The duo that started it all, are back together to finish where they left off. The two who co-wrote "Antichrist Superstar," "Mechanical Animals," and "Holywood" will be sharing the stage once again.

Joining Manson and Twiggy onstage for the U.S. leg of the Rape of the World Tour will be Chris Vrenna, Rob Holliday, and Ginger Fish. Tim Skold has amicably split with Manson, but future collaborations aren't being ruled out between the two.

Expectations for the upcoming tour are best described by quoting one of Manson's most infamous lyrics, "Everyone will suffer now". Looks like the shit is gonna hit the FANS.

Great. That's just great, Jeordie. You're out of Trent's band for like 5 minutes and you're back in Manson's arms? Ah...well...maybe some good can come of this. Like shaving your eyebrows and ditching that shaggy, mullet-esque haircut you've been sporting for the past few years.

Honestly the time spent with El Rezzo really hasn't been Twiggy's most fashionable era. The hair, the matching outfits, the vapid stare on and off stage (are we sure he's off drugs?) just hasn't been all that interesting. But I think we can all agree here that back in the day dude looked cute in a dress.

Well maybe not always.

But his willingness to dork out with Star Wars has always been endearing. Whoops! I see your panties! Yes, ladies, I admit I kind of had a soft spot for Twiggy back when no one knew better. Any of you out there willing to admit it or am I in my own private Idaho here?

Perhaps it's a bit superficial to only think of style choices here on their "grand reunion" but really, does anyone actually listen to Manson anymore?

(stay tuned for the upcoming Dresden Dolls concert review by Maise.
For those wanting a sneak peek, look here.)


maise said...

Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, Iris! I've been feeling so guilty about my unwritten DD review, but between a mysterious power outage at home, work, and getting my annual violation from the ladyparts doctor, I just haven't been feeling the magic. Stay tuned, folks!

Meanwhile, Chris Vrenna...LOL!

Anonymous said...

Tina Fey is totally going to play Maise in Places Parallel: The Movie. I'm just sayin'.

Iris said...

Ooh! Maybe we could help Vrenna come up with his Marilyn Manson band name. Let's see. The formula is famous model + serial killer. about:

Gisele Dahmer
Ty Ty Kaczynski
Naomi Lynn Sells

Or we could reverse the female to male name and go with like Tyson Homolka. I don't know guys. Any of these sound feasible for our little Vrenna? Oh and check out how bad boy he looks on his wiki entry.

Danny Angel said...

OK - has anyone ever heard of the band Mayhem? Crazy stuff. Murder, church burnings, suicide.

Anonymous said...

Since Vrenna has played with so many bands, the last name has to be that of a prolific serial killer. Hence, Ridgway, for the Green River killer

And the first name should be that of an omnipresent model. So of course that's Tyra.

So I'm going with Tyra Ridgway.

rocko said...

Chris himself looks like a potential victim of Ted Bundy.

Anonymous said...

Well he is a current victim of Marilyn Manson.

God! I can't help but feel like this is a backwards step for Jeordie.

For the last couple years I've found it hard to refer to Jeordie as anything but Twiggy cuz that's how I've always loved him... a freak in a dress and make-up.

But now I can't see him back in the habbit (so to speak). It's too depressing and slightly self depricating.

He seemed to have moved on to better things (Goon Moon) and now he's ? Reminicing? trying to help a friend? WTF?

My vote for Chris's stage name:

Bettie Starkweather

Iris said...

I'm in agreement with you here Anonymous. I joke that Jeordie/Twiggy needs to get back in a dress but it somehow just wouldn't be the same. Kinda like if Trent were to decide to go back to his leather hot pants and fishnets days. It just wouldn't feel sincere not to mention either man would look a bit ridiculous.

And Betty Starkweather? Cute! It seems to fit. :D

Anonymous said...

i don't get those NIN fans who want Trent to grow his hair out and go back to the leather. He'd look like a freak. An old freak trying to re-capture his youth.

Bettie Starkweather came from nowhere. I was thinking of Bettie Page and I googled Serial Killer and Starkweather just stood out on the page.

But it does seem to go together nicely.

I really do hope that the dress and the make-up is all Jeordie/Twiggy will get back into. The drugs and dick waving shit is so cliche' rock star and apparently MM is playing that one into the grave.