Thursday, October 2, 2008


Check it out! NIN is streaming LIVE from Buenos Aires, Argentina on like RIGHT NOW!

CLICK ME for streaming video

CLICK ME for just audio.

Okay,well, the video is a little sketchy and the audio leaves much to be desired but if you click the "just audio" link it seems to be coming in great.

Shows over folks but I did get a couple halfway decent screen grabs. I'm sure there will be video uploaded on YouTube by plenty of others who tuned in. I'll try to make sure to update as I find them so be sure to check back with us.

**EDIT 2.0**
So I've searched a bit for some decent quality video of this show and it does not appear to exist. I figured someone with the know how would have recorded the web broadcast but so far I've only found some shaky, in crowd cam footage. Still, if you're feeling up to it, you can see a few songs here.


Iris said...

So far I've heard:

March of the Pigs
Head Down
Gave Up

The "just audio" link sounds much better but there seems to be a delay between the what's being shown on the streaming video. From lip reading, I'd say it's like a 15 - 20 second difference.

For those audio techs out there, is it possible to clean up audio that quickly if they were directing and broadcasting it back through the radio station base or are the guys just sounding that tight?

Iris said...

Well there's "Hurt" so this is about over. If you missed it I'm sure that there will be plenty of video cropping up on YouTube shortly.

Seems that the surveys weren't going to waste though. Live streaming video was definitely one of the options I picked and I'm pretty sure I saw more Alessandro tonight than any other show.

Anyone else watch the Veep's debate tonight?

emerald527 said...

I tuned in at the beginning, but my stream crapped out just as the debate started, about two songs into the show. I'd planned to multitask, but ah well. I'm counting on those YouTubers to fill in the gaps for me.

Glad to see some more Alessandro, though.

D:ANGEL said...

dodgers up 2-0

Dan is awesome as is los angeles.

Where you at, maise?

maise said...

I had to work last night so I missed a lot of the crucifixion, thank goodness.

I've still got hope, but here's the thing about the Cubs. They grab you by the heart and then they crush it...all your hopes and dreams for them...crushed!

Series isn't over yet, but if they choke, it's not like I'm going to be terribly surprised or anything.

But still...til the bitter end...go Cubs!

D:ANGEL said...


I've got a message for you and you're not going to like it.

Tell Eddie he's on, but he's only the opening act.

Here is the headliner:


maise said...

Eh, someday we'll go all the way. Maybe on the 200th anniversary of the Cubs' last World Series win...

Anonymous said...

Maise, you missed the best photoshop ever.

href=""/> It's from the NIN Bloggers who broke away from

anonymous #3 said...


maise said...

OMG, can you people pick a fucking screen name? I can't keep track of the Anonymi. They are legion.

Iris said...

Trent "Dexter" Reznor? I'm all for photoshop humor but can someone explain the funny to me because I'm not getting it.

anonymous INFINITY said...

To Maise:



You Know Who