Sunday, May 16, 2010

How to Destroy Angels Has Released a Video!

First of all, you can watch "The Space in Between" in 1080p here.

Okay, let's discuss!

Okay, video is starting in a poorly lit hotel...kind of sounds like a slowed-down "Burn" so far, but I can go with it.

Someone has left the TV on, the water running, a cigarette burning...there's life with Mr. Maise right there.

HOLY SHIT...what has happened to our happy couple?!!!!

(click for larger size)

More monotone "singing." So I've figured out why I'm not really into HDA. It is the singing...NOT the fact that it's her and not really her voice, although no one is going to mistake her for Jennifer Hudson or anything. It's the fact that she's essentially singing Nine Inch Nails songs in a dull monotone. It might work if she were in Ladytron or something, but Trent's music is very strum und drang, emotional, cathartic. In one song, he can range from a whisper to a sexy growl to a rage-filled roar. I mean, let's face it...lyrics are not Trent's strong suit. Half the time, he's recycling lyrics from other songs. It's the WAY he sings it that draws me in. So that's why the monotone is not doing it for me at. all. Don't get me wrong--it's not a *bad* song. It's just kind of boring.


Meanwhile, Trent's not up to much in this video. "Don't pay me any mind...I'm just a corpse here...had nothing to do with the making of this song..."

And Mariqueen tries her best to be the SEXXXIEST possible dead person. Yuck.

Atticus does a good job at being sort of vaguely sinister:

But who the hell is this chatty blonde? Seriously? Who is this??

Well, it probably doesn't matter, since it's meant to be all David Lynch and mysterious, I guess. It's kind of a cool video, but it also sort of feels like something Marilyn Manson would do now that he's back together with Evan Rachel Wood. "We love each other so much we are BLOODY CORPSES!" Maybe this is all some allegory about Trent and MQ's feelings when they got into all those fights on Twitter.

About two minutes in, this production turns into an overserious remake of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance"

But I have to admit that the effects are pretty cool.

But they should have done some movie magic on the gross feet in this video:

This band hasn't released their first EP, and there are clearly already some serious tensions within the group:

I would like to point out that when CSI Miami arrives, they're going to get the phone logs for this room, and Chatty Cathy's fingerprints are clearly on it. Horatio Caine would know just what to say.

So there you have it. Kinda cool video. Boring song. Thoughts?


Iris said...

FUCK, my HTML skills are rusty!

So as I was going through the video for screenshots I was thinking:

- Is that Trent's toe? Remember when the world went crazy over the leaked picture of Trent's big toe before he scraped the whole video for "Every Day Is Exactly The Same"? Oh, it's MQ.

- MQ, I haven't seen lip-syching like that since Britney Spears

- Trent seriously looks like the most eager dead guy I've ever seen. I think it might be the blood streaks across his forehead but look at the up close of this shot. He looks like a boy scout or something. A very dead boy scout.

- Atticus would look more menencing if it weren't for the snaggle tooth. For the love of Pete, LICK YOUR LIPS, DUDE!

- This up close shot of Trent is lovely (and currently my desktop background) but this angle isn't doing his rear any favors. Trent, you haven't been married long enough to have "husband ass" but there it is anyways.

- Since when is flesh flammable? I don't have a screenshot of it but at one point MQ's arm is on fire. How does that work?

Was anyone else disappointed that just as the song and video seemed to have built up to something, it cuts off? I mean, the whole album doesn't necessarily need to be 7 minute long epic songs but come on. If this is the beginning a sequel video series (all lightly sampling Lady Gaga videos) then I hope the next features Trent in "prison for bitches". lol

Isabel said...

Nice review, I do agree on a lot of this. A lot of people made the same point about the vid cutting off on

I hope the other stuff released changes the pace up a bit. I like slow shoe-gazing stuff (quite a fan of The Cocteau Twins) but why release 2 similarly paced, similarly sung songs in succession?
(although my analysis may be way off, I've just finished a course in 'Listening to Music' and got a clarinet confused with a cello, hmmm)

Isabel said...

Just to add, maybe the whole thing is going to be a full-length vid released on DVD as well as music which is why it was abruptly cut off?

maise said...

Eh, I think I've seen all I need to see of this particular storyline. Besides, knowing Trent, if they did make additional videos about this particular story, it would be going backwards in time, leading up to them becoming well-dressed corpses. Yawn!

Oh, and happy belated birthday, Trent! I'd put together some haikus, but I've had a migraine all day, so I'm sure you understand.

Isabel said...

God how I hope this is true that TR might do the new Doom game score. - I'm an unreconstructed games gimp from way back when I had a ZX spectrum, totally the opposite to my husband who is an ex rugby playing sports fan

carolyn said...

lol. The plump and unattractive cow bell girls have gone silent now that Rolling Stones magazine (print, not online) gave HTDA a 2 rating. lol. The golddigger Mariqueen has gotten herself knocked up very quickly like a good golddigger she is! Even longtime NIN fanboy Meathead could see the truth and called a spade a spade. When the shit hit the fan last year in April, I got the fuck away from NIN. Never again. I'm embarrassed to have even wasted my time on NIN. And if you girls still believe that "creative genius" "intelligent" "innovative" or any of that other bullshit, you need your heads examined.