Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nothing Interesting Is Happening In Music.

I know, because I've just checked Idolator.

I defy you to find anything remotely inspiring going on in the world of music because it's not. I'm not eagerly awaiting an album at the moment. Don't have any concerts lined up except for a rescheduled Cure concert in MAY. No decent gossip--even Amy Winehouse is turning me off with her pathological codependency.

Is everyone taking some time off for the holidays? Have I become incurably jaded and apathetic? Or are there some new and exciting developments in the world of rock that I am not currently aware of? (Perhaps Danny Angel will have a dispatch from the world of ancient Egyptian-themed death metal.)

I want to write a funny, thought-provoking post. Really, I do! I'm just kind of at a loss.

So in lieu of actual discussion, here's a picture of our new dog, Anubis. (Speaking of ancient Egypt...) He comes home on Saturday.


Ro said...

Oh, Maise, I couldn't agree more. Even Siouxsie Sioux doesn't have anything interesting to say.

pokeydots said...

Cheer up Maise! Anubis is a cutie patootie. What's his age?

Lavender said...

Greyhounds are the best pets. A close friend had two rescues. She lost both of them within a year of each other. She adopted two new pups, both non-greyhounds. She says that she just doesn't feel right not having a greyhound. "Something is missing". I think they are one of the most intellegent, docile, peaceful animals on the planet. Congrats to you on your new addition.

Zeemort said...

He is CUTE <3
Also I am a total fag for Egyptian mythology so I <3 the name too.

Is it time for a full-blown "Hey PP, post your pets" post? Because I think it is. :B

maise said...

Thanks, guys! Anubis is 2 years old and is right off the track, so I'm expecting some harrowing housebreaking times. But once he gets the hang of that, he should be a good boy. He really seems to like our other greyhound, Cleo.

And greyhounds really are the best pets! They're very gentle and calm and so very loving. When they've decided that you're their person, they'll happily follow you all around the house. Cleo is a bit on the bossy, princess-y side, but what would you expect from a dog named after Cleopatra?

Right now on my ipod, I'm revisiting LCD Soundsystem. I'm fascinated with the song "Someone Great." It has a melancholy, novel-like feel to it.

emerald527 said...

Random comments:

Anubis is such a great name for a dog. And what a pretty coat on him!

I'm going to be spending my holiday break recuperating from jaw surgery. Go go liquid diet.

"Someone Great" is one of my favorite LCD songs. I know I'm in the minority, but I like it even more than "All My Friends," which, as you'll recall, was recently covered by everyone and their little sister.

I'll be in Chicago for the weekend to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Again, thanks for the advice you gave me so many moons ago. This time I'm finally going to get around to stuff I missed, like the Hancock Building.

maise said...

Em, sorry to hear that you have to have jaw surgery...ouch!

If you're not already on the liquid diet, then I highly recommend you fatten ourself up when you're out in Chicago. Dude, just about every restaurant in the West Loop is to DIE for. Good luck on your Japanese test!

And I'm just going to go out there and say that "Someone Great" is the best song on "Sound of Silver." But if you look at the lyrics, is the song about the end of an affair or the death of a loved one? When I've been listening to it, I always assumed that it was about the end of an affair, due to the lines, "You're smaller than my wife imagined/Surprised you were human." But I can also totally see it from the death interpretation too. What do you think?

emerald527 said...

Not on the liquid diet yet, thankfully. I've already got a good idea of where and how I'm going to stuff myself. My hotel is down the street from Orange on Harrison, and I'm totally excited about eating breakfast there again.

"Someone Great" really can be interpreted either way, but I tend to split the difference and consider it a song about the death of a loved one from James Murphy's past, someone whom his wife may have only heard of. That explains the "surprised you were human" bit; she may have only thought of the person in abstract terms because she never met them.

maise said...

Oh God, Orange! Best. Breakfast. Food. Ever.

Yeah, at first I interpreted those lines to mean that his wife saw his gf somewhere and was surprised that the gorgon she was imagining was small and human. But you could also read it as, this is a person he's been idealizing so much that his wife is surprised when she actually meets him/her and finds that he/she is human.

bridget said...

Aaron North's new band looks kinda interesting...shitty name though.

Lavender said...


Sorry about your jaw surgery. My BFF had jaw surgery today, I feel sorry for the poor little thing.

Do you know alot about the Japanese culture? Mr. Lav and I were watching Bizarre Foods on the travel channel. They were eating some pretty gross stuff. We were wondering aloud if there were foods that Americans ate that the Japanese found unpalatable. I couldn't think of one.

Hey, If we are going to have a PP post your pet, I nominate my cat! He is a blood donor. He can also give Angel cat a run for his money.

Danny Angel said...

Angelcat reigns SUPREME over his animal kingdom.

emerald527 said...

Back from Chicago. The ice storm on Saturday ruined my plans to wander up and down the Magnificent Mile, but I did eat at Orange two of the three mornings I was there. Every time I go to Chicago, my to-do list just gets longer. Oh, and the Japanese test went pretty well, I think. I'll know for sure early next year.

Lavender, it seems to me that if the Japanese don't like a Western dish as prepared according to our tastes, they'll just modify it to suit theirs. Case in point: mayonnaise on everything, pizza in particular. Also, I've found that their sweets aren't nearly as sweet as ours, but I enjoy that.

I've got a couple good stories about my cats, if this "post about your pets" thing comes to fruition.

Gabriel said...

I masturbated this morning, and made a HUGE MESS on the floor.

It was awesome.

maise said...

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the most interesting thing that is happening in music today.

Actually I do have an idea for a real post, but it will have to wait until this stupid last-minute 62-page document is proofread and my second job is attended to...

Stay tuned!

Danny Angel said...

I think Gabriel is making the claim that his "post" is the most interesting.

Gabriel said...

Oh, and Emerald? Thanks for being the ONE PERSON WITH A GODDAMNED BRAIN around here.

"Someone Great" has always been pretty clearly about the death of a parent or other loved one from one's past... Reading the whole cheating thing into it... I mean....


Lavender said...

Ho Hum,
A year ago I was in Hawaii.
Now we're sitting in 3 feet of snow. Depressing.