Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hello, WTC Readers!

If you see this, that most likely means that you've followed one of my many obnoxious links on the final (for now) post on WTC. So thanks!

As you can see, we're on Blogger at the moment, so things may be slightly different than what you're accustomed to, but we have and will continue to take steps to make reading and commenting as easy as possible. One feature that will take some getting used to is that "Recent Comments" seems to take a while to update. Argh. But look at it this way, kids...if you help us get this site off the ground, we may very well invest in an upgrade soon!

We hope that you enjoy what we've got going on here, and we're very much looking forward to hearing from you. You don't need to register in order to comment...if you don't have a Google/Blogger account, you can use your old screenname (or a new one) by selecting "Other" in the sign-in area. Or you can go Anonymous, if you choose.

And to make you feel a little more at home, here's a picture of Trent, in all his heavily eyeliner-ed glory:



Lavender said...

I'm here. Since this is a parallel place where things other than T-Rez will be discussed, what about the final installment of Harry Potter? No spoilers please!

maise said...

Oh, we'll have a thread about that soon, I'm sure (the one exception to our music format)...but I'm not finished yet!

Iris said...

Well woman you need to get crackin'. I'm dying to talk to you about it! Right now I'm rereading the ending and gearing up to reread book 6 for other missed tidbits.

Lavender said...

Shit, I reread the ending too. It's good to know that I'm not the only dork out there. At least I'm in good company right?

Asylum47 said...


Like the blog. Can't wait to see what else you guys have in store for us. Love the Trent pic btw.
Did anyone else notice that is using blogger? Thought it was pretty cool. I guess I'm abit slow on that, didn't notice till today...

Iris said...

I'm glad you think of me as good company, Lavender. Truth be told I usually reread all the HP books prior to a new release, you know, so I'll be refreshed on who did what with who and who's dead, who's alive, etc, etc. Didn't quiet make it there for this final one. Kind of sad that it's over.

Hey Asylum, I just noticed Trent's blogger comments last night about 2am but was too wiped out to say anything. It might not be a big piece of news but it figures that he would do something right after we go off the air. To me it was just more proof that Trent reads.

But you know what's really cool? Posting here from my new Blackberry. Suck it iPhone!

Gabriel said...

Isn't it funny how iPhone users talk about how happy they are with their devices, yet other device users constantly compare their devices to the iPhone and talking about how they're "just as good".

Ah, envy. :-P

Good luck with the new site you guys -- can't wait to see what's to come. And yeah, I need to hurry up on that Potter shit -- I'm only 150 pages in!

Iris said...

Well then Gabe you need to get going too on your reading. I was so afraid that I was going to accidentally click on some spoiler online that I ended up doing an all day power read on Sunday and finished it. 16 hours (with a few cap naps included) isn't too shabby but it didn't help me any with the ever mounting household chores. I'm sure you'd have it read by now if there was a version for your iPhone. ;)

And it's not necessarily's just iUnavailability. You gotta take what you can get out here in the sticks.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was supposed to be a *music* blog.

Same shit, different site.

To think I had hope.

The Bitch said...

Shit Iris, I did the same thing. I read the book in two days after locking myself away from my friends and family lest they read faster than me and give something away. I'm sorry that this is the last book especially since I still have questions.

maise said...

Can you people believe I STILL haven't finished it? Work has been so insane lately, and I knew that if I picked up Harry Potter where I left off, I would not be able to stop reading until the end, and then I'd be totally fucked at the office. Well now I'm on vacation, bitches!

And I guess it's a good thing I don't devour it too quickly, considering it's...sniff...the last one.

Iris said...

Oh we'll get a post up soon enough (if some people get around to finishing. hint, hint) and then we can post questions to our hearts content. I'd go to the HP message boards but they get so elitist about things.

-sigh- JR. I still love you though.