Monday, October 12, 2009

Can I Come Out of Hiding?

Okay, I'm SO guilt-ridden for not delivering on various concert reviews and not having enough time to post anything else (I really have been a miserable ghost bitch all month) that I've been actively avoiding this place, and that's just silly because a) I'm the cofounder of this freaking blog and b) I love you all, especially because we've been too boring for the Trolls lately.

So I'm just going to put up something quick til I can deal with all the shit that's been haunting me for MONTHS now, and I just want to let you know that my concert-going days are not over! I've got Dethklok this Saturday (definitely not my genre, but I do enjoy "Metalocalypse" on Adult Swim). Then on October 27th, Iris and Ro and I will be enjoying Saul Williams once again at a lovely intimate venue called the Double Door. Then on November 13th, Ro and I will be seeing Dhani Harrison's band, thenewno2, again (oh yeah, that's right...we saw them once at Lollapalooza, which I have yet to review...sigh), but crazy-haired Wolfmother will actually be the headliner at that show.

Anyway, I just wanted to report to you on my musical guilty pleasures because I've really been indulging them lately. Instead of my usual gothy moodiness, I've been turning to the most ridiculous pop music to motivate myself to work out and drive to the office without attempting suicide on the way and to generally crack myself up with all of these songs about "the dance floor." Dudes, I am never in clubs or on dance floors in my 30s, but apparently, I'm missing a LOT.

(gag reflex alert: Chris Brown is featured on this otherwise kick-ass song)

Okay, so she never wears pants, and she kind of looks like Marilyn Manson from some angles, but I've got to admit, I officially like Lady Gaga. She's not half as avant-garde as she thinks, or maybe she doesn't even really think she's avant-garde, but I do appreciate her humor and self-deprecation and shameless pop hooks. This video really won me over with its wacked-out medical couture and uh...a starring role by Alexander Skarsgard. The Minnie Mouse outfit at the end kind of has to be seen to be believed.

Finally, in my guilty pleasures du jour, is this, "Crazy Possessive" by Kaci Battaglia. The first time I heard this chorus, I laughed out loud. Plus, Kaci totally has a "Real Housewives of New Jersey" thing going on, so it's all priceless:

So yeah, this is what happens when Trent "retires." Places Parallel collects dust, and I start singing along to Flo Rida.


you are a real stupid fat chick said...

No Maise, you are wrong again. The NIN community doesn't read your blog because you are boring, real fugly ugly to look at, and a fatty. The videos you posted are not lulz nor interesing and dumb again.

Isabel said...

I don't envy you Americans, is everyone a workaholic in your country?

All this one or two weeks holiday a year is ridiculous, how do you do anything with your family? Of course, I may be wrong...

maise said...

So wait...Troll-y McTrollerson does NOT read this blog, yet is here to call me fat? How is that possible?

Actually, I do have a generous amount of leave at this company...they just happen to make my life miserable when I'm actually in the office.

JR said...

I'm with Maise (sorta) - I get plenty of time off, plus comp time, but unless I take more than a week at a time and/or leave town, it's hard to stop thinking about work.

On a NIN-related note, I put Broken on the other day, and realized that either I've outgrown Trent, or it's just really boring and pretty repetitive (and I tend to like boring and repetitive). Huh.

Isabel said...

Although I liked Broken / PHM my love for NIN wasn't all-consuming till the Fragile. There was a fun survey on ETS that I filled in :

Initial favorite: Terrible Lie
Actual favorite: Terrible Lie
Song I usually skip: Kinda I Want To / That's What I Get
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: The Only Time (liked it because of the Woodstock footage)

Initial favorite: Wish
Actual favorite: Wish
Song I usually skip: Last
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Suck

Initial favorite: Closer
Actual favorite: I Do Not Want This
Song I usually skip: Mr Self-Destruct
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: The Becoming (particularly after seeing the 'Still' performance and seeing it live with more piano / less fuzz)

Initial favorite: The Frail / Wretched (I think of these as one)
Actual favorite: The Big Come Down (particularly live) and the above
Song I usually skip: Complication
Song(s) I disliked initially but it grew on me: Somewhat Damaged / I'm Looking forward to meeting you finally

Initial favorite: All the Love in the World
Actual favorite: All the Love in the World
Song I usually skip: The Collector
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Sunspots / Getting Smaller

Initial favorite: Zero Sum
Actual favorite: Zero Sum / Me, I'm Not (can't choose between them)
Song I usually skip: Beginning of the End
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Survivalism

Initial favourite : 3 Ghosts I
Actual favourite : 20/21 Ghosts III
Song I usually skip : I tend to listen to this while doing other things, so don't skip
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me : 14 Ghosts II (seeing my baby dance to this improved its rating)

Initial favorite: Demon Seed
Actual favorite: Echoplex / Demon Seed
Song I usually skip: Letting You / 1million (I'm not so keen on 'punky' numbers)
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Echoplex (didn't 'dislike' as such but it certainly grew on me)

maise said...

