Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just A Quickie

So I'm back from a whirlwind weekend trip to Chicago, and frankly still trying to recover from walking like 75 miles a day sight-seeing, but I just had to stop by for a minute because this is too good to not share.

Twitter + Trent Reznor = possibly the greatest thing ever.
"Have CNN on in the background and realize I'm humming the 'Jitterbug' commercial. If you've heard it - you know there's pain involved."
from TweetDeck

And the jingle he's referring to:

Sweet Jeebus. The mental image I have of him humming this little tune while dorking out with his favorite synth made me laugh so hard I snorted.

Trent, you're goddamned killing me here. When can we expect the remix?


A. Cat said...

I bet that Trent likes that it's such a clear signal and that they have US-based customer services.


Zeemort said...

That is genuinely one of the scariest mental images I've ever been subjected to.


maise said...

I think Trent also appreciates the large buttons. Who needs glasses?

AnonymousAnonymous said...

With an intellect and a savoir-faire, Prince smokes them all

D:ANGEL said...

Prince sucks.


Anonymous said...

D:Angel, you are sadly mistaken.

D:ANGEL said...

I'm really not. AT ALL.

If I am being fair, he is exceedingly average at guitar. At best. I could list well over 100 guitar players off the top of my head who would make him look foolish. If you know talent in guitar players, you will not fight me on this.

He wrote some good pop songs in the 80s but just because he is a hermit and changes his name, etc doesn't make the music any better. My hat is off for him for the way he has managed his image but the guy is a pop singer and an average guitar player, period.

AnonymousAnonymous said...

D:Angel make love not war

D:ANGEL said...

How dare you.

I play guitar better than Prince said...

Click here for the Wikipedia entry on Prince's musicality

Isabel said...

Did you hear that the Digg guy is supposed to be interviewing Trent? And you can send in your questions and the most 'digged' ones will be asked. I'm surprised the Man of Mystery agreed to this? Is he going into this assuming a lot of his fans are such arse-kissers they will only ask what he wants them to, or will he just give such enigmatic answers you won't be sure he's even answered the question. I say that the Digg guy should hire some of these political interviewers (like Jeremy Paxman in the UK) who will be sure not to let Trent fudge the questions