Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lollapalooza Dreams

Okay, so my big secret project...drumroll please...Lollapallooza is running a photo contest searching for three fans to act as official photographers for this year's music festival.
From June 30 through July 15, 2008, you’re invited to submit your most awesome, sweat soaked, ringing-in-your-ears photos you’ve taken at all the live shows you go to. If we like your pictures, you’ll be selected to be an “official photographer” at this summer’s Lollapalooza, where you and a friend will receive VIP passes, airfare, and a hotel for the duration of the festival - courtesy of C3. Your photos must be submitted online through Photoshop Express and winners’ photos will be displayed on Might want to start bringing a camera to shows with you from now on.
OMFG! How AMAZING would this be if I won? OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPER! Pretty 'effing fantastic I'd say. So for two nights now I've been crawling through all the pictures and videos of shows I've taken over the past 2 YEARS. That's a TON of stuff, folks.

So here's where the "audience participation" part comes into play. The contest winners are vote based, meaning the Lolla people will pick the three pictures with the highest votes on the 15th. That doesn't give me a lot of time but I'm hoping to pull out a win. I'm still working out the process of how I'm able to get you guys to the section where you vote but I believe you have to register an account with them first. Right now you can see my entry under "Gallery, Sort By: Date Added."

For you guys to be able to vote you'll need to register an account with PSX Rock Shots. After you verify your email address you now vote on pictures. There is still no way I've found to direct link to my photo for you to be able to vote so I'm going to try and keep a link here updated to where I'm currently listed. SEE PAGE 13

See everytime someone else adds a photo mine gets pushed back and the page number changes. I'm not sure this is the best tatical plan on Lollapalooza's behalf but I'm willing to make the most of it and keep trying. The prize is certainly worth some hard work to earn.

I'm putting all the pressure on Mr. Brian Viglione of the Dresden Dolls. Fingers crossed that this is the right choice.

I apologize if this post is a little anticlimactic but my perception on this contest has changed as I start reading the fine print. Isn't that the way it goes? I'll continue to work on this so check back here for updates. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who votes for me. You can check out the rest of my photo gallery here.


Isabel said...

Wow, that is such a great action drummer photo. How did you get that? (some zoom lens?)

Iris said...

I got this shot with my Canon PowerShot S3 IS. The picture is actually snagged out of some video I took of the Dresden Doll's show Maise, Ro, and I attended where, get this, we were sitting in the BACK ROW! I love that camera so much. It has proved itself over and over that it's worth every penny I paid for it. Just hoping that I could put it to OFFICIAL good use at Lollapaolloza this year.

maise said...

It can be a pain to get through all the red tape, but it's certainly worth it to vote...IRIS FOR THE WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

I went through all the pics and didn't see Iris'. Was I too distracted? Did anyone find a way to send me a direct link, so that I may forward it on to my crew for voting purposes?

I'll definitely check in again with their site before midnight, to register today's vote.

And since I looked at *every stinking photo* I can tell you that there were only a handful that even caught my eye, Iris. If people are truly voting for the best, you should be in good stead.

Anonymous said...
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Iris said...

JR, if you go to the Gallery and Sort By: Date Added, I'm now on page 2 (or I was at lunch). Having trouble posting a link from work. Maise, can you help? Thanks for your support!

maise said...

Here's where Iris' pic is at currently.

That position may move down as time passes.

I'm slightly disgruntled by the fact that Lolla didn't publicize this contest until a few days ago, that this contest doesn't have direct links to photos you can vote for, that you have to register to vote, that new pics bury older pics, so it's harder to get noticed. Bah!

Still, the prize is pretty cool, so let's do what we now!

Also, you can vote once a day, so please keep returning to the site!

Anonymous said...

Alright, I figured it out. I also forwarded it on to my crew with request for them to forward it on, as well.

Fingers crossed!

(I'm hoping my kids can help out, since several of us used to work with Brian's mom, and one still does.)

Iris said...

Oh, hey, that's awesome! I've been emailing my ASS off all night and hoping that it pays off. We'll just have to see.

Anonymous said...

As of right now, sorting by date added, Iris' picture is on page 9, near a few other solid contenders. I wish I had some concert pictures, because winning a contest like this is the only way I'd be able to go to Lolla at this point. Best of luck!

Iris said...

Thanks Em. I fell behind watching it today. I'll bet I've sent at least 200 emails and messages over the past few days, not that you'd be able to tell that from my vote count. I don't know why they had to make it so friggin' difficult to direct people.

I shouldn't really complain because we're going to Lolla anyway. We've had our tickets bought for months now. But would have been cool to get that closer view. And I'm, for once, not talking like a total fangirl here. This would have been so amazing. Lord knows I could certainly use a little potentially life changing luck right about now.

Anonymous said...

Maise, are you still volunteering at Pitchfork this weekend?

Don't miss Sebadoh, you lucky bitch. And Public Enemy. And Mission of Burma. And Jarvis Cocker (!). And Spiritualized.

And, of course, Dinosaur, Jr.

You will have no excuse by the end of the weekend for not understanding the genius of both Eric Gaffney and J Mascis, and for not being able to decide which is better. (Hint: I can't decide, either.)

Tell Gaffney I'll see him on the 28th, and tell Mascis it's on for ATP in September.

You lucky bitch.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Iris: I have been dutifully checking in on your pic and placing my vote daily.

Cause I'm awesome.

maise said...

Yes, I am volunteering at Pitchfork...they have me signed up for Friday, when Public Enemy and Sebadoh are playing. Hopefully I'll get to do something mindless like take tickets. I'll be able to go for free on Saturday, but I also have to work that day at my 2nd paying gig, so I'm not sure what I'll be able to see. I was hoping to volunteer early on Sunday so that I could get in that day for free as well, but that wasn't in the cards. So I'll have to try to scam a cheap ticket outside the gate, I think. I really want to see Spoon!

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't miss Public Enemy. I listened to them all day out of jealousy. Give Chuck D my card; I want him to come and speak at my venue.

Meanwhile, I'm back in love with Emo Phillips.

And check this out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Maise, read these, so that you have something to talk to Eric Gaffney about:




maise said...

Thank you, JR...I'll be sure to check those out. I'm looking forward to volunteering AND I get a cool volunteer t-shirt...whoo!

Meanwhile, Iris's pic is on page 12 under "Date Added"...keep the votes coming, people!

Anonymous said...

I'm bored.

maise said...

Wow, it's like a WTC flashback.

Hm, stupid company picnic may interfere with my enjoyment of the first day of Lolla. Curses!