Oh fun survey!

I'll try...

Initial favorite: Head Like a Hole
Actual favorite: Sin
Song I usually skip: Kinda I Want To
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: N/A...always loved the whole album

Initial favorite: Wish
Actual favorite: Gave Up
Song I usually skip: Suck
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Happiness in Slavery

Initial favorite: Closer
Actual favorite: March of the Pigs
Song I usually skip: The Downward Spiral
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Big Man with a Gun

Initial favorite: The Fragile
Actual favorite: Just Like You Imagined/The Big Come Down
Song I usually skip: Starfuckers, Inc./The Way Out is Through
Song(s) I disliked initially but it grew on me: Even Deeper

Initial favorite: The Hand that Feeds
Actual favorite: Right Where It Belongs
Song I usually skip: You Know What You Are/The Collector
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Beside You in Time

Initial favorite: The Good Soldier
Actual favorite: Survivalism/In This Twilight
Song I usually skip: The Greater Good/Another Version of the Truth
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Vessel

Bleh, I'm skipping this one because I do have some favorite moments, but I don't feel like figuring out what number it is precisely.

Initial favorite: Discipline
Actual favorite: 1,000,000
Song I usually skip: Letting You / Corona Radiata
Song I disliked initially but it grew on me: Demon Seed

maise said...

Also, don't be afraid to discuss your musical guilty pleasures! I've put mine out there...

Isabel said...

God, it is 10pm in the UK and I'm still working as I've got really behind, but I have a few minutes to lay my guilty pleasure on you - it would have to be Kajagoogoo! I know it is quite sad, but I actually did enjoy some of their tunes - Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran produced their White Feathers album. It was the days of 12 inch mixes and I was really into the 'Construction mix' of Ooh to be Ah. And here is a sad 80s video :

I can't really say any current guilty pleasures as I just don't listen to the radio anymore - we don't even have one - we use an i-pod sounddock and we don't get in the car much living in London

JR said...

I'll lay a TV guilty pleasure on you: Glee. Ho yeah.

JR said...

Ha Ha Ha, on the other hand, is never on this website.

JR said...

Anyway, this is all triviality - soon, all we'll be talking about is Jon Gosselin's new record.

Isabel said...

So who is Jon Gosselin JR? I don't say that to be bitchy, just interested.

I have to say I'm kind of curious as to how the 'wedding' goes off today and if any pics will be posted anywhere. I missed the whole invitation thing our kind anonymous friend posted as I saw that as I was about to go to work, where youtube is banned through the firewall and by the time I got home it had been made private.

I'm finding the whole situation on ETS of 'forbidden' topics really tiresome. What's wrong with a bit of celebrity gossip?

JR said...

Oh my god, Isabel, really? I thought everyone in the English-speaking world knew who Jon Gosselin was by now...

He is the father of sextuplets (as well as twins), and the former star of reality show Jon and Kate Plus 8, which I used to love. Then he and Kate got divorced, and he turned into a totally embarrassing mid-life douche. It was too bad, too, because I loved both he and Kate and their show.

He's been banging the babysitter, hanging with Michael Lohan and wearing a lot of Ed Hardy clothing...pretty sure he'll have a new record that will drop any day now. It's inevitable.

Isabel said...

JR, we don't get Jon and Kate in the UK, although I had heard of it, I didn't know his full name.

Anon, so is Trent allowed to get married at all? Is any other celeb held to this sort of control order by fans. Is there some sort of board of approval for who is an appropriate person for Trent to marry?

Isabel said...

Anon, this is me, going to see the Cult tonight in London, blatantly not wrist-cutting. Do you actually listen to anything that is replied to you?

maise said...

And don't forget the part where Jon Gosselin cleaned out a joint bank account and brought one of his older daughters a misspelled birthday cake.