Tuesday, July 29, 2008

T Minus 3 Days and Counting...

It's now just three days before Lolla kicks off and the excitement is damned near palpable here at Casa de Iris. The camera batteries are fully charged, the memory card has been cleared off, clean underpants have been packed...in short, we are SO ready to be rocked.

I've been keeping an eye on NIN.com which has resumed photoblogging from the road and what I've seen there has me seriously pumped up. The stage production looks fantastic! It seems as though we're going to get the setup that was lacking in Vienna last year. That's not to say that Trent and Co. didn't give it 110% with the performances we attended but the "Year Zero tour" took such a minimalist approach to stage aesthetics in the beginning. I suppose the idea was to echo the dystopian future laid out in the ARG storyline but damn man, a couple of swinging lamps does not a stage production make. Although...Cardboard_Trent was comedic gold.

So anyhow, I've been trying not to read too many concert reviews because I still want to be surprised at our show on Sunday but that's proving difficult since my curiosity is piqued. While poking around the Ninternets tonight I came across a radio interview Trent did recently for Q101 in Chicago.

For those who can't listen right off, Trent teases us about a possible collaboration between himself and Saul this weekend, hints at a secret project still in the works with Year Zero along the lines of a TV/internet series, and generally talks about his current situation as a free agent and what it's entailed for him thus far. He even cracks a joke about no longer needing sleep now that he's 70 years old after the interviewer brings up the fact that NIN is nearing its 20 year inception anniversary. Really? 20 years? I think that would bring him up in Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame eligibility age. But that's another story for another day.

If you're having trouble keeping up with the rapid fire, nightly photo updates you can check the unofficial NIN.com Blog & Media Archive. It can take a few hours from the time a picture is first posted on NIN.com but they usually have everything archived by the next morning.


Iris said...

Oh and here's where I reveal myself as a crusty old lady with no sense of youth, but who takes a child this young to a NIN concert? Or to any concert that isn't Elmo & Friends for that matter?

I may be a bit biased against children at this moment since I had a kid around the same age as the one in the picture flip me the bird and tell me to "fuck off" after he pulled out in front of me on his bike and I nearly hit him a few weeks ago. Punk ass, little shit. If I'd had a few more minutes for lunch I probably would have chased him down the street with the truck just to scare him a little.



No respect, I tell ya.

maise said...

So listening to that interview, I realized that I was supremely annoyed by the DJ's voice, and it's only because her recorded voice sounds very similar to my recorded voice (only I sound like a little girl version), and I HATE my recorded voice.

Trent, on the other hand, has a very soothing phone voice. There's something about the crisp "c" in the way he says "record." He could just record himself saying "record, record, record, record..." Maybe I'd try to fall asleep to that or something.

Isabel said...

When I was that kid's age my parents wouldn't let my sister and I go to see Kajagoogoo! What would they have made of Trent?

About the Europe tour, Trent actually commented in his infrequently updated 'spiral' blog that he was too busy working on YZ to concentrate on the lighting on that tour and his instructions 'had not been followed' so he felt bad that Europe had ben short-changed - so Trent here's your chance to make up for it by coming over here with a proper show! I bought the Slip so that's £9 towards the lighting fee already

Anonymous said...

Who else are you excited about seeing at Lolla? I don't even know who's on the lineup. Maybe I'll go check now.

Anonymous said...

And Is, you're lucky that you're parents didn't let you go see Kajagoogoo. That shit'll rot your brains like condensed milk. You should be thanking them.

Isabel said...

in my defence I was only 10!

Iris said...

Well I'm also excited to see Radiohead and Rage Against the Machine. I've never seen either and wouldn't be likely to go watch them at a show of their own. Same with Blues Traveler and Gnarls Barkley.

Right now I'm trying to absorb everything Jaime Lidell. He sounds like the male Amy Winehouse minus the drugs and insanity but way up the scale from her on talent. I'm impressed with his soul sound and also because he can improvise like this.

Then there a lot of groups that I don't really follow but am just kinda curious to see what they're about. Mark Ronson, Love and Rockets, Does It Offend You? Yeah (which is the dumbest name I've ever heard for a band), and possibly We Go To 11 just because they played a show with the Dresden Dolls who said they were impressed with the kids.

I'm also planning on following Maise and Ro around to some of the acts they want to see. Last year I probably would have skipped Regina Spektor if it weren't for the them. But Regina was pretty good. Glad I caught her act.

Oh and of course we'll be sitting in for Saul Williams. I wish I could catch Kayne West but there are some scheduling issues that I don't think we'll be able to work around. Ah well...can't see them all.

You can check out the whole list on Lolla's site. Is there anyone we should be seeing?

Iris said...

My membership to the Spiral expired in April but I remember a few tidbits from Trent's blog there. Don't remember that one but it makes sense.

I've heard rumors they're working on another site similar to the Spiral and there was even a glimpse of it a few months ago but I suppose that'll be pushed to the back burner now that they're back out on tour.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I've only heard of half of them, and haven't actually heard a single note of many of those bands listed.

Cat Power is supposed to be good, but I personally don't like female singers.

I would be checking out the Love & Rockets, cause they're awesome and risen from the ashes of Bauhaus.

I would also be checking out Stephen Malkmus, cause he was in Pavement.

And I can't believe that Blues Traveller is still travellin'. I guess I thought those dudes had hung it up, or were saving it for the jam circuit. Double yikes.

Isabel said...

Yes Iris, I only joined the spiral to get the pre-sale tickets which worked for me as we saw them 3 times in 2007. Apparently he's making the whole thing free as charging for a fan club didn't sit well with him (or so said 'teitan' on ETS